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Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Blizzard Begins

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Seeing this system notification, Lu Yuan could not help but let out a long sigh of relief, because, with this, all the restrictions on his skills would be removed.

Thus, he could use his skills for the continuing mission, which could be considered as a guarantee of safety.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The cold gale outside the window continued to wreak havoc.

The storm seemed to be getting heavier.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Amber City was now in chaos.

Indistinctly, the sounds of shouting and chaos could still be heard from the streets outside.

Because the snowstorm had arrived too suddenly, many people were caught off guard.

Snow was falling heavily, and the temperature continued to drop.

Lu Yuan had experienced the disaster in his previous life, so he naturally knew how powerful it was.

It wouldn’t be long before the outside world would be covered in frost.

Amber City would also become a city of frost due to this!

The temperature gradually dropped, and the air carried a suffocating pressure.

The cold quickly crept into the house.

A layer of frost instantaneously formed on the surrounding walls, and like some kind of disease, it quickly spread.

There was still some hot water left in the cup on the table, but it quickly lost its warmth and turned into ice in the blink of an eye.

There were also some fruits that were also completely covered in frost and were utterly frozen.

The wooden floor could not resist the erosion of the frost as well and a layer of frost formed on the floor.

In such an environment, Anna seemed a little helpless.

She had never experienced such a violent snowstorm, which caught Anna off guard.

In addition to what Lu Yuan had said to her earlier, it immediately made Anna feel a little uneasy.

“Sir Lu Yuan, I won’t… die just like this… right?”

Tears flashed in Anna’s eyes, and she choked silently.

The terrifying snowstorm of such as scale, coupled with the prophecy just now, it was as if death had really descended on her.

When the terrifying scene appeared, no one could face it calmly, what was left was only the deep fear of death.

Lu Yuan saw her tears and her fear, and his heart ached for her.

“Don’t worry, I’ve said it before. I’ll protect you well!”

Lu Yuan took the initiative to step forward at this time.

Moreover, the restrictions on his skills had been removed, so there was nothing to worry about.

With his skills, Lu Yuan had a certain level of protecting ability.

The clamor and chaos outside continued.

The wind continued to howl.

The blizzard raged, the gale did not stop.

The temperature was also continuing to drop.

Lu Yuan saw that on the mission interface, there was a countdown.

There were still seven hours left.

This should mean that he had to protect Anna’s safety during these seven hours.

Lu Yuan could not help but smile bitterly.

This mission was really not easy to clear.

Lu Yuan knew that he was going up against Hernas, one of the Twelve Calamity Demons who was also known as the Snow Demon!

Once this existence descended to the world, it would undoubtedly be a disaster!

Therefore, the most important thing now was to think of a way to withstand this snowstorm.

Otherwise, Anna would freeze to death!

Lu Yuan asked, “Where do you keep all the fuel in your house? We have to gather all the fuel now! The house also has to be reinforced, or else it might be blown away by the storm!”

As he said this, Lu Yuan took out the items that he had prepared beforehand from his backpack. They were items that could protect one against the cold.

“These are high-calorie foods. If we eat them, our bodies will be able to have enough calories to generate heat and resist the cold. These are extremely warm clothes. You can change into them too! This is liquor with high alcohol content. If it’s too cold, just take a sip! But children shouldn’t drink too much alcohol. Alright, tell me where the fuel for your family is first.”

Anna watched as Lu Yuan arranged all kinds of things in an orderly manner and instantly felt that Lu Yuan was reliable, which made her calm down quite a bit.

“The fuel at home is stored in the basement.”

Lu Yuan nodded. Then, he quickly took all the fuel that could be moved from the basement to the living room.

The furnace fire had to be vigorous enough. Otherwise, it would be extinguished by the blizzard very soon.

“The fire in the furnace must not be extinguished! Otherwise, the cold temperature will devour us!”


Lu Yuan moved all the fuel over and piled it on the ground.

It did not matter even if he dirtied the exquisite carpet on the ground!

Anna was shocked when she saw how fast Lu Yuan was moving.

Then, Lu Yuan found some wooden planks in the house and used them to strengthen the windows.

At the same time, there were also some areas that looked fragile and needed to be strengthened.

Cling, cling!

In a short while, Lu Yuan had already reinforced all the areas that could be strengthened.

“Okay, it’s done.”

Anna looked at her own house, which had completely changed.

After being reinforced by Lu Yuan, the house was not recognizable anymore.

It was just like an abandoned house in the desolate lands, without any beauty at all!

Lu Yuan could not help but smile as he said, “Do you feel that the house has become hideous because of me?”

Anna nodded subconsciously, but soon came to her senses and quickly shook her head.

Lu Yuan said with a serious face, “Beauty and art are not important anymore! The key now is to survive!”

Anna acted as if she had done something wrong and said in a low voice, “Yes, I understand, Sir Lu Yuan. All matters will be up to you.”

After Lu Yuan finished what he need to do, he could clearly feel that the temperature had dropped again.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The fierce wind outside was still continuing.

The gale and snowstorm were wreaking havoc in Amber City.

In Amber Cty, some small wooden houses and some frail houses were shaking as if they were about to collapse in the strong wind.

There was no one on the street anymore because it was too cold!

To stay outside was torture.

The homeless people who had no shelter would soon die because they would not be able to resist the cold.

The ice and the cold would erode everyone, including all the living beings in the city!

Even though Anna was already close to the furnace, as the temperature dropped, she could still feel the cold invading her body.

Lu Yuan also clearly felt the cold.

He could not help but raise his head to look outside.

Through the crack in the window, the view outside was completely blocked.

Looking out, all one could see was a flurry of snow!

The snow and the winds whistled over, wreaking havoc everywhere.

The sky seemed to have been covered with a shadow that enveloped the entirety of Amber City!

In the house, one could only rely on the weak furnace fire to feel some warmth.

If one moved slightly away from the fire, one would quickly freeze into ice.

Fortunately, Lu Yuan had brought all the fuel over in time, and now they could only rely on the fuel to keep warm.

The house was almost turning into an igloo!

Lu Yuan was also worried.

If this continued, Amber City would not be able to withstand it no matter what!

The Twelve Calamity Demons were too terrifying!

This blizzard was like the end of the world, bringing complete despair to the people!

After watching for a while, Lu Yuan could not stand the cold anymore.

Thus, he returned to the furnace to keep warm.

He also conveniently made the fire in the furnace burn more vigorously.

There were still 4 hours left in the countdown.

In these 4 hours, all he had to do was keep Anna alive!

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