My Items Have an Upgrade Panel

Chapter 12

Subconscious Learning in Dreams

[Item: Knowledge and Skill Imbuing Equipment]

[Experience: 0/1200]

[Enhancement: External, hardware, software]

[Origin Point: 7 (Can be strengthened)]

After the enhancement, the entire equipment changed greatly, and the data on the system panel was also different.

The experience points required to upgrade the light was multiplied several times.

This was nothing.

This equipment can be used after the upgrade.

The system interface was no longer damaged.

“Why does it look like an eye mask?”

Tang Rui held the equipment in his hand and felt a little strange.

The minimalist shell that he had previously created was actually a layer of plastic wrapped around the circuit board.

However, according to his thoughts, this device should be like the legendary virtual gaming helmet, worn directly on the head.

However, it had been strengthened by the system.

The equipment did not turn into a helmet but an eye mask.

It was just that this blindfold was a little big.

It could even wrap around the ears, making it look a little strange.

Forget it.

It didn’t matter what the style was as long as it was useful.

Tang Rui was no longer bothered about the design problem. He connected the data lines and began to inject the source code of the entire avionics software of the drone.

In less than two minutes.

The entire source code was transmitted.

He thought about it and saved all the study materials he had prepared last year.

He had gotten this information from his senior last year when he was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, but he had no use for it later.

It was a good time to save these materials and study them while sleeping.

“I’ll save these for now. We’ll talk about it after I finish learning.”

After Tang Rui finished all this, he couldn’t wait to lie down on the bed, put on the equipment, and get ready to sleep.

He wanted to test the effect of this equipment.

As the equipment was turned on.

He quickly fell into a deep sleep.

At this moment.

The sensor detected the changes in his brainwaves, and the knowledge data was converted into electromagnetic signals that could be read by the brain. Under the effect of the transmitter, it was guided into his brain.

Tang Rui, who was in a deep sleep, had a dream in a daze.

In the dream.

He was a programmer and one who enjoyed good fortune.

He sat in front of the computer and kept writing code.

Sometimes, it was too tiring.

When he felt like he was about to collapse, the company would always give him two days off to rest and go shopping.

When he calmed down, they would call him back to work and continue to enjoy his blessings.

Just like that, after an unknown period of time, the drone system project that he had assigned was finally completed.

Just as he was about to go on a vacation and relax.

The company said that they had signed him up for a training class and asked him to study for a while before taking the postgraduate entrance examination.


At that moment, he collapsed.

“F*ck!” Tang Rui immediately cursed the moment he woke up.

This nightmare was too terrifying.

It was even scarier than dreaming of demons and ghosts.

He removed the equipment.

He looked at the sunlight that was revealed through the thin slits of the curtains and suddenly felt a little dazed.

It was like having a hangover and half dead.

He raised his hand and scratched his hair.


His scalp felt as if it had been electrocuted. The place where his fingers touched felt numb.

His scalp went numb.

What the hell was going on? Was the equipment leaking electricity?

Or was this a side effect of using the equipment?

He got up.

He stretched his body and did a few calculations in his mind.

There was nothing wrong with it.

His body was fine, and there were no instances where his brain could not control his body. His brain was also functioning normally.

However, his scalp felt a little numb.

Nothing serious.

He turned around and picked up the equipment to check the data on the system panel.

[Item: Knowledge and Skill Imbuing Equipment]

[EXP: 10638/1200 (Upgradeable)]

[Enhancement: External,, hardware, software]

[Origin Point: 7 (Can be upgraded)]

He had actually accumulated so many experience points in one night. There was nothing else to say.



A faint light flashed.

There weren’t many changes to the equipment as a whole, but the external structure was more in line with the ergonomic design.

He tried to put on the device. It was much more comfortable. It fit his face very well, and there was no pressure.

Very good. This optimization wasn’t bad.

He continued to level up.

This upgrade cost him 2600 experience points.

However, there were no changes to the equipment’s exterior after this upgrade.

As for the internal changes, he didn’t care, nor did he open it to take a look.

He had spent 3800 EXP to level up twice, so he was left with 6838 EXP. The next level up required only 5600 EXP.

He continued to level up.


A blue light flashed.

Equipment upgrade complete.

[Item: High-efficiency subconscious learning equipment +3]

[Experience: 1238/11500]

[Enhancement: External, hardware, software]

[Origin Point: 7 (Can be strengthened)]

This time, the equipment had changed greatly. It had become thinner and lighter.

It had gone from nearly two centimeters thick to eight millimeters now.

What’s the big deal?

The changes in the data on the system interface were the most shocking.

Even the device’s name had been changed to become a subconscious learning device.

The key was leveling up. Even if he leveled up three times in a row, he wasn’t even close to the limit. He could still continue leveling up.

Unfortunately, there were no more experience points.

Tang Rui smacked his lips, a little unsatisfied.

At the same time, he also wanted to test the effects of the equipment upgrade.

But thinking about it, he felt his scalp tingle and decided against it.

He put down the equipment.

He washed up, changed his clothes, and ordered takeout along the way.

He didn’t want to go out for breakfast.

Because he could not help but want to know the results of last night’s learning.

He sat in front of the computer.

He opened the drone’s source code and began to read it line by line.

Originally, he could understand these codes, but that was all he could understand.

How should he put it?

It was like the answer to a profound mathematical problem.

He could understand every single character in the answer, but he did not know what it meant when he connected them together.

But it was different now.

He looked at the lines of code, and his memories returned.

It was like a knowledge point that you had already mastered, but you had not used it for a long time and became a little rusty.

With the recovery of these memories, you will soon regain your knowledge in this area.

Tang Rui’s current situation was like this.

In his eyes, these lines of code were written by him.

Now that he picked it up again, he would soon understand the meaning behind it.

How should I describe this feeling

It felt great.

Other than feeling a little numb on his scalp, everything else felt great.


Tang Rui looked at the code and was fascinated.

It was not until the delivery man knocked on the door of his house that he woke up.

It was very uncomfortable.

Trash breakfast… disruption amid studies.

He quickly finished his breakfast and sat in front of the computer to read the code.

From morning to noon, it was a total of five hours.

Only then did he finish reading the entire code of the drone’s avionic systems.

He benefited greatly from it.

Especially some of the algorithms, which made him even more excited.

It could be said that he had now completely mastered the knowledge of the drone system.

If anyone were to ask him, he could answer them with a clear and logical explanation.

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