I Unlocked Beast Language and Became a Bigshot After My Rebirth!

Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: System Upgrade

Chapter 47: System Upgrade

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On the other hand, Xia Xin happily saved the e-ticket in her phone and headed home, thinking that with this opportunity, she could soon reconcile with Zhao


Unable to wait until she got home, Xia Xin immediately called Zhao Nan and informed her of the situation.

Zhao Nan’s attitude was awkward. At the beginning of the call, her tone was very cold and dismissive, but when she heard that she could see Xu Zhi in person, she couldn’t keep up the act anymore and exclaimed excitedly.

Xia Xin emphasized that she only had one ticket, and she didn’t want her hard-earned labor to come cheap for Zhao Nan. But at this point, Zhao Nan didn’t even care about getting things cheap. She readily agreed.

Xia Xin chuckled. She knew Zhao Nan well. She knew that Zhao Nan couldn’t resist the temptation of Xu Zhi. When she met Zhao Nan that day, she would explain everything clearly to her.

After returning home, Xia Xin calculated that the affinity she had gained from the snub-nosed monkey over the past two days should be around 500 points. So, she opened the system interface in her mind, and the system notification sounded.

Upgrade conditions have been met. Do you want to upgrade?

“Of course, I want to upgrade!” Xia Xin said excitedly.

Then, a circle of white light illuminated Xia Xin’s surroundings, enveloping her in the middle. The intense light momentarily blinded her.

When Xia Xin could finally see the system interface again, her level had changed to a Level 2 Beast Tamer. She also noticed a new attribute, Reflex. However, the starting value was only five points.

‘What is this? I wonder if Reflex was like stamina, making me more agile in my actions? But why was it listed separately?’ Xia Xin pondered. She tried to increase the attribute but failed.

Warning! Adding one point of Reflex requires 2000 affinity points with animals.

“That’s a lot!” Xia Xin exclaimed.

For other attributes, adding one point required only 1000 affinity points after reaching 80 points. Yet, this attribute required 2000 for just one point. Xia Xin felt that it was absurd.

Since Xia Xin had just upgraded her Beast Language System, the affinity points with animals had already reset to zero. So, she didn’t dwell on increasing the attribute. Instead, she checked for any other changes after the upgrade.

Xia Xin noticed her passive skill had been upgraded. Previously, it only made animals have affection towards her, but now, there was an additional ability. She could command young animals to perform actions.

It was easy to understand since insects were considered young animals. With that passive skill, Xia Xin could even make ants dance on chopsticks, which seemed pretty interesting.

Xia Xin was also still concerned about curing Layle’s tongue. The system had stated that it could be done after reaching level 3, so she was eager to see what the conditions were for the next level upgrade.

However, the interface was blank. Xia Xin was taken aback and asked, “System? Why is it blank? Does that mean I can’t upgrade anymore?”

Just as Xia Xin said that, the word, unknown, appeared on the system interface.

The task for the upgrade of the Beast Language System is determined based on the owner’s capabilities. The system is currently evaluating these capabilities, so the information cannot be accessed temporarily.

Suddenly, Xia Xin had a thought. If the system was so personalized, then the

49 animals required for her to reach level 2 might have been chosen due to her job at the zoo. If she changed her job, the tasks would probably be completely different.

Without dwelling on it too much, Xia Xin ruffled Layle’s head and went to sleep.

The first filming session was scheduled for three days later. The crew had already started promoting it, and the tickets released were snatched up within half a minute. The zoo also sent out a notice: on the day of the variety show filming, the snub-nosed monkey’s enclosure would be closed.

On that day, Xia Xin was worried that a large crowd might scare Slowpoke, so she arrived at the enclosure very early to prepare.

Recently, Xia Xin noticed that after the upgrade of the Beast Language System, animals not only developed affection towards her but also became clingy. The benefit made it much easier for her to accumulate affinity points with animals, and she had already accumulated 3000 points.

Driven by curiosity, Xia Xin had increased her Reflex slightly the previous night, causing her affinity points with animals to drop to 1000 points. She felt a bit sorry for it.

However, up until now, Xia Xin still didn’t know the exact purpose of the Reflex attribute.

The assistant director was worried that Xia Xin might make mistakes during her first time filming a variety show. So, before shooting began, he came to confirm the details with her once again.

“Miss Xia, during the filming of the variety show this time, the snub-nosed monkey won’t need to appear in many scenes. You just need to follow our instructions. When you receive our signal, bring Slowpoke onto the stage. The entire interaction segment will take about an hour..”

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