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My Items Have an Upgrade Panel

My Items Have an Upgrade Panel

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My Items Have an Upgrade Panel

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As a video uploader who owned a model aircraft online store, Tang Rui suddenly discovered that the model aircraft he made had an upgrade panel that allowed him to add upgrading points to it.

[Item: Fixed Wing Model Aircraft]

[Experience: 35/100]

[Sources: 0.1]

For a couple of hundred yuan, Tang Rui upgraded the body of the aircraft to a proportional level, perfectly replicating the dashboard in the cockpit. He also added some enhancements, turning its EPO body into an aviation-alloy one.

Tang Rui said, "System, show me your limits."

From toy model aircraft to high-altitude, high-speed drones, and then to small-scale orbital shuttles...

With the system panel in his hand, it would be too unambitious of him to just be a video uploader on a small website instead of creating a military weapons company and becoming famous.