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Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Mission Cleared! Perfect Score!

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The temperature in the house dropped rapidly.

The surroundings were filled with the smell of frost and ice.

Anna was also shivering from the cold.

“It’s so cold, Sir Lu Yuan.”

Anna tried her best to wrap herself tightly in her clothes.

Even so, she was still unable to resist the erosion of the cold.

Lu Yuan even took Anna’s sleeping blanket from her room and wrapped it around her, but it could only temporarily ease the cold a little.

Lu Yuan could clearly feel that the temperature was continuing to drop.

It was already several tens of degrees below zero! Was the dropping of the temperature not stopping yet?!

The house was also swaying under the strong wind, making whistling sounds.

If Lu Yuan had not reinforced the house beforehand, it might have already collapsed.

At this time, many houses in Amber City had collapsed, even the trees on some streets had been uprooted.

It was clear how terrifying the storm was.

It was like the end of the world.

Lu Yuan kept adding fuel to the furnace to make the fire burn even more vigorously.

He wanted the weak warmth to at least maintain the temperature of the human body.

Even so, Anna still felt cold.

No wonder Sir Lu Yuan had said that she would die in this snowstorm. This snowstorm had suddenly swept over the city, and she was indeed going to die.

Anna was already falling into the depths of despair.

“Such freezing temperatures are already beyond the limits of mortals. I can even foresee the number of people that will die due to this snowstorm!” Anna thought to herself.

At this moment, a pair of hands hugged Anna tightly.

In order to maintain their temperatures, Lu Yuan couldn’t care less about etiquette.

He hugged Anna tightly in his arms.

“Summon Fire!”

Instantly, a flame formed in Lu Yuan’s hands, and he ignited the furnace’s fuel.

Lu Yuan used his skill Summon Fire to create a flame that would keep the furnace burning.

After such actions, there was indeed a slight effect.

Anna’s temperature finally started warming up, and she felt much better.

However, the price of this was the consumption of Lu Yuan’s MP.

Damn it, how long was this blizzard going to last?!

Lu Yuan looked at the countdown. There were still two hours left!

These two hours were about to become the darkest two hours of the whole incident!

By now, the fuel had almost been used up, the house was also about to collapse, but the snowstorm outside was still continuing, and it was getting more and more intense!

The snowstorm continued to intensify, and the snow had already piled up very heavily, even to the height of one to two meters!

This city was about to be covered by the snow, turning into a city of frost.

Lu Yuan was also in despair.

How could humans be able to withstand such a snowstorm?

It was simply impossible!

Amber City was probably about to be destroyed!



Lu Yuan suddenly remembered that Amber City was, in fact, not destroyed.

Instead, it had always existed!

Then, from the end result, could it be inferred that this snowstorm did not destroy Amber City?

In line with such thought, according to the progress of this snowstorm, it should be coming to an end soon!

I have to hold on!

As these thoughts raced through his mind, Lu Yuan used Summon Fire once again to ignite the fuel.

This was the last remaining fuel!

Lu Yuan was making a bet.

He was betting that the storm was about to end, so he simply ignited all of the fuel!


The flame in the furnace was burning fiercely.

For a moment, it actually dispelled a lot of the cold.

Anna also clearly felt that the initial warmth had returned quite a bit.

“Sir Lu Yuan, is it really okay for us to use up all the fuel?”

“It’s okay, it’ll be over soon.”

“Alright…” Anna still chose to believe Lu Yuan’s words and followed his judgment.

As expected, after the blizzard continued for quite a while, when there was still half an hour left in the countdown, the system notification sounded.

[The blizzard has ended. Anna has been confirmed to be alive. The mission has been cleared! The reward will be given after the player leaves the quest!]

[The player will automatically be sent out of the quest in a countdown of 30 minutes!]

It’s over!

After Lu Yuan received such a notification, he could not help but be delighted!

As expected, the blizzard had ended!

They were still alive!

This meant that Amber City had not been destroyed, nor had it become a frost city!

It still existed!

Was it over? Just like that?

Lu Yuan still had some doubts in his heart.

Could it be that this blizzard was not the prelude to the arrival of Hernas?


Even if it was not the prelude to the arrival of Hernas, it must have something to do with him!

Because only he and him alone could have caused such a terrifying snowstorm.

This demon was the one who had grasped the Laws of Ice and Snow and was known as the Snow Demon!

As he thought about this, a question also popped up in Lu Yuan’s heart: What was the reason behind all this?

Why did such a snowstorm suddenly fall in Amber City? What on earth was the reason behind all this?

Lu Yuan could not figure out the reason and could not help but fall into deep thought.

“Sir Lu Yuan, has the snowstorm ended?”

Anna was still lying in Lu Yuan’s arms.

She could feel that the snowstorm outside had stopped, and there was no longer the same howling wind as before, so little Anna stuck her head out and asked.

Lu Yuan came back to his senses and could not help but nod and smile.

“Yes, it’s over! We survived.”

As if she had survived death, Anna’s spirit was renewed.

Surviving a disaster always made people feel happy.

“Really? That’s great! I didn’t die!”

Lu Yuan also smiled.

“Although we didn’t die, after this snowstorm, there are still a lot of things that need to be cleaned up.”

After that, Lu Yuan also helped to tidy up the house.

He also removed the wooden planks that he had used to reinforce the house while he was at it.

With a glance, it seemed like the house had returned to its original appearance.

[Anna’s favorability towards you has increased by 500. Current favorability is at Intimate!]

Lu Yuan didn’t expect the favorability to increase, it was a good thing though.

Looking at the time, there were only a few minutes left before he would be automatically sent out of the quest.

Lu Yuan said his farewells to Anna.

“Alright, I should go. My mission is completed.”


Anna seemed to be a little reluctant, but she also knew that Lu Yuan was not from this world.

Her eyes were filled with reluctance as she watched Lu Yuan leave.

“I will remember you, Sir Lu Yuan.”

Lu Yuan smiled and was teleported out with a flash of white light.


[Congratulations to the player for completing the individual quest. Progress 100/100! Completed!]

[Anna’s survival (1/1) completed!]

[Anna’s home is intact (1/1) completed!]

[Anna’s favorability towards the player exceeds 150 (1/1) completed!]

[Overall Evaluation]: Perfect

[Quest Reward]: Obtained 3,000 EXP, 300 gold coins, 30 reputation points!

[Additional Reward]: Due to the perfect score, the blue equipment ‘Klaus’ Wish’ has been upgraded to purple equipment ‘Klaus’ Blessing’.. Please check it out yourself. ]

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