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Chapter 47 - Pursuit

Chapter 47: Pursuit

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Under the nervous gazes of the players, the HP of the apostle continued to drop!

As time passed, the strength of the great magic array became weaker and weaker, and the apostle was showing signs of breaking free!

The group of Royal Family experts and golden-armored guards wanted to make a move, but they had already exhausted all their strength in the previous battle. At this moment, they could not even get up, let alone kill the apostle.

Suddenly, a flaming spear appeared in Lu Yuan’s hand. In an instant, the fire on the flaming spear lit up the entire battlefield.

Lu Yuan had activated his skill, Flame Spear!

At this time, the apostle had yet to break free from the Lava Scorching Sun Array, but he could already feel that the strength of the array was continuously weakening.

Thinking that he would be able to break free from the array soon, the apostle laughed loudly. He did not take Lu Yuan’s Flame Spear seriously at all. The apostle laughed as he said, “I will be able to break free from the array soon. When the time comes, the first person I will kill…”

Before the apostle could finish his words, a flaming spear pierced through his head. In an instant, the endless flames burned on his body!

Apostle’s HP: [-600!]

Under the burning flames, cracks appeared on the apostle’s body. Then, his body gradually melted.

The apostle looked at Lu Yuan in horror. He did not expect that an ant like Lu Yuan could launch such a powerful attack. Logically speaking, Lu Yuan should only have been able to deal around 20 HP of damage to the apostle with his current level. Unfortunately for the apostle, the Flame Spear dealt 600 fixed damage!

“No!!! Great Hernas, please don’t give up on your follower!!!” The apostle shouted towards the sky. He hoped that Hernas would cast a projection to save him, but his cries were destined to stay in the Frost Worship Grounds.


With a loud bang, the body of the apostle exploded, then slowly turned into dust and disappeared.

[Mission status update: Assist the Royal Family in killing the apostle (completed)]

[Congratulations on successfully cross-level killing the apostle]

[Rewards]: Level up to level 20, obtained the skill Frost Heart, obtained items Frost Helmet (purple-grade), Frost Armor (purple-grade), Frost Pants (purple-grade), Frost Bracers (purple-grade), Frost Boots (purple-grade), Frost Belt (purple-grade), Frost Lance (orange-grade)!

“F*ck! F*ck! Level up to level 20???” Lu Yuan was excited. He did not expect the rewards for killing an apostle to be so plentiful. This saved him a lot of time in obtaining EXP!

[Frost Heart] (can not be leveled up)

[Effect]: Expends one’s HP to temporarily increase one’s level (HP can not be recovered through potions or skills), increases upper limit (unknown)!

[Description]: A skill formed from the Heart of Frost in the Frost Worship Grounds. The user needs to sacrifice one’s life to the Heart of Frost to obtain great strength. The skill is very good, but it is life-consuming!

“F*ck! This Frost Heart skill is a cheat! It costs HP though!” Lu Yuan complained in his heart. Though he was complaining, the Frost Heart skill was still quite heaven-defying. It could be used as his trump card!

[Frost Helmet ] (Frost Barrier 1/7)

[Effect]: Intelligence +40, resistance +35, MP +10% !

[Description]: A helmet made of ice from the Frost Worship Grounds, will give you frost power!

[Frost Armor] (Frost Barrier 2/7)

[Effect]: Defense +50, resistance +40, movement speed +20, HP +5%!

[Description]: An armor made of ice from the Frost Worship Grounds, will give you frost power!

[Frost Pants] (Frost Barrier 3/7)

[Effect]: Movement speed +40, defense +40, strength +35!

[Description]: Pants made of ice from the Frost Worship Grounds, will give you frost power!

(Frost Barrier 7/7)

[Frost Barrier]

[Effect]: An energy barrier will appear around you. It can block enemy attacks and has a chance to immunize spell damage!

[Description]: This is Frost’s blessing to you. It is also Frost’s protection for you!

“A set of purple equipment. Not bad, not bad!” Lu Yuan nodded his head in satisfaction. To think the apostle dropped a full set of equipment during his death, he did not disappoint him. !

[Frost Lance]

[Level]: 30

[Effect]: A lance that can pierce through anything. It has extreme frost attached to it, which will reduce the opponent’s mobility and slowly freeze them!

[Description]: It has been accompanying the Heart of Frost. Under the constant nourishment of the Heart of Frost, the lance has been turned into frost. It is the accompanying weapon of the Heart of Frost!

“This can only be equipped at level 30…” Lu Yuan put the Frost Lance into his backpack. He could not use it for the time being.

[Congratulations to player Lu Yuan for obtaining the first orange-grade equipment in the entire server]

[Congratulations to player Lu Yuan for obtaining the first orange-grade equipment in the entire server]

[Congratulations to player Lu Yuan for obtaining the first orange-grade equipment in the entire server]

The moment the system notifications ended, someone suddenly shouted, “F*ck! Kill him!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Kill him!”

“We’ve been waiting here for so long, yet the last attack was dealt by that brat!”

“How can we take this?!!”

“So what if he’s level 20? We have advantages in numbers, we’ll attack him together!”

“Kill him! The equipment that drops will belong to whoever gets it!!!”

At this moment, the players all went crazy upon seeing the grade of the equipment that Lu Yuan had gotten. A complete set of purple-grade equipment and an orange-grade weapon! Who wouldn’t be jealous of such equipment?

Xiongba Tianxia and Bingshuang Luanwu glanced at each other.

“F*ck it! Kill him!”

“Brother Lu, I’m sorry!” Xiongba Tianxia also planned to attack Lu Yuan. Who wouldn’t yearn for such equipment?

At that moment, all the players rushed towards Lu Yuan.

“Hmm? The lot of you want to kill me and get my equipment?” Lu Yuan shook his head and smiled.

He raised his hand and used the Frost Descent skill. Instantly, a huge magic array appeared above the players. Countless hailstones fell, and the players under the array continuously lost their HP.

“F*ck! An AOE attack skill!”

“Isn’t that guy a thief? How can he know a mage’s skill?!!”

After Lu Yuan used the skill Frost Descent to stop the players, he immediately fled the Frost Worship Grounds. The players were still chasing after him, following him out of the Frost Worship Grounds.

“One more time?” Lu Yuan used the skill of the Holy Necklace to skip the cooldown time of Frost Descent, and cast it once again.

“What the hell? How can his skill cooldown be so fast?”

“He’s definitely cheating!”

“The apostle just now had more than 500 HP left, yet he was instantly killed by this guy!”

“F*ck, kill the cheater!!!”

With this, the players activated their skills and charged towards Lu Yuan, chasing him back to Amber City!

Although Lu Yuan could deal with these players, he did not want to kill them. If he did, some of their levels would up and they would have to return to the novice village. That was not what Lu Yuan wanted to see!

This was because Lu Yuan’s auction house had just finished building, and it was now only waiting for him to go back and open his business. If he killed a group of players at this time, it would not be worth it!

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