Venomous Empress Reborn

Chapter 162 - Plans (6)

Chapter 162: Plans (6)

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It was the same today. He quarreled with Ren Wanyun angrily and said that Shen Qing had to marry into the Huang family. With that, he stormed out, leaving Ren Wanyun no chance to refute.

“Beast! Beast!” Ren Wanyun rubbed her chest, her lips trembling.

Shen Gui did not care about his daughter’s happiness and only wanted to rely on the Huang family to climb up the ladder, which made Ren Wanyun burn with anger. Now Shen Xin was back and Luo Xueyan was not an easy person to get along with. If not for the fact that this matter was extremely confidential, when Shen Xin and his wife found out that she was planning to change Shen Miao and Shen Qing’s marriage, they would probably be driven to kill her. Even if Shen Xin and his wife did not find out this time, the fire in the ancestral hall was enough for the couple to be alerted. It would be difficult for Ren Wanyun to scheme against Shen Miao in the future.

Ren Wanyun wished she could cut Shen Miao into pieces. Back then, it was Shen Miao who schemed against Shen Qing. If not for Shen Miao, Shen Qing would not have to marry a homosexual. Now that Shen Miao was protected by Shen Xin, it would probably not be easy for her to tamper with the marriage.

“Madam, calm down.” Xianglan calmed Ren Wanyun down and said, “Don’t be angry. The royal banquet will be held in a few days. If you fall ill because of the anger, you won’t be able to attend it.”

Ren Wanyun’s gaze changed, and a sinister smile appeared on her face. “You’re right. In the royal banquet… I want that little b*tch to live a life worse than death!” She turned to look at Cai Ju. “Did Prince Yu receive the letter already?”

“He did,” Cai Ju said carefully.

“That little b*tch ruined my daughter’s life. I will ruin hers too!” Ren Wanyun sneered. “With Shen Xin protecting her, I can’t do anything to her. If they have the ability, they can go against Prince Yu.” She looked like a vicious snake, sticking out her tongue sinisterly. “There will always be someone who can deal with her!”

… .

In Prince Yu’s mansion.

In the magnificent main hall, beautiful Persian dancers were dancing in thin clothes. Their snow-white feet were on the soft carpet, and there were colorful bells tied to their slender ankles.

The middle-aged man on the seat had an ugly and sinister face. His left leg was empty. At this moment, a petite girl was kneeling under him. The girl was about 11 or 12 years old. She was born with a delicate face, but her eyes were filled with fear. At this moment, she was naked and was gently massaging Prince Yu’s legs.

This young girl’s snow-white body was covered in purple and green bruises. Looking carefully, there were also red whip marks. Clearly, she had experienced extraordinary pain and torture.

Prince Yu looked at the letter in his hand and suddenly smiled. He suddenly patted the lion’s head on the seat. The girl screamed in fear and fell to the ground, trembling uncontrollably.

“Shen Xin…” Prince Yu slowly said,” Shen Miao… how dare she fool me. ”

After that night, because he found new plaything, he threw this matter to the back of his mind. To Prince Yu, these girls were just fun toys, just like those cats and dogs. As for what would happen in the future, he did not care at all. Moreover, with Shen Gui hiding it, he did not find anything wrong that night.

However, after reading this letter, it dawned on him that there was indeed something unusual that night. Shen Miao actually had so many tricks up her sleeve. Not only did she beat Ren Wanyun in her own game, but she also fooled him.

In Ming Qi, except for the emperor, everyone had to be respectful to him. How dare a little girl like Shen Miao trick him like that? This time, Prince Yu was so angry that he wanted to kill her.

However, now that Shen Xin was in the capital protecting his daughter, how could he make a move? Or should he get rid of Shen Xin too?

Prince Yu rubbed his chin, a trace of ruthlessness flashing across his eyes.

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