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Chapter 44 - Chapter 44: High-efficiency Subconscious Learning

Chapter 44: High-efficiency Subconscious Learning

Equipment +5.1

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The following day, Tang Rui awoke, shedding his subconscious learning device and rising from bed with a luxurious stretch, lazily extending his body.

He relished the sensation of vitality coursing through him. Not a trace of soreness lingered.

“It appears that my workout regimen is truly yielding results.”

Experimenting with his mobility, Tang Rui found immense satisfaction in the outcomes of his fitness routine. Even more gratifying was the remarkable performance of the upgraded fascia gun, which had delivered exceptional results.

As per his routine, he instinctively reached for his phone, only to discover that the experience points on the subconscious learning device’s system panel had reached their limit.

Without hesitation, Tang Rui pressed the upgrade button.

A fleeting azure light swept by.

Upgrade complete.

[Item: Efficient Subconscious Learning Device +5]

[Experience: 4115/50000]

[Enhancements: Peripheral, Hardware, Software]

[Attributes: Thought Acceleration, Memory Enhancement]

[Origin Points: 2.25]

The fifth-level subconscious learning device now boasted an added attribute: Memory Enhancement. Tang Rui intuitively comprehended the significance of this enhancement.

With this attribute in place, his learning efficiency would ascend to new heights.

Immensely pragmatic.

Nonetheless, the impending challenge involved the escalating experience requirement for the upcoming upgrade.

However, he welcomed this gradual approach.

Learning was an evolution, a culmination of persistent endeavors over time.

Resettling the learning device, Tang Rui readied himself for the day, proceeding to freshen up before setting out for breakfast.

The villa’s ambiance was delightful.

Ample space encompassed the residence.

A solitary drawback was its distance from the breakfast establishment.

Regrettably, no eatery existed at the villa’s entrance.

For a morning meal, a drive was obligatory, constituting a minor inconvenience.

As he arrived at the breakfast venue, poised to place his order, the bureau chief’s secretary contacted him, imparting information regarding a bidding meeting scheduled for Monday at the municipal office.

His attendance was imperative, and he was entrusted with preparing the bid proposal in advance, encompassing drone performance metrics and corresponding prices.

Promptly, Tang Rui affirmed his readiness, assuring them that all necessary materials were at his disposal, pledging to facilitate the leadership’s requirements, adhering to procedural guidelines.

Yet, genuine substance was paramount; he refrained from fabricating mere illusions.

Upon concluding the conversation, Tang Rui opted for additional tea eggs as a treat for breakfast.

An undeniable hunger had besieged him, a consequence of his strenuous workout session.

In truth, his appetite had persisted since the previous night.

Nevertheless, succumbing to nocturnal snacks was beyond consideration.

Such indulgence could pave the path to diabetes.

He recalled a relative’s unfortunate trajectory down that path.

Nightly snacks, steadfastly consumed around ten in the evening, precipitated sleep deprivation if foregone.

A year of this regimen culminated in daily medication and the cessation of nocturnal snacking, even evading high-sugar foods—a formidable struggle.

Thus, he chose to abstain from late-night snacks, resorting to early slumber if hunger emerged.

Post-breakfast, Tang Rui resumed crafting firefighting drones.

He had already assembled ten, yet two complete squadrons necessitated a minimum of twelve.

Consequently, the day’s goal entailed the completion of two additional drones.

By 2 p.m., he had successfully constructed the pair of firefighting drones.

Retiring his tools, he descended to the basement.

The prior owner had undertaken rudimentary renovations in the basement, imparting tiled flooring and wall finishes.

Evidence indicated the area’s past role as a gym and entertainment space, its components since removed.

Tang Rui envisioned relocating his workshop to the basement, as the upstairs quarters proved insufficient for specific tasks. Furthermore, he envisaged the acquisition of further equipment, which would render the upper area even more cramped.

“Install a laser sintering 3D printer here.”

Tang Rui traversed the space, offering instructions to himself after an appraisal of the surroundings.

“Allocate space for a small vacuum arc furnace.”

“Designate this zone for an expansive workbench, replete with polishing and dust elimination functionalities.”

Systematically, he navigated the basement, dictating equipment placements and provisions.

His present fiscal means enabled the procurement of previously unattainable items.

UV curing apparatus, handheld multifunctional 3D scanners, titanium alloy soldering furnaces—all were within reach.

Moreover, tracks on the floor would facilitate multiple industrial-grade, multifunctional robotic arms, in conjunction with high-precision industrial welding robots.

Tang Rui’s aspiration was straightforward—transforming the basement into a space reminiscent of Iron Man’s domain.

Thus, procured devices were mandated to feature disassemblable construction, or at the very least, accommodate modifications.

A prerequisite stipulated the devices must possess system panels and be upgradable.

After a comprehensive appraisal of the basement’s potential, Tang Rui, now equipped with a clear plan, ascended to the living room.

“Celia, initiate a webpage and access the industrial equipment procurement platform.”


Reclined upon the couch, Tang Rui perused the displayed webpage.

His equipment acquisition criteria were forthright.

Domestic alternatives took precedence, with self-construction serving as the fallback.

Potential avenues for selling his technology to domestic manufacturers post upgrades rendered foreign equipment less appealing—a compromise in opportunities.

However, the domestic industrial equipment landscape had progressed significantly, albeit slightly trailing foreign high-end counterparts in terms of performance and precision.

Were these disparities problematic?

For most, they would pose considerable concern.

Yet, for Tang Rui, these constraints were insignificant. Functionality was paramount.

Guided by Celia, he selected equipment from manufacturers renowned for their cost-effectiveness, positive user feedback, and research and development investments.

Orders were placed, and the wait for delivery commenced.

While smaller items would rely on conventional logistics, larger counterparts included delivery services and on-site installation and debugging assistance from engineers.

Recumbent on the couch, Tang Rui recognized the temporal void before him.

The police drone bidding matter could be delegated to a professional company skilled in bid document preparation, minimizing costs.

Factory building construction remained ongoing, meticulously supervised by the proprietor. Quality assessment would prove pertinent in the later stages.

Employee recruitment loomed on the horizon, demanding attention in the ensuing week.

Firefighting drones awaited their instrumental counterparts.

However, without the requisite apparatus and equipment, tangible progress was hindered.

Tang Rui grappled with idleness, prompting a sudden recollection.

The design of the firefighting drone launch system lingered unresolved.

Unassisted takeoff and the absence of landing gear necessitated strategic intervention.

Simplicity was an option—a rubber band-tethered track akin to launching a crossbow bolt.

Yet, this approach appeared rudimentary and limiting, accommodating only one drone at a time.

Tang Rui’s vision centered on a grander endeavor—an apparatus reminiscent of a rocket launcher, capable of dispatching twelve firefighting drones concurrently.

Although technically unchallenging, this launcher posed complex construction challenges, the dozen tubes themselves requiring meticulous craftsmanship..

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