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I Unlocked Beast Language and Became a Bigshot After My Rebirth!

I Unlocked Beast Language and Became a Bigshot After My Rebirth!

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I Unlocked Beast Language and Became a Bigshot After My Rebirth!

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Xia Xin was reborn with a System and returned to the eve of her parents' death!

In her previous life, her parents died instantly in a car accident on the highway due to a property dispute. In this new life, Xia Xin successfully changed the fate of her entire family!

Xia Xin was initially already loved by animals, and her ability to communicate with them was further awakened after her rebirth.

In the zoo, she became friends with the animals. Even large animals behaved like docile kittens in front of her. On the African savannah, she encountered magnificent lions, and in the vast ocean, she danced with sharks.

Xia Xin's life was thriving in no time, and major media outlets lined up to interview her.

Numerous celebrities came to the zoo to record variety shows.

In a game segment on a show, a male superstar and a female guest faced each other to measure their heartbeats, and his heart remained calm and unaffected. But the moment Xia Xin appeared, the previously stable heartbeat of the superstar skyrocketed.

That night, the door of the hotel room next to the superstar suddenly opened, and Xia Xin and a man walked out together.

Flames of jealousy ignited in the superstar's eyes. However, Xia Xin pulled him back into the room and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him in a domineering manner. The man's expression instantly changed, and his intense jealousy vanished.

The irritable top star quickly transformed into an affectionate companion.

Xia Xin smirked, thinking that this man was too easily appeased as a single kiss was enough to calm him down. She was genuinely worried that other little vixens would successfully seduce him.

The man lowered his gaze, looked at her as if he could read her mind, and thought, 'Who else but you would have this power over me?'