Venomous Empress Reborn

Chapter 160 - Plans (4)

Chapter 160: Plans (4)

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When Shen Qiu saw his parents’ puzzled expressions, he chuckled. His parents were terrifying on the battlefield, but when facing his sister, they were at a loss. However… Shen Qiu’s gaze gradually darkened. A person’s personality would not change so drastically overnight. Something must have happened to make a pampered girl become so calm and composed.

“Father.” Shen Miao suddenly said, “In a few days, the palace will hold a banquet.”

The banquet was held by the emperor to reward the Shen family for defeating the enemy. All the civil and military officials had to attend. At the banquet, the emperor would reward the meritorious officials according to their contributions.

In her previous life, at the banquet a few days later, the emperor wanted to promote Shen Qiu. However, because of Shen Miao, Shen Xin didn’t ask for any rewards. Instead, he asked the emperor to marry Shen Miao to Prince Ding.

It was an outrageous thing for a woman to ask a man to marry her. Shen Xin had dominated the battlefield for his entire life, but at the end of the day, he did not beg the emperor. At that time, Shen Miao was only happy to become the princess consort, but she did not see the bitter smile on Shen Xin’s face.

From the moment she married Prince Ding, it meant that the Shen family was tied to Prince Ding. Fu Xiuyi could openly squeeze out the last bit of value of the Shen family’s army.

“That’s right.” Shen Xin smiled and asked, “Jiaojiao, do you want something? I can help you ask His Majesty for it.”

Shen Miao was choked with emotions. Why didn’t she realize her father’s love for her in her previous life? The death of the Shen family was undoubtedly caused by her enemy, but it was also caused by her stubbornness and stupidity.

“I don’t want anything.” Shen Miao smiled. “However, if His Majesty wants to reward Dad…” She paused, and when she looked up again, her eyes were clear.” Ask His Majesty to allow you to stay in the capital and accompany me for half a year. ”

As soon as she said that, Luo Xueyan, Shen Xin, and Shen Qiu were stunned.

Shen Miao never asked the couple to stay because they were not by her side when she was young. They were not close to each other, so Shen Miao naturally didn’t want to spend time with them. Every year after the new year ended, Shen Xin and his wife would leave the capital to guard the northwest. Even if there were no enemy, they had to guard their territory to prevent enemies from invading. Actually, there was no need to do that, but the emperor still assigned the task to him every year. In addition, the old general had this habit when he was alive, so Shen Xin did the same and never refuted.

Though Shen Miao’s request was a little out of line, Shen Xin and Luo Xueyan were overjoyed to hear that. At least this meant that Shen Miao still loved them.

“Of course!” Delighted with his daughter’s change in attitude, Shen Xin agreed without even thinking about it. Luo Xueyan was also a little excited. Shen Qiu pouted unhappily. He did not want to stay in the capital. To him, there was nothing interesting in the capital. He would rather fight in the Northwest Desert than become friends with those nobel men. However, looking at Shen Miao’s face, his heart softened. At least with him around, no one in the capital would dare to bully Shen Miao.

After talking for a while, Shen Xin, his wife, and Shen Qiu left. After they left, Shen Miao closed the book on the table and walked to the window.

“Miss…” Gu Yu whispered, “I talked to Chun Tao. The baby in First Miss’s stomach is fine. I heard that Second Madam and Second Master are arguing about Miss’s marriage. ”

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