Nine Astra Skies

Chapter 1030

1030 The attack of the human race!


A thousand years later.

The news that the Godhead of life was about to appear spread throughout the entire universe.

Countless cosmos gods were looking forward to the arrival of The Life Divine spark.

All living beings were waiting for the birth of a new Elder God of life.

Among all the cosmos gods, the sacred king was undoubtedly the most likely to obtain the life godhood. But the cosmos gods from the other races would not be willing to hand over the life godhood.

The undercurrents of the various divine kingdoms were surging, and the friction between them had become particularly intense.

Just as they were secretly competing with each other, suddenly, a shocking news spread from the Milky Way star field to the various God countries in the universe.

The human race announced that they would establish a nation in the Milky Way star field and declare war on the 32 God nations in the universe!

Declaring war on thirty-two divine kingdoms at the same time?

When the leaders of the various races received this news, they all laughed wildly and sneered.

“Have the humans gone mad?”

“It’s really funny! A puny human is actually declaring war on the thirty-two God kingdoms in the universe?”

any expert from any divine Kingdom would be able to easily exterminate the human race.

“The human race is really going crazy trying to establish a nation!”

“Where did this news come from?”

The 32 God kingdoms were the result of the survival of the fittest in the entire universe. The birth and rise of each God Kingdom was accompanied by the death of hundreds of millions of creatures. It could be said that they were all built on blood. The powerful races who had created the divine Kingdom had enslaved countless weaker races to maintain the prosperity of the divine Kingdom. Billions of creatures were just stepping stones for these powerful races.

Eternal divine nation’s star Soul Race, for example, had hundreds of powerful vassals and tens of thousands of enslaved weaker races!

Almost all of the God nations were disdainful of this news. Since the birth of the universe, there had never been a race that dared to declare war on so many races at the same time!

However, what happened next was beyond the expectations of all the higher-ups of Scandinavia.

In the sky Demon God Kingdom.

Ye xingxuan, who had disappeared from the sky demon divine Kingdom six hundred years ago, suddenly appeared at the border of the sky demon divine Kingdom with tens of thousands of golden domain beasts, hundreds of thousands of ordinary domain beasts, and hundreds of thousands of Cosmic God-ships that were even more powerful than the giant Demon God-ship. They began to attack the sky demon divine Kingdom.

What was shocking was that ye xingxuan was already an expert at the peak of the cosmos God Realm. Furthermore, he had over 30 human cosmos gods following him!

A Grand war began. Ye xingxuan led the human army straight into the sky demon divine Kingdom, and the flames of war continued along the way. Countless ancestral fiend armies were annihilated in the flames of war, and the creatures enslaved by the ancestral fiend’s demonic nature were constantly released, turning against the sky demon divine Kingdom.

The three ancestral fiend patriarchs were intimidated by ye xingxuan’s strength and didn’t dare to appear to fight him.

Blood Devil God nation.

Nan gongze, who had been recruited by them and disappeared with the red flame God clan more than 800 years ago, suddenly appeared at the border of the blood demon God Kingdom. He led a huge Army of humans, red gold beasts, and other races to attack the blood demon God Kingdom.

Nan gongze was also an expert at the peak of the cosmos God Realm. There were six cosmos gods from the Scarlet Flame deity Race by his side, two of whom were at the peak of the cosmos God Realm.

Primal Chaos Divine Kingdom, divine Kingdom of Thunder, and divine Kingdom of Zuma

These God nations were all attacked by the human army. Every human army was led by one to many peak-stage cosmos God experts. Furthermore, the strength of the human army had far exceeded everyone’s expectations. They were terrifyingly powerful. There were countless void gods, world gods, cosmos God battleships, domain beasts, golden domain beasts, and other super war machines.

Wherever the human armies went, the armies of the various divine kingdoms were reduced to ashes in the war. The upper echelons of the various divine kingdoms were also intimidated by the strength of the human experts and did not dare to make a move.

The human race had too many cosmos God experts. Furthermore, each and every one of them was extremely powerful. Peak cosmos God experts could be found everywhere.

Not only the human race, but also the monster race, the flame God race, the red gold beast race, the cold Sky Race, and so on. Powerful beings from these races emerged like bamboo shoots after a rain.

When did the cosmos have so many cosmos gods?

The cosmos gods from the various God nations looked at the Milky Way star field that was shrouded in fog. Many powerful armies were pouring out from the Milky Way star field in an endless stream.

At the border of eternal divine nation.

An outrageously handsome young man was standing in the air. His eyes were deep as he looked ahead, his long hair dancing in the wind, and his clothes fluttering. His cultivation had also reached the peak of the cosmos God Realm. He was even stronger than Nan gongze, ye xingxuan, and the others.

By his side, six cosmos God experts were looking at this young man with a respectful expression. One of these cosmos gods was actually the ruler of nether city, dark!

“When has our human race ever been so glorious? to be able to see all this today, even if we die immediately, we can rest in peace! Dark, we pledge our loyalty to the sage king. From now on, we will never betray him!” The young man’s heart was surging with emotions, and he was full of heroic spirit. He was the heavenly Lord of ten thousand spirits who had been resurrected from the ice coffin.

The six heavenly Lords of the human race were all existences second only to the sage Lords. They were the six peaks of the human race.

However, there was internal strife in the human race and they were pursued by the Xing hun clan. Three of the six heavenly Lords died and the other three disappeared after being seriously injured. The human race’s powerhouses were all killed and they fell silent in the universe.

But now, heavenly Lord myriad spirit, heavenly Lord Yongye, and heavenly Lord Sage witch had all been resurrected by ye chen and had all become peak cosmos God existences. There were many powerhouses in the human race, and peak cosmos gods could be found everywhere.

They had never thought that the human race could reach such a glorious peak.

“The sage King’s achievements are unparalleled!” All the human powerhouses had an unimaginable admiration and fanaticism for ye chen.


Under heavenly Lord myriad Spirit’s guidance, the human and demon beast armies were like a swarm of locusts. They blotted out the sky and covered eternal divine nation. All the defenses along the way were destroyed, and one army after another was crushed.

Including the strongest eternal divine nation, all thirty-two divine nations were under attack!

The higher-ups of the God nation were greatly shocked and urgently discussed countermeasures. No one dared to mock the human race for being crazy and overestimating themselves like before. On the contrary, the power of the human army scared the Kingdom’s higher-ups out of their wits.

This was simply the rhythm of destroying thirty-two God kingdoms with his own power!

The Empyrean demon divine Kingdom declared war on the human race!

The blood demon God nation declared war on the human race!

Eternal divine nation is declaring war on the human race!


The 32 divine kingdoms declared war on the human race one after another, but their declaration of war was like a weak moan under the fierce offensive of the human army. The human army completely ignored them! The human armies were like sharp knives, stabbing into the hinterlands of the divine kingdoms.

Those God nations that were constantly fighting with each other had all announced their alliance. However, the cosmos gods of the various God nations were still hiding in their God domains. None of them dared to make a move.

Because they were afraid!

The strength displayed by the human race was too terrifying!

According to the information they had obtained, there were over 30 peak cosmos gods in the human race, over 10 peak cosmos gods in the demon beast race, and over 60 peak cosmos gods from the other races. Those experts from the human race, demon beast race, and other races who had disappeared reappeared. The number of cosmos gods was as many as the hair on an ox, reaching several thousand!

In addition, there was also the Milky Way star field that was still shrouded in fog.

They didn’t know how many powerhouses were left in the Milky Way.

What was going on? How did so many super experts suddenly appear from these once declining clans?

Now, be it the humans or the demonic beasts, they were both seventh-grade tribes. Even the star soul tribe would find it difficult to catch up to them!

In the world of the God domain, the cosmos gods of the various races were conversing through their divine senses.

“What’s going on? How did the human race suddenly rise so quickly? Where did these humans come from?”

“Why didn’t there be any signs before?”

The leaders of the various races were in an extremely bad mood. They were almost in a roaring state.

No matter who it was, no one could be happy in their situation.

They could tell that the human race didn’t just want to destroy the 32 divine kingdoms. They wanted to start a war with the other races, and destroying the 32 divine kingdoms was just the prelude!

At this time, the human race was too powerful. They were not afraid of starting a war with all the other races. That was why they attacked the 32 divine kingdoms at the same time. Otherwise, they could have annexed them one by one!

Under the threat of the human race, the leaders of the star Soul Clan, the Golden Horn clan, the divine disciples clan, the ancestral fiend clan, the blood Fiend clan, and all the other powerful races unexpectedly came to an agreement to form an alliance to fight against the human race.

With so many powerful races United, it was a Grand occasion that had never happened before.

“The divine spark of life is about to be born!”

“As long as I can take the divine spark of life, I’ll definitely be able to defeat the human race!”

these human powerhouses must have come for The Life Divine spark!

The sacred king gazed at the various star fields of the universe. The flames of war were raging, and none of the thirty-two divine kingdoms had been spared. He had a feeling that there was a Supreme existence looking down on him from behind this massive Army, as if he was looking down on an ant.

The terrifying pressure made him feel suffocated.

Could it be the human race’s Sage monarch?

Had the human race’s Sage monarch really become so powerful in the years that he had disappeared?

Could it be that the sage king had already become an Elder God-level existence? No, this was impossible! One couldn’t become an ancestor God through cultivation. Only by obtaining a divine spark of life could one become an ancestor God! As for the other seventeen Elder Gods, they would definitely not get involved in the disputes of the human world!

The Holy King discovered that his state of mind was in chaos!

If the human race’s Sage monarch was really still alive, then he would have already lost before the battle even started!

The flames of war spread across the divine kingdoms.

The star Soul Race and the other cosmos gods were anxiously waiting for the appearance of the life Godhead. They had placed all their hopes on the life Godhead that was about to appear.

As long as they got the Godhead of life, they still had a chance to turn the tables. As for who would get the Godhead of life, they each had their own plans. Under the pressure of the human race, they maintained a fragile alliance.

A few months later,

The heaven and earth suddenly trembled. 17 universe origin source laws appeared at the same time. They were like rays of multicolored light that enveloped the entire divine realm and the endless universe.

The origin laws of the universe began to surge.

Countless living beings in the universe were stirred up.

It’s finally here!

Countless experts looked up into the sky, and their battle intent soared into the clouds.

This was going to be their final battle. Whoever obtained the life godhood would become the next Elder God of life!

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