My Items Have an Upgrade Panel

Chapter 29

Prototype Design Completed

“I’m leaving. You should go back and rest early too, don’t wander around in random places,” Tang Rui waved at Zhou Tao and said.

“Do you want me to walk you back?”

“Are you for real? I don’t need you to accompany me. There’s no problem.”

“Are you sure?

“If you’re really sober, show me the technique of the Fourier-transform.”

“Get lost.”

Zhou Tao waved dismissively and walked away.

After he left, Tang Rui also hailed a cab and went home.

On the other side, after finishing reading a chat record without finding any clues, Li Shuyao sighed helplessly.

Picking up her phone, she was about to send a message to her mother, saying she might have to work late at the office tonight.

But after sending the message, she casually opened her WeChat Moments and saw the photos of the seafood feast that Tang Rui had posted.


Li Shuyao took a deep breath.

‘Don’t get angry.

‘Don’t get angry.

‘He probably didn’t do it on purpose… F*ck!’

The timing of his social media post was right after she posted hers, and he was having a seafood feast, saying life was good.

Wasn’t it obvious?

If it were just another time, she wouldn’t be so annoyed.

The key was, the clue they had received at work was captured by Tang Rui.

And as a result, she had to work overtime because of the information he had provided.

But here he was, having dinner and drinking with a friend, deliberately making her angry with his social media post.

Li Shuyao dialed his number directly.

But the phone kept ringing, and no one answered.

Li Shuyao felt helpless.

‘Is this how you treat someone you’re dating?’

He didn’t even send her a WeChat message or call for four to five days.

It wasn’t easy for her to post something on WeChat, and he even deliberately went against her.

Did he just get out of elementary school?

Even middle schoolers were better at flirting than him; he deserved to be single.

As for Tang Rui not answering the phone, it’s not intentional; he just fell asleep.

He went straight to bed after getting home.

His phone was on silent mode, and even if it weren’t, he probably wouldn’t have heard it.

The next day, Tang Rui woke up.

He felt refreshed and didn’t have a hangover.

After all, he only drank beer yesterday; it didn’t have much after-effect and didn’t get him too drunk.

A bit of alcohol, diluted with some water, goes a long way.

He picked up his phone.

Seeing the call from Li Shuyao, he felt a bit puzzled.

Why did she call at almost 10 pm?

Did she want to go on a date?

That shouldn’t be the case.

Tang Rui thought for a moment and sent a WeChat message to Li Shuyao.

“Sorry. I drank yesterday and slept early, so I didn’t hear your call. Do you need something?”

After sending the message, he went to freshen up.

But when he finished washing up and had breakfast, he still hadn’t received a reply from Li Shuyao.

Never mind. He continued with his work.

Although he was about to become a wealthy person, he still needed to do what needed to be done.

He had already finished the drone’s body that the police had ordered yesterday.

Today, he’s working on the internal design.

As for production, he would definitely outsource it to manufacturers.

If it were only one or two drones, he could make them on his own.

But for such a large order, he couldn’t.

Not to mention the police order, even for firefighting drones, he wouldn’t be able to make them himself.

The reason he purchased so many components for firefighting drones was to make a batch and test their effectiveness.

If it was not feasible, he could directly use the system to upgrade.

After all, the cost of firefighting drones was too extravagant.

Without conducting experiments, he wouldn’t feel at ease.

The police drone order didn’t require such complex procedures.

With mature aerodynamic layouts, equipment, and components tested in the market, as long as the system worked well, there was no need to worry about its performance.

Tang Rui worked until eleven o’clock, and he completed the avionics system.

However, he hadn’t conducted simulations yet.

At this moment, President Yu called, asking him to review the contracts. If everything was fine, he could sign them, and the finance department would release the payment.

Tang Rui opened his email and checked the two contracts sent by Huawei.

There were no complicated terms.

The first contract was a simple technology transfer agreement.

The second contract offered a reward for optimizing Harmony OS.

Both contracts were fine, and he didn’t find any traps.

In fact, he wasn’t afraid that Huawei would deceive him.

If that were the case, he wouldn’t be the one regretting it.

After signing the contracts, Tang Rui sent them back to Huawei.

President Yu immediately called and informed him that the finance department had arranged the payment.

In less than fifteen minutes, he received a bank notification on his phone.

“I’m rich!”

Tang Rui jumped up with excitement.

This time, he really received the money.

He was thrilled, even more than last night.

“Celia, conduct simulation testing, and let me know if there are any issues.”

“Sure, currently conducting system simulation testing.”

After arranging things, Tang Rui didn’t rush to work on the drone.

He went straight out and took a taxi to a car dealership.

He was planning to change his car.

However, he didn’t intend to buy a gasoline-powered car but rather an electric vehicle.

He was interested in the Wanjie M7.

The reason for choosing this model was mainly due to its compatibility.

For other manufacturers’ cars, he would have to redo the system optimization.

He also had concerns about their intelligent driving systems.

But if he bought the Wanjie M7, he could directly upgrade its system and intelligent driving capabilities.

Currently, even an L5-level intelligent driving system couldn’t match the enhancements Celia received after the system panel strengthening.

Besides, in case he ran out of money one day, he could sell the autonomous driving system to Huawei and make some extra profit.

Arriving at the car dealership, Tang Rui directly inquired about available cars, as he wanted to take one right away.

“Sir, currently we only have black, white, and sky blue in stock. Do you have a preference?”

“Just the black one. I’ll take it right away. Where do I make the payment?”

“Please follow me, sir.”

The salesperson almost burst out laughing; there’s rarely such good fortune.

After paying the money and getting the car, Tang Rui, guided by the store’s staff, went to pay the taxes and get the license plate, and finally purchase a full set of insurance.

Altogether, he had spent a little over four hundred thousand. But he didn’t mind spending this money at all.

After all, he was now rich.

When he returned home, Celia had already completed the system testing.

All the simulation results were flawless.

Tang Rui wasn’t surprised at all.

“Convert the models into drawings and store them by category.”

“Understood, currently categorizing the data.”

Although Celia was still a bit dim-witted, as a work assistant, it was quite impressive.

At least in organizing data, it was really impressive.

The police drone’s design was finished, but he didn’t plan to manufacture it himself.

He didn’t even want to build the prototype.

Firstly, it would be troublesome.

With the equipment he currently had, he couldn’t even make the drone’s body, let alone the complex avionics system. He needed a dust-free workshop, and he had no idea where to find one.

Secondly, it wasn’t interesting.

He liked high-altitude, high-speed jet aircraft; these propeller-driven planes didn’t excite him at all.

So, after some thought, he decided to visit his school.

He wanted to ask for help from his professors.

Though South China University of Technology wasn’t incredibly famous, it was one of the defense-oriented universities, so it had sufficient resources.

Coupled with the significant order from the police, both he and the manufacturer would profit.

It would be a win-win situation.

So, asking the professor to help him find a company wouldn’t be asking for personal favors.

Besides, when manufacturing the prototype, he would pay for it; it’s not like he was trying to get something for free.

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