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Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Set Off to Amber City!

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Lu Yuan recognized this person as soon as he saw him. After all, he was a familiar face.

The guild master of the Frost Snow Guild, Bingshuang Luanwu!

Currently, Bingshuang Luanwu’s level was quite high as well, reaching a height of level 8.

After all, as the guild master of a large guild in the game, his strength was naturally very strong, and his level would not lag by much.

With a group of underlings helping him level up, his process of leveling up was naturally much faster than the average player’s.

However, he was still a little lacking compared to Lu Yuan.

“BInshuang Luanwu, you’re here again.”Lu Yuan glanced at him and said indifferently.

“Hahaha, as expected, it’s you! Other than you, I’m also in this novice village, and there’s no one else here who has the strength to be able to get so many green-grade equipments, and even blue-grade equipment!”

Then, Bingshuang Luanwu seemed to have noticed something, and his eyes could not help but widen!

“F*ck! The equipment on you, they’re purple-grade! Good Heavens! You’ve even managed to get purple-grade equipment! Be frank, are they for sale?”

Lu Yuan naturally knew that this guy was very rich. He wanted to buy all the powerful equipment he saw.

But unfortunately, it was impossible for him to sell it. After all, this was Lu Yuan’s foundation to be able to have a foothold in the game. Without these pieces of equipment, Lu Yuan’s strength would be greatly reduced.

“I’m sorry, they’re not for sale! Don’t try getting the equipment on me, doing that will only be wasting everyone’s time. And, if you continue like this, the blue-grade equipment are also going to be sold out.”

Lu Yuan pointed at the sign, which showed that someone had already bid for the blue-grade equipment.

The blue-grade equipment had already reached the price of 17 gold coins per piece.

After the countdown ended, the deal would be completed. This was something that Lu Yuan had set up beforehand.

Once someone placed a bid, the deal would automatically be completed three minutes later.

When Bingshuang Luanwu took a closer look, he could not help but curse, “F*ck! You actually sneakily tried to steal my spoils!”

That’s right, the person who placed the bid was none other than Xiongba Tianxia!

Xiongba Tianxia laughed out loud and said, “What’s there to steal? Naturally, the highest bidder will get the items!”

Bingshaung Luanwu refused to admit defeat! He immediately increased the bid to 18 gold coins!

Xiongba Tianxia took a look and immediately became angry. He also increased the price by 1 gold coin!

These two people kept exchanging spiteful words, but Lu Yuan’s heart was wild with joy.

Good! That’s it!

By exchanging spiteful comments like this, the final beneficiary would naturally be Lu Yuan. On the contrary, it wouldn’t be beneficial to these two fools.

In the end, the price of each piece of blue equipment was raised to 30 gold coins per piece!

Only then did Xiongba Tianxia stop and he calmly said, “The attributes of the blue-grade equipment are naturally not bad, but the current price has already exceeded their value.”

Bingshuang Luanwu also calmed down. Although he was wealthy, spending an exorbitant amount of money on equipment that was not worth as much, was equivalent to having had his head kicked by a donkey.

“Let’s stop here! We’ll divide the equipment equally!”


As the two of them calmed down, they quickly decided on a plan to split the equipment, which was to split the blue-grade equipment that Lu Yuan sold equally.

This made Lu Yuan sigh a little. With this, there would be no fun to watch.

However, Lu Yuan was still satisfied. After all, such blue-grade equipment could only normally be sold for 15-18 gold coins each at most.

Now that he could sell them for 30 gold coins each, he had already profited quite a lot.

Therefore, for the time being, Lu Yuan was very satisfied.

After the transaction for the blue-grade equipment was completed, some green-grade and white equipment were still left, which Lu Yuan bundled and sold to Xiongba Tianxia and Bingshuang Luanwu.

These two were guild masters, as such they had many underlings under them. Thus conveniently, they could distribute the equipment among their underlings, which was a pretty good thing.

Lu Yuan did some calculations, and found that he had earned 700 gold coins by selling equipment this time!

It could be said that he had made a small fortune!

Such an outcome could not make Lu Yuan happier.

At the later stages of the game, the importance of gold coins would be further and slowly displayed.

It could be said that at the later stages of the game, without gold coins, it would be difficult for one to continue forward.

Lu Yuan felt that he could be considered to be doing well since he had obtained quite a lot of funds without much inconvenience.

At this time, Lu Yuan decided that it was time to set off to the main city.

Otherwise, there was the possibility that the good opportunities would be taken away beforehand!

Very soon, Lu Yuan appeared at the Village Chief’s house.

“The missions today have all been handed out. Please come back the next day.”

The Village Chief was still repeating this sentence, blocking the new players outside.

However, it was Lu Yuan who came. “Village Chief, it’s me. I’m already at level 10. I want to go to the main city!”


The Village Chief immediately opened the door.

“Good kid, so it’s you! Come in quickly!”

After entering Village Chief’s house, the Village Chief kept sizing up Lu Yuan.

“Hm, not bad! Your strength is indeed enough to enter the main cities! You just need to pay 1 gold coin!”

Lu Yuan naturally would not pay straight away, otherwise, he would be teleported to a random main city. Lu Yuan’s goal was to go to Amber City.

He was more familiar with Amber City, including how to trigger the hidden missions and hidden NPCs there.

This was his advantage. If he was teleported to Xilin City, the so-called City of Ores in the west, he could only spend his days mining.

At that time, Lu Yuan would not even have the chance to cry about his regret!

“Village Chief, I want to go to Amber City!”

The Village Chief could not help but frown when he heard Lu Yuan’s sudden words.

“Logically speaking, everyone is teleported randomly. But since it’s you, I’ll open a backdoor for you! Give me five gold coins, and I’ll teleport you to Amber City!”

Lu Yuan could not help but curse the Village Chief as an old fox!

The price he charged directly increased by five times!

How black-hearted!

Fortunately, Lu Yuan had just earned a sum of money, so he did not mind.

After receiving Lu Yuan’s five gold coins, the Village Chief beamed with joy.

“Alright, child! I wish you a safe journey!”

Just as he finished speaking, a teleportation array appeared in front of them.

On the teleportation array, all kinds of obscure runes flickered on it.

Lu Yuan still couldn’t comprehend these runes for the time being, but he might have a chance to do so in the future.

Soon after, Lu Yuan felt a shift in the sceneries in front of him, and in an instant, he was teleported away.

When the scene in front of his eyes became clear again, he was already in Amber City.

Around Lu Yuan, the buildings and the sort had all changed.

[Congratulations to the player Lu Yuan for being the first player in the world to enter a main city. Obtain rewards: reputation points +10, Legend points +2, random equipment treasure chest (purple-grade)!]

[Congratulations to the player Lu Yuan for being the first player in the world to enter a main city. Obtain rewards: reputation points +10, Legend points +2, random equipment treasure chest (purple-grade)!]

[Congratulations to the player Lu Yuan for being the first player in the world to enter a main city. Obtain rewards: reputation points +10, Legend points +2, random equipment treasure chest (purple-grade)!]

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