Nine Astra Skies

Chapter 1029

1029 A thousand years later


Jiuli had never expected ye chen to suddenly possess such powerful strength.

Ye chen was using the law of life?

However, how did ye chen suddenly comprehend the law of life?

This was something he couldn’t figure out.

He felt his entire body surging with power, making his strength reach an unprecedented peak, even more powerful than when he was at his peak. Over the long years, he had gained a deep understanding of life.

Jiuli’s excitement could not be calmed for a long time. After so many years of waiting, the human race could finally rise!

His waiting was not meaningless!

At this moment, five cosmos gods of the star Soul Race were flying over with unparalleled aura. Along the way, countless celestial bodies were shattered and turned into cosmic dust.

“Remnants of the human race, hurry up and accept your death!” One of the cosmos gods from the star Soul Race shouted.

“Your Highness, let me deal with them!” Jiu Li said respectfully to ye chen. A Supreme battle intent of a peerless powerhouse soared into the sky. The heavenly Astra demon subduing Dao seal danced around him. Each heavenly Astra demon subduing Dao seal contained infinite power.

Many Heavenly Star devil subduing Dao seals were sent flying towards the five cosmos gods.

The divine power of the five cosmos gods turned into countless dazzling streams of light that blasted toward Jiu li.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Heavenly Star fiend subduing devil Dao seal struck the God Power of the five cosmos gods and exploded one after another, causing waves of God Power ripples to spread out in all directions.

Under the powerful ripples of divine power, the surrounding stars were annihilated.

The Heavenly Star subduing devil Dao seal forcibly blasted away the deity energy of the five cosmos gods. One of the Heavenly Star subduing devil Dao seals struck the body of a lower level cosmos God and exploded. That lower level cosmos God’s body was blasted into smithereens.

The remaining four cosmos gods were also affected by the power of the Heavenly Star devil subduing Dao seal, and they turned pale with shock.

“What powerful strength!”

The human race actually had such a powerful cosmos God?

Jiuli division was fighting one against five, but they were still not at a disadvantage!

Out of the five cosmos gods from the star Soul Race, one was a high-level cosmos God, one was a middle-level cosmos God, and three were lower-level cosmos gods. Yet, they could not even defeat a single person from the nine Li race!

At his peak, Jiu li was more or less a high-level cosmos God. After fusing with ye Chen’s life law, not only did he reach the peak of his youth, he was even stronger than before.

The energy in his body surged as if it was inexhaustible!

Jiu li could not imagine how ye chen had managed to do it.

The comprehension of each law was also divided into high and low levels. Ye chen had comprehended nine acquired laws but they were only very shallow comprehensions. On the other hand, the law of life was comprehended after ye chen had experienced the pain and despair of countless loved ones ‘deaths and fused with the divine spark of life. After fusing with the divine spark of life, he had experienced the reversal and flow of time. He had seen countless living creatures in the universe struggling to survive and his comprehension had become more profound. This law of life was powerful. It was not something that the nine postcelestial laws could compare to.

Although ye chen did not have the godhood of life yet, just the law of life that he had comprehended was enough to benefit him endlessly!

This was the true essence of the universe!

Just this life law alone made Jiuli division’s strength reach an astonishing peak.

Jiu li leaped towards the four cosmos gods and suppressed them with absolute strength.

The void shattered, and countless celestial bodies were destroyed.

It was as though the previous scene was being reenacted. The only difference was that previously, the five cosmos gods were surrounding and killing Nine Li. Now, it was Nine Li who had completely reversed the situation and was suppressing the four cosmos gods.


Jiu li struck out with a palm. A Heavenly Star subduing devil Dao seal struck the chest of one of the lower cosmos gods. The Heavenly Star subduing devil Dao seal bloomed with radiance, causing that cosmos God’s body to rapidly disintegrate.

Logically speaking, given the might of the Heavenly Star subduing devil Dao seal, it should not be able to disintegrate the fleshy body of a lower level cosmos God so easily. However, the Heavenly Star subduing devil Dao seal of the Jiuli tribe contained a strand of life law.

The power of the life law could create life and also annihilate life!

This life law had increased the might of the Heavenly Star fiend suppression Dao seal by more than ten times!

What a powerful force!

Jiuli couldn’t help but sigh. He could also feel the difference in the Heavenly Star fiend suppression Daoist seal. This power was too magical.

The remaining three cosmos gods from the star Soul Race felt their hearts trembling. If they were to be struck by the Heavenly Star subduing devil Dao seal, they would most likely not be able to escape the fate of being destroyed.

This human expert was truly too terrifying!

Looking at the handsome man in front of him, could this person be the legendary sage king? A chill ran up his spine.

“Let’s go!” Those three cosmos gods communicated with their divine senses. Sou Sou Sou “, they turned into three streams of light and used the teleportation technique to escape.

Jiu li was about to stop him when ye chen smiled and said, ” “No need!”

Your Highness, after these three people run back, they will definitely leak your whereabouts. At that time, the Holy King will definitely make a move! Jiu Li said worriedly. Although ye chen had comprehended the law of life, he was still at the void God Realm after all. On the other hand, a Holy King was already the strongest existence among peak cosmos gods.

“I still need to properly comprehend the life law and let the Saint King be arrogant for a few more days!” Ye chen said with a calm smile.

Jiu li felt that the calm and free bearing exuded from ye Chen’s body was completely different from the previous ye chen. It was just like the sage when he was still alive.

At this time, Jiuli could not help but be impressed. The reason why he was willing to follow the sage was because he was convinced by the Sage’s peerless demeanor. Later, he inherited the Sage’s will and waited for a long time. Finally, he had waited for this day.

The human race would rise!

The elder from Jiuli division was overwhelmed with emotions. He could foresee that in the near future, the human race would charge into the celestial realm in the most powerful manner, defeat the sacred king, and reach the peak!

“Senior Jiuli, let’s go!” Ye chen smiled. He moved his right hand and summoned the Holy Spirit Orb.

Recalling the past, ye chen could not help but be filled with emotions.

Whoosh! Whoosh! The two figures turned into flowing lights and entered the Holy Spirit Orb. The Holy Spirit Orb drew a long tail in the void and flew into the depths of the universe.

In the world of the divine territory, in the star soul temple.

“Out of the five cosmos gods, only three managed to return. Who is that young human expert?” The Holy King’s expression was frighteningly cold as he snorted.

“This subordinate does not know!” Xuan Kong quickly knelt down and said.

The Holy King frowned. Could it be the human race’s Holy King? But that was not right. If the human race’s Sage monarch was not dead, then these three cosmos gods would definitely not be able to escape back! Could he be one of the surviving members of the human race, one of the three missing Lords of Heaven? The three Lords of Heaven actually dared to show up and fight against the star Soul Clan?

The sacred king was infuriated. He ordered the cosmos gods of the star Soul Race to hunt down the remnants of the human race in the entire cosmos.

Time passed.

More than a thousand years of time was like a white stallion passing through a crack in the universe.

In this thousand plus years, countless lowly lifeforms were born and died. But to cosmos gods, it was merely a blink of an eye.

The Holy Spirit Orb was like a shooting star that streaked across the void, shuttling back and forth in the universe.

Legends of the Holy Spirit Orb were everywhere.

Wherever the Holy Spirit Ball went, countless races and lifeforms would disappear. The cosmos gods of the Xing hun clan wanted to capture the Holy Spirit Ball, but they discovered that the trajectory of the Holy Spirit Ball was like a ghost that appeared and disappeared from time to time, leaving no trace.

A thousand years later

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