Venomous Empress Reborn

Chapter 161 - Plans (5)

Chapter 161: Plans (5)

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Shen Miao smiled coldly. Ren Wanyun’s plan had fallen flat. She naturally didn’t want Shen Qing to marry Huang Dexing. However, the two families had already agreed. It was not easy to go back on her word at this time.

Ren Wanyun had shot herself in the foot. Of course, even if Ren Wanyun’s plan failed, Shen Miao still would not let her off easily. A few days later at the banquet, she would use Ren Wanyun to deal Prince Yu a heavy blow in front of everyone.

Outside the door, Luo Xueyan and Shen Xin’s expressions darkened. Luo Xueyan said angrily, “What’s wrong with Old Madam and your brothers? Why do they want to arrange a marriage for Jiaojiao for no reason? This is the first time I’ve heard of such a thing.”

“Madam, don’t be angry.” Shen Xin said, “I’ll go and ask Old Madam immediately. If it’s true, I’ll immediately talk to the Wei family. I’m afraid there’s something fishy about them hiding it from us.”

“I guess Jiaojiao has suffered a lot this year.” Luo Xueyan said angrily, “I’ll call Jiaojiao’s maids over to ask them what happened. And, Nanny Gui is also missing.” After all, she had been on the battlefield for many years and was sensitive to small details. She said, “I think Jiaojiao is right. If we don’t stay in the capital for half a year to teach these people a lesson, I’m afraid Jiaojiao won’t live long!” As she spoke, she glared at Shen Xin.

Shen Xin rubbed his nose. He naturally knew that Luo Xueyan was unhappy with his two brothers. Not to mention Luo Xueyan, he was also angry. He instructed the two guards beside him, “Take good care of Miss these few days. If anything goes wrong, tell me immediately. If anything happens to Miss, you will be punished by military law!” With that said, he looked at Shen Qiu and frowned. “You little brat, what are you thinking?”

Shen Qiu only came back to his senses after being shouted at by Shen Xin. He said vaguely, “Oh, I was thinking about something just now.” He had been thinking about what happened to Shen Miao. The people sent to the Wolong Temple had already reported and told him they did not find anything. Shen Qiu was not a fool. He knew that this was because the people who knew about it had all been replaced. It seemed that it was not someone in the Shen family who did it. The truth that Shen Miao was hiding made Shen Qiu even more suspicious.

Unknowingly, her sister was becoming more and more unfathomable.

Shen Xin vented his anger on his son. “Go and investigate what happened in the mansion. I’ll ask you tomorrow.”

“Ah.” Shen Qiu was put on the spot. He knew what was going on, but his sister wouldn’t let him say it.

… .

At this moment, the Rosy Cloud Garden was in a mess.

Shen Gui had just left after having a big quarrel with Ren Wanyun. Ever since the day Shen Xin returned on Old Madam Shen’s birthday, Shen Gui had been having quarrels with Ren Wanyun. In fact, Shen Gui knew that Shen Miao was grounded. However, it was his habit to push all the blame to Ren Wanyun.

The reason why he and Shen Wan had reached this point was because of the connections built up by Shen Xin. Although they had a certain status in the imperial court now, if Shen Xin wanted them to suffer, Shen Gui and Shen Wan would definitely suffer. This was a world where military heroes were respected. Although the civil officials mocked the generals for being uncivilized, whoever had military power was more important in Ming Qi.

In the past, the two of them had put on a flawless show in front of Shen Xin, and Shen Xin was willing to help them. Unexpectedly, this time, Shen Xin saw Shen Miao in a sea of fire with his own eyes. Shen Xin regarded Shen Miao as his life, and in his anger, he would do anything. Therefore, ever since Shen Xin returned, Shen Gui had been extremely frustrated. And at this very moment, Ren Wanyun was stupid enough to bring up breaking off the engagement with the Huang family. It was almost like adding fuel to the fire. His dissatisfaction with Ren Wanyun for the past few days exploded.

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