My Items Have an Upgrade Panel

Chapter 13

The Disadvantage of Too Sharp an Image

After lunch.

Tang Rui rested for a while, then put on the equipment and went to take an afternoon nap.

After all, the feeling of knowledge flowing into his brain was simply too satisfying.

At the same time, he also wanted to know if there would be any side effects after upgrading the equipment.

It would be very uncomfortable if his scalp went numb every morning.

He turned on the equipment.

The electromagnetic waves that helped with sleep began to emit.

Tang Rui fell asleep within a minute.

In the dream, he returned to his senior year.

He had apparently made up his mind to take the postgraduate entrance examination and studied hard every day.

He didn’t know if it was because his brain had been enlightened or if his hard work had paid off.

He was a fast learner.

He could remember a lot of information after reading it once.

This kind of happy learning experience made him unable to stop.

After an unknown period of time, he finally finished learning all the materials for the postgraduate entrance examination.

At this moment, he woke up from his dream.

He removed the equipment.

Tang Rui lay on the bed, his eyes looking at the ceiling in confusion.

The dream this time was very real.

He could still recall some scenes from his dream.

He could even recite the materials for the postgraduate entrance examination without thinking carefully.

He raised his hand to touch his hair.


He didn’t feel anything.

His scalp didn’t go numb.

It seemed that after leveling up three times, the side effects had disappeared. He no longer had to worry about his scalp going numb.

This was very nice.

However, when he came back to his senses, he realized that the room was pitch-black. Only the silver-white moonlight shone in through the window. He felt terrible.

He picked up his phone and looked at it.

Good heavens.

It was already 8:30 pm.

In other words, this time, he slept for six and a half hours.

He slept from afternoon to night.

“Looks like I still have to use it at night. If I use it during the day, it’ll be too much of a waste of time.”

Tang Rui also did not expect to sleep for such a long time.

Therefore, he made up his mind to only use the subconscious learning device at night in the future.

He got up.

He washed his face.

He picked up a compressed biscuit and sat in front of the computer. He looked up information while eating.

“Is it so expensive to download these theses now?”

Tang Rui was prepared to download some papers on image processing to learn. In the end, he went to HowNet, and the price almost scared him to death.

When he was in school, he didn’t have to spend money to go online.

Now that he had graduated, he realized he now looked down on the thesis.

This was f*cking annoying.

HowNet is awesome. I can go to arXiv to take a look.

Back then, he had also wanted to be a top student.

After all, he was still a young player. Everyone had experienced the hot-blooded state of the game.

However, in reality, most of the time, everyone was in a state of waiting for death.

Therefore, he had also registered an arXiv account but never used it.

It was his fault for not being able to pass the English test.

Basic English was definitely enough, but to fully understand the thesis on arXiv, he was still lacking.

It was hard to read.

He didn’t have to worry about this now. It was just English. He just had to memorize all the words.

Downloading the Chinese-English translation dictionary.

To download the English professional vocabulary of each subject.

Downloading the English slang vocabulary.

After spending more than an hour, he downloaded three types of study materials.

After he finished learning the vocabulary in these materials, he should be able to read the English thesis without any problems.

He looked at the time.

It was past 9:50, but it wasn’t even ten yet.

Continue sleeping?

No way.

Although it was fun to sleep and study, he couldn’t sleep like this forever.

Tang Rui thought about it and decided to fly the drone to speed up the upgrade speed of the drone.

Anyway, he had enough sleep in the afternoon, so he could sleep later today.

Thinking of this…

He took out his suitcase, put all the equipment in it, and then dragged the drone downstairs.

It was still the familiar Old Mountain Forest Observation Platform. After all, this place was relatively hidden.

But this time, he bought three small barrels of kerosene.

A total of 120 liters.

This kerosene was enough for the drone to fly for four hours.

On the observation platform, Tang Rui put all the equipment on the table and filled the drone with fuel.

After confirming that there were no problems, he increased the throttle, released the brakes, and pulled up the control stick.

Along with the whistling sound of the turbine engine, the drone’s tail drew two brilliant flame trails as it flew rapidly into the sky.

No one flew over the mountains in front of him, and he flew towards the direction of the Yangtze River.

He wasn’t planning to fly in the Old Mountain Forest today. It was boring.

In the forest, many of the drone’s functions could not be tested.

Last time, although he used the drone to help the police capture the wanted criminal, the functions he used were the most basic.

It didn’t show the true ability of the drone at all.

But today was different.

He had already figured out the entire system of the drone.

He knew exactly what functions the drone had and how to use them.


When the drone entered the top of the national highway, he immediately typed on the keyboard.

“Activating dynamic target scanning function.”

The wide-angle camera was turned on, and the entire area below the drone was captured.

Five seconds later, all the moving targets were identified by the system.

Then, a series of markings appeared on the screen.

These markings included pedestrians on the roadside, vehicles on the road, and wild cats in the woods.

Tang Rui clicked on the vehicle mark.


The other types of markings disappeared, and all the vehicles on the road were locked on again.

The high-zoom camera was activated and started to take pictures of the car.

In less than three seconds, the photos of the cars appeared on the computer screen.

He clicked on the logo of one of the cars.


Many photos appeared on the screen.

These photos included the whole vehicle, a clear image of the license plate, a magnified photo of the special logo on the car’s body, and even a high-definition picture of the vehicle.


Why was the driver’s hand on the passenger’s thigh?

Could it be a kidnapping?

No way.

He had to take a good look.

Tang Rui clicked on the target lock, then activated the final mode.

The drone immediately adjusted its direction and caught up with the car. It then began to scan the car from all angles.

A minute later.

Tang Rui already knew the person in the passenger seat of this car like the back of his hand. Even the letters printed on the Balenciaga stockings on her legs were clear.

Was it a kidnapping?

It wasn’t.

It was the person in the passenger seat who had hooked up with a rich guy.

Don’t ask him how he knew.

The photo clearly displayed the contents of the WeChat message sent by the passenger.

It was meaningless.

He exited the locked tracking mode.

Open the hidden terrain search mode of the…


Why were there two human-shaped infrared models stacked together in the forest on the bank of the Yangtze River?

Was this kidnapping or murder?

He flew over to take a look.

One minute.

The drone turned around and accelerated away from the bank of the Yangtze River.

Tang Rui rubbed his eyes.

He had no choice.

The scene he saw just now was a little painful to the eyes.

Damn it.

It was actually two men.

Sometimes, taking too sharp a photo wasn’t a good thing.

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