Online Game: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely

Chapter 48 - Log Off!

Chapter 48: Log Off!

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Lu Yuan was quickly chased back to Amber City. He abruptly stopped and turned around to say to the players, “Stop chasing me. If you continue, you’ll all die!”

“What are you bragging about?!”

“You think with our numbers, we’re afraid of you?”

“That’s right! So what if you’re at level 20? With our numbers, even if each of us gives you a scratch, you’ll die!”

“Brother Lu, my bad this time!” Xiongba Tianxia looked at Lu Yuan and said apologetically.

“Haha, Lu Yuan, if you give me a few pieces of equipment, I’ll help you deal with them!” Bingshuang Luanwu also looked at Lu Yuan and said with a smile.

Although Lu Yuan’s level had far surpassed theirs, it was just as the person before had said. With so many of them, even if each of them only scratched Lu Yuan once, they would be able to scratch him to death.

“Bingshuang Luanwu and Xiongba Tianxia?”

“I didn’t expect the guild masters of these two large guilds to also be chasing after Lu Yuan. Haha, Lu Yuan can be considered to be doomed!”

“Xiongba Tianxia, Bingshuang Luanwu, hurry up and leave. Otherwise, even if you want to escape later, you won’t be able to. It wasn’t easy for the two of you to reach your level now,” Lu Yuan said.

“F*ck, ley’s not waste our breath on him. Attack! This guy must be waiting for his skill cooldown to be over!” Bingshuang Luanwu said.

Lu Yuan sighed and took out a golden token!

The moment the token was taken out, the soldiers at the city gate immediately came to Lu Yuan’s side. At this moment, a team of Imperial Guards in golden armor was also rushing towards him!

“How can he make those soldier NPCs protect him?!”

“It’s just some soldiers. Let’s attack…”

However, only the guy who said this rushed forward.

This was because the players had noticed that a team of golden-armored soldiers had appeared behind Lu Yuan!

They were very much aware of what those golden-armored soldiers behind Lu Yuan represented. They were the Imperial Guards of Amber City!

They had killed the monsters in the outskirts of the Frost Worship Grounds like they were killing chickens, and were the highest combat power of the Amber City Army!

“Damn, what the hell?”

“The Imperial Guards of Amber City?”

“Why is this guy so monstrous?”

“I quit, I’m going offline. My mom called me for dinner.”

“I have things to do at home too, I’m off.”

“My mom is making dumplings today, and they’re irresistible fragrant. I’m off too!”

One by one, the players went offline.

The golden armored guards charged at the players with spears in their hands.

The remaining players also went offline with haste, turning into streaks of white light and disappearing!

Lu Yuan watched as the players went offline and smiled.

At the same time, on the highest floor of a skyscraper in the real world, a young man with a handsome face was looking out of the window and muttering, “Lu Yuan… How interesting, I wonder what kind of person he is in real life?”

In a luxurious mansion, a robust young man also mentioned Lu Yuan’s name, “Lu Yuan… is always so unexpected!”

In the main city of Amber City, Lu Yuan came to the City Lord’s Mansion where the City Lord and the Princess were waiting for the good news of the soldiers’ triumphant return.

Seeing that Lu Yuan had arrived, the Princess hurriedly went forward and asked, “Young warrior, has the apostle been killed?”

“Respected City Lord, Princess, the apostle has been killed. From now on, Amber City will no longer have to be under the threat of the apostle,” Lu Yuan answered with a smile.

Then, Lu Yuan reported the situation of the Frost Worship Grounds to the Princess and the City Lord.

“I never thought Rogge to be such a great mage who would bravely sacrifice himself!” The Princess said regretfully.

“Yes, I didn’t expect Rogge to sacrifice himself to save Amber City! I announce that he will be Amber City’s hero forever! I also announce that Rogge is the one with the highest magic attainments in Amber City!” Amber City’s City Lord said.

At this time, Princess Alice slowly walked to the front of Lu Yuan. She stood on her tiptoes and gently kissed Lu Yuan’s cheek, then said, “Young warrior, this is your reward for this mission!”

[Congratulations on completing the hidden mission issued by the Princess]

[Acquired: 2,500 EXP, 200 gold coins, 50 reputation points, Amber Kiss!]

[Amber Kiss]

[Description]: A kiss of blessing presented by Princess Alice. The recipient will receive a 10% increase in MP, magic resistance, attack speed, strength, recovery speed, and defense!

Lu Yuan was stunned. He did not expect the Amber Kiss to really be the kiss of the Princess. Wasn’t the softness of her lips too real? Lu Yuan was secretly pleased.

At this moment, the Princess said, “Young warrior, may you receive the blessing of the Amber God!”

“Thank you for your blessing, Princess!” Lu Yuan bowed and turned to leave.

After Lu Yuan turned around, the Princess lowered her head, her face slightly red.

It seemed that the Princess had already awakened some humanity!

Since his reborn, the NPCs in the game have been awakening faster than Lu Yuan had imagined!

Lu Yuan did not notice the Princess’ abnormality. He left the City Lord’s Mansion and went straight to the auction house that he had previously chosen to build!

At this time, the auction house system had already automatically arranged for an auction host NPC to be here.

As soon as Lu Yuan reached the place, a female NPC wearing a sexy short skirt immediately came to the front of Lu Yuan and said, “Master, the auction house has been built. We are only waiting for your order to start the business.”

“Okay, get ready. I want to auction some things tomorrow!” Lu Yuan ordered.

“Yes, Master,” The sexy NPC bowed to Lu Yuan and got to her work.

Lu Yuan opened the forum. By now, the forum was exploding with posts about him. Nine out of ten posts were about him.

[Lu Yuan has a set of purple-grade equipment and an orange peerless grade weapon!]

[Anyone who reports sights of Lu Yuan outside Amber City to our guild will be rewarded with 100 gold coins! (sightings within Amber City do not count)]

[Thief Lu Yuan! Specialized in hogging others’ efforts!]

[Lu Yuan is cheating, I beg the officials to look into it seriously!]

Lu Yuan helplessly shook his head and smiled when he saw these posts. These guys said different things when they were taking advantage of the battle in the outskirts earlier.

Lu Yuan logged onto the forum and posted another post.

[Lu Yuan will be holding an auction in the auction house in the center of Amber City later!!!]

“Brothers, Lu Yuan will be auctioning off items at the auction house in the center of Amber City later! Quickly come online and see if there are any good items. It is said that many pieces of purple-grade equipment will also be auctioned!”

After posting, Lu Yuan immediately closed the forum, completely ignoring the comments section of his post.

“This thief still dares to come out and auction items?”

“Looks like he must have picked up quite a lot of good items at the Frost Worship Grounds!”

“Where did this guy get his cheat code from? I want one too!”

“I’d like to see what good stuff he’ll be selling!”

Players who saw the post all came back online. Even the irresistibly fragrant dumplings were left aside.

[Your good friend Xiongba Tianxia is online!]

[Your good friend Bingshuang Luanwu is online!]

Lu Yuan smiled when he saw the notifications of these two people coming online.. It was a good thing the two generous rich guys were online.

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