Nine Astra Skies

Chapter 1031-END

1031 The coronation (grand finale)


Many cosmos God experts turned into streams of light and entered the multicolored light.

There were tens of thousands of figures. These were all cosmos gods from the various powers in the cosmos!

After these tens of thousands of figures entered the rays of light, waves of overbearing thoughts rushed into the void.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

One by one, they rose into the sky like meteors and flew toward the rays of light.

“The divine spark of life belongs to the human race’s Sage Monarch!”

“We fight for the human race!”

In the beginning, there were only a few figures that flew into the air, but soon, the number of figures increased.

There were also tens of thousands of figures that turned into meteors and entered the wisps of light.

The three heavenly Lords of the human race, dark, Jiuli, Tianyuan, ye xingxuan, Nan gongze, venerable Linglong, blind, ye Meng, and countless other experts who had disappeared and reappeared, as well as the newly rising experts of the human and demon beast races, were all present! In addition, Ziyan, little macaque, Little Wing, ruoyun, Zhu Gonggong, and the others were also present.

Whether it was The Crimson Gold beast, the Scarlet Flame godly spirit, the Shen-ze clan, or the mysterious race, the fu Lin clan, there were hundreds of clans in total, and all of them had submitted to ye chen.

It was impossible to imagine how powerful this Army was. This was definitely the strongest cosmos God Army in history!

In the void world.

The life Godhead was floating at the top of the void world. The God forbidden barrier was covering it from below, and the life laws were surrounding the life Godhead.

“Quickly, seize the divine spark of life!” The sacred king roared in anger and charged toward the Godhead of life. He felt that if he was just a step slower, the Godhead of life might not belong to him anymore.

Peng Peng Peng!

A group of cosmos gods was frantically attacking the God forbidden barrier outside the life Godhead. Even though they were able to break through a few layers, there were still more God forbidden barriers around the life Godhead! Furthermore, they were surrounded by the life laws, and they were unable to break through the life laws!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Saint King kept waving his Saint blood halberd, slashing at the God forbidden barrier.

However, the life law was too powerful. Even the sacred blood halberd couldn’t easily shatter it.

Tens of thousands of cosmos gods were all stopped outside the God forbidden barrier. Even though these cosmos gods came from various races, and there were even some demons from the outer realms, but surprisingly, these experts from the various races did not engage in a chaotic battle. They worked together to attack the God forbidden barrier.

Just as they were frantically attacking the God forbidden barrier, one figure after another entered the void world.

At the very front were three human heaven monarchs, dark, Jiu li, and more than ten other cosmos God experts. They had experienced the great apocalypse of the human race and were even more eager to obtain the life godhood. Thus, they could not wait to rush in.

“The human race’s powerhouses are here!”

there are also demonic beasts, red flame gods, and other races!

“Stop them! Don’t let them get close to the divine spark of life!”

Several hundred cosmos gods pounced towards these human race experts.

Just as these few hundred cosmos gods were thinking that they should be able to suppress these cosmos gods just by relying on their numbers, they suddenly saw dense light spots everywhere below. Many cosmos god level divine senses were rising up.

Tens of thousands of light spots gathered into a beam of light and rushed towards them.

When these few hundred cosmos gods saw this scene, they were so scared that they scattered in all directions.

So many cosmos gods!

Where did the human race find so many cosmos gods? It was more than all of their races combined!

Peng Peng Peng!

These cosmos gods were brutally beaten up by the cosmos gods from the human race, demon race, and other races. Their God Power blasted them to the point where they could not even find their bearings.

“The sage king has ordered that we will not kill them, but just capture them!” Heavenly Lord myriad Spirit’s voice was transmitted to every single human cosmos God.

There were too many cosmos gods from the human race and the demon beast race. This did not seem like a battle between cosmos gods. Instead, it was more like a group fight between rogues. That was because the human army had a few dozen cosmos gods ganging up on one.

First, he used his God Power to suppress the other party so that they could not move. Then, he would rush up and give them a brutal beating. He would bombard the bodies of these cosmos gods with secret techniques that sealed their cultivation.

Even though these cosmos gods did not die, they were badly beaten up and were disoriented.

Ever since they became cosmos gods, they had never been as miserable as they were today!

There were too many cosmos gods in the human army. Every single one of them was very strong and had great teamwork. The moment they found a target, dozens of cosmos gods would attack together and suppress it. And the cosmos gods on their side belonged to different races. It was impossible for them to work together and cooperate with one another. When they encountered danger, they would avoid it as much as possible.

Peng Peng Peng!

The cosmos gods from the star Soul Race, the Golden Horn race, the God disciple race, and the other races were flipped over one by one. After that, their bodies were blasted into many seals.

It was like a pack of wolves hunting.

The sacred Kings, Golden Horn Sacred Emperor, true martial Sacred Emperor and the others saw that they had no hope of breaking through the God’s forbidden barrier. They turned around and prepared to enter the battle. However, when they saw everything in front of them, they had an indescribable feeling in their hearts. The cosmos gods on their side were all fighting their own battles, and it was extremely chaotic. How could they resist against the ferocious cosmos gods of the human army?

“Saint King, do you still remember me?” Heavenly Lord myriad spirit pointed his sharp sword at the Holy King.

Hmph! Human heavenly Lord of ten thousand spirits, you dare to challenge me? ” The sacred king snorted coldly. Back then, when he fought against the sacred monarch, Heavenly Monarch myriad spirit was not even a peak cosmos God! He had never taken the six human heavenly Lords seriously!

“You have the sacred blood halberd and the heavenly martial golden armor. It is impossible for me to challenge you. But there are so many peak cosmos gods in my human race. I’m here on the orders of the human race’s Saint King to capture you. Saint King, you deserve this!” Heavenly Lord myriad Spirit’s eyes were as sharp as swords as he stared at the Holy King.

“It’s indeed the human race’s sage king!” The Holy King’s entire body burned with Crimson flames as he summoned the Holy Blood halberd and the heavenly martial golden armor. after I kill all of you, I’ll go and take the Holy King’s life!

The Saint King waved his Saint blood halberd and slashed at heavenly Lord ten thousand spirit.

Peng Peng Peng!

Heavenly Lord myriad spirit and the Saint King were engaged in a fierce battle.

Sacred Emperor Golden Horn, Sacred Emperor true martial, and the three ancestral fiend patriarchs also flew out.

The other two heavenly Lords, Jiu Li, Ming, ye Tianxuan, and ye Meng also joined the battle.

These peak cosmos God experts were engaged in an intense chaotic battle in the void.


The Saint King’s Saint blood halberd landed on heavenly Lord of ten thousand spirits, and he was sent flying backward.

“You dare to fight me? It’s better to let the sage king come personally, you’re not qualified!” The Holy King sneered mockingly. Heavenly Lord ten thousand spirits would definitely die after being struck by the Holy Blood halberd!

Just as he was about to turn around and attack the other human experts, the Saint ruler suddenly sensed something. He looked at heavenly Lord ten thousand spirits in disbelief, only to see that he was charging at him again, unscathed.

“This is impossible! My Holy Blood halberd clearly hit you!” The Holy King’s eyes widened in fear. this is the Tao Wu’s life law! he said in a trembling voice.

The life laws of the Elder God of life had reappeared!

How was this possible? How did this happen?

Without fusing with the life Godhead, how could he possibly comprehend the life law? The Holy King was in a daze and couldn’t understand.

In the midst of this fierce battle, the entire void world was suddenly filled with a strong life force. Then, the void world was filled with flowers and grass, as if they had suddenly come to a mysterious paradise.

This aura made people feel relaxed and happy.

A Golden Path was paved from the bottom of the void world.

“What happened?”

“What’s going on?”

Sacred Emperor Golden Horn, Sacred Emperor true martial, the three ancestral fiend patriarchs, and patriarch Blood Fiend all stopped and looked down. They saw a huge godly beast slowly flying over from the Golden Path.

“It’s the chaos Godbeast of the Elder God of life!”

The chaos godly beast had appeared again!

They saw a figure standing upright on the head of the chaos Divine beast. He was standing there calmly, yet he exuded an aura of looking down on the world. A powerful life law aura was suppressing down on all the cosmos gods.

“Could it be that the Elder God of life has descended?”

The cosmos gods from the star Soul Clan, the Golden Horn clan, and the other clans looked at each other before finally lowering their noble heads.

If the ancestor God were to personally come, they could only choose to submit!

Only the Holy King, Holy Emperor Golden Horn, Holy Emperor true martial, the three ancestral fiend patriarchs, and the blood Fiend patriarch were not convinced. Their eyes flashed with a dangerous light as they watched ye chen, who was on top of the chaos Divine beast’s head.

he’s the human race’s Sage monarch, not the ancestor God of life!

he hasn’t even fused with the divine spark of life. How can he be the ancestor God of life? ”

The Holy King gripped the Holy Blood halberd tightly. His eyes were like those of a ferocious beast, staring fixedly at ye chen.

Although he was not the ancestral God of life, ye Chen’s body did have the energy of the law of life.

No matter what, he couldn’t just hand over the Godhead of life!

“Kill him together!” The Holy King suddenly rose up and swung his Holy Blood halberd at ye chen. A bloody light filled the sky.

Holy Emperor Golden Horn, Holy Emperor true martial, the three ancestral fiend patriarchs, and patriarch blood demon also rose into the air and charged toward ye chen.

The seven peak-stage cosmos God powerhouses activated their strongest secret techniques, vowing to kill ye chen.

Divine power surged, and a storm formed by divine power enveloped the entire void, as if the end of the world had come.

The sacred blood halberd’s Red light enveloped down. Other than that, there was also the cold light from the heaven Kylin sword. The other peak-stage cosmos gods were also wielding weapons that were only slightly inferior to Heavenly Divine weapons.

Ordinary peak cosmos God experts would definitely turn into ashes under the joint attack of these seven peak cosmos God experts.

“Be careful, sage king!”

These seven peak-stage cosmos gods suddenly burst forth with shocking speed. The others simply could not stop them in time.

The joint attack of seven of the most powerful existences in the universe!

Ye chen swept his gaze over these seven peak cosmos gods. The life laws around him began to rotate, and his life force was as vast as the ocean, sucking in all seven peak cosmos gods.

“I’ve taken your sacred treasures and Heavenly Divine weapons. They don’t belong to you anymore!” Ye chen waved his palm in the air. This light palm contained endless profound meaning of life.

Peng Peng Peng!

The true martial Saint Emperor, the three ancestral fiend patriarchs, and the blood Fiend patriarch all received a palm strike to their chests. Their bodies were sent flying, and their souls were almost shattered. Their faces were filled with shock. Ye Chen’s strength was simply too powerful. With just one palm, their attacks were disintegrated. Feeling the chaotic divine energy in their bodies, they finally understood how great the gap between them and ye chen was.

As for the sacred king and Sacred Emperor Golden Horn, they were bound by the life laws. No matter how much they struggled, they were unable to break free.

The heavenly martial golden armor on the Holy King’s body disintegrated one after another. It flew toward ye chen together with the Holy Blood halberd and the heavenly Qilin sword.

Ye Chen’s right hand moved and kept the celestial martial golden armor, the Holy Blood halberd, and the heavenly Qilin sword into the world in his dantian.

The Holy King struggled in rage. He was not willing to accept this. How could ye chen comprehend the law of life? Wasn’t the life ancestor God the only one who could comprehend the life law?

Ye chen raised his hand and waved. With two thuds, the law of life bombarded the sacred king and Sacred Emperor Golden Horn.

The sacred king and Sacred Emperor Golden Horn were sent flying. They were immediately detained by the few cosmos gods who rushed over.

The Holy King kept struggling and roared in anger, ” “Why? Why are you able to comprehend the laws of life?”

Why am I able to comprehend the laws of life? Ye chen smiled faintly and looked at the unwilling Holy King.”Why should I tell you?”

The Holy King’s expression froze but he did not know how to answer. It was a fact that ye chen had comprehended the law of life!

Just as the Saint King paused, a pink figure suddenly jumped out from the side and landed behind him. It opened its mouth and bit the Saint King’s butt.

“Aowu!” The Holy King’s face twitched in pain.

this bite is for all the ancestors of my monster race. I, Zhu Gonggong, have finally bitten the butt of a Saint King! Zhu Gonggong shook its head with an extremely pleased expression. One must know that it was currently a peak cosmos God expert. This strike contained a secret technique of the demonic beast race, and it was enough to make the sacred king suffer.

Seeing this, ye chen could not help but smile. He raised his head to look at the divine spark of life at the top of the void. Under the gaze of all the cosmos gods, he walked toward the divine spark of life.

The God’s forbidden enchantment around the divine spark of life cracked one after another. The laws of life gathered on ye Chen’s body, causing his body to shine with multicolored light. He was like a magnificent robe, a King about to be crowned.

The divine spark of life was dazzling and resplendent.

Ye Chen’s heart was at peace as he felt the overflowing life force on the Godhead of life. He reached out and grabbed the Godhead of life. From today onwards, he would rebuild the order of the universe. He had a new name: The Elder God of life!

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