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Online Game: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely

Online Game: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely

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Online Game: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely

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It was the year 2021 AD. The game jointly developed by the entire world, “Heavenly Enlightenment”, was released. In this game, in-game coins could be exchanged for real money, which instantly attracted countless players from all across the world. Various nations around the globe also competed fiercely for the resources in the game. Lu Yuan was a player of “Heavenly Enlightenment. At the start, he received the SSS rank talent — Infinite skills upgrade! Fireball LV999: Fireball descends from the sky and rains destruction upon the world! Heal LV999: the Angel descends to revive ten thousand people! …… With his infinite upgrading talent, while others were still desperately trying to farm mob monsters, Lu Yuan had already killed the boss effortlessly. While others were still toiling to raise the favourability meter of NPCs, Lu Yuan was already sleeping on the same bed as the NPC queen. The other players all started to protest! “Report him, he’s cheating!” “Lu Yuan had severely affected the balance of this game, we strongly demand to ban Lu Yuan!” …….