My Items Have an Upgrade Panel

Chapter 27

Everyone Take a Step Back

One hour later…

On the coffee table in the villa’s living room, a fruit platter had been arranged. Tang Rui had also opened the packaging of the premium tea he just bought, and the hot water was ready. Now, he was waiting for President Yu and his team to arrive.

As he kept muttering to himself, he heard a honk outside the villa. Tang Rui peeked out and saw President Yu getting out of a business car. He quickly opened the door and went out to welcome them.

“Welcome, President Yu and all the members from Huawei,” Tang Rui greeted them with a sincere smile, using the term “welcome” even though they were at his villa.

Seeing Tang Rui’s warm reception, President Yu was a bit taken aback. “You are too polite; it’s not a formal visit. We are imposing.”

“No, not at all. I’m really happy that you and the distinguished members from Huawei are here. After all, I am a loyal fan of Huawei,” Tang Rui replied with a cheerful smile.

Tang Rui introduced himself to the head of the technical department, Mr. Kang, and the other key members of the department. They were all impressed with Tang Rui’s technical skills, which was the main reason President Yu had brought them here.

Tang Rui was asked if he liked playing with model aircraft, pointing towards the unmanned drone in the living room. Tang Rui casually responded that he loved it, especially considering he studied aerospace engineering, and playing with such a model was in line with his profession.

President Yu and his team were surprised to learn about Tang Rui’s background in aerospace engineering. They had not anticipated this.

“No offense, but I didn’t expect that you, Mr. Tang, would have such strong expertise in information technology,” President Yu said, slightly surprised.

Tang Rui shrugged modestly. “Not really, it’s just average. I mainly learned it to protect my computer from being hacked.”

President Yu and Mr. Kang were at a loss for words, as they didn’t know how to respond to that. It felt like a bit of self-deprecating humor.

After some pleasantries, the topic of the image algorithm was brought up.

Tang Rui revealed that the image algorithm he had was not complete, consisting of image processing, recognition, analysis, and coding. Mr. Kang acknowledged this and explained that they were interested in the algorithm, but they were equally keen on the information about the system vulnerabilities within Huawei’s OS.

After a moment of thought, Tang Rui held up five fingers, signaling a price of 50 million yuan for the algorithm.

However, President Yu frowned at the price, feeling that it was a bit high.

“Mr. Tang, to be honest, this price is a little high.”

“This is high?” Tang Rui also frowned.

Wasn’t Huawei rich?

They couldn’t even afford this number?

“How about this, Mr. Tang? Let’s each take a step back.

The algorithm money, plus the loopholes in Huawei’s system, a total of 300 million, how about it?”



Tang Rui did not hesitate at all and said firmly and decisively.

“…” President Yu.

“…” Mr. Kang.

“…” The others.

And so the deal was sealed.

“Mr. Tang, may I ask how you entered our Huawei system?” President Yu asked.

They really couldn’t fathom this.

Since yesterday, the people in the information technology department had started pulling their hair out.

No matter how hard they tried, he couldn’t find any traces of a hack.

Tang Rui hesitated for a moment, buying time while he contacted Celia, asking it to gather information about the differences between the reinforced Harmony OS on the system panel and the current Huawei Group’s Harmony OS code, then detect how the code variations affected the system’s execution.

Finding the right words to describe the infiltration, Tang Rui asked if he could demonstrate it on his computer instead. President Yu and his team agreed, knowing they wouldn’t fully understand his explanations.

President Yu and the others smiled when they saw the system on the laptop screen.

Tang Rui was telling the truth.

After all, the phone, computer, and even the computer system were all from Huawei.

How could he not be a fan of Huawei?

After delaying for a while, Xiaoyi had already compared a lot of different codes.

There were many loopholes in the system.

Tang Rui used a system vulnerability that was truly in the Huawei OS, but exploiting it for infiltration would still be challenging. However, he wasn’t worried, as he had Celia’s assistance.

Celia had already compared the codes and found several system vulnerabilities. Tang Rui used one of them to demonstrate his intrusion into Huawei’s system.

The technical members from Huawei couldn’t see Tang Rui’s actions on the computer screen, but they gathered around, intrigued by his demonstration. They couldn’t comprehend everything, but Tang Rui was unfazed, knowing that he indeed used Huawei’s system vulnerability.

The deal was made, and they had the information they wanted. Tang Rui felt a bit excited about how smoothly everything went.

Tap tap…

The keyboard was vigorously tapped by Tang Rui, and lines of code kept refreshing.

“Alright, I’m in.”

Tang Rui spread his hands and said to the few people around him.


The few technical experts were all dumbfounded.

They couldn’t understand.

They could follow the earlier steps, but as it progressed, it became incomprehensible to them.

The main issue was that they couldn’t understand why the false information sent by Tang Rui hadn’t been detected.

Where did the problem occur?

It shouldn’t be like this.

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