I Unlocked Beast Language and Became a Bigshot After My Rebirth!

Chapter 40

The Husky’s Owner

After finishing his other work, Luo Ao returned to his office and opened the advertising footage for the Chang’an Group’s Trimere series of aged liquor.

Sinking into his chair, Luo Ao watched the footage quietly once and then pondered for a few seconds before clicking the mouse to watch it again. He rarely watched videos repeatedly; he would only do so when he felt aesthetically pleased.

In the footage, a secluded and elegant swordswoman in the bamboo forest held a sword in one hand and had a bright green Trimeresurus snake crawling in the other.

The contrast between the swordswoman’s slender and fair fingers and the lush green color of the snake created an extremely intense visual impact.

After a few seconds of eye contact between the woman and the snake, the central focus of the scene shifted to jars of anciently brewed wine. The camera then turned to the swordswoman elegantly and freely drinking a bowl of wine, her cold eyes showing a hint of carefree relaxation.

The background showed green mountains and bamboo forests, making the entire scene look like an ancient landscape painting, leaving a lingering impression on viewers.

After completing the advertisement shoot, Xia Xin’s bank balance suddenly increased, making her feel as if she had become a little rich woman.

During Xia Xin’s days off, she took her parents to buy some new clothes. Although Gu Fan complained about wasting money, his smile grew brighter, and the wrinkles around his eyes smoothed out.

At Xia Xin’s request, the government-allocated housing had already been sold for over ¥400,000. Gu Fan planned to use this money to buy a new house for Xia Xin in the city, while Xia Song wanted to buy her a car to make it easier for her to come home in the future.

Although their opinions differed, they both intended to save the money for Xia Xin, which deeply moved her.

With the money from selling the house and the earnings from the advertisement, Xia Xin had enough for a down payment on a house in the city. However, she had not decided yet whether she wanted to buy one. Perhaps it was because she had died once already; she no longer attached much importance to material possessions like a house.

Since she was reborn, Xia Xin felt she should make good use of this advantage. She planned to look for some good investment projects and try them out with the money she had.

With her current full-time job and the part-time job walking Jing Mo’s dogs, she could save a considerable amount of money each month. Although it could not compare to being a millionaire, it was enough to provide her parents with a worry-free life and comfortable retirement. Xia Xin felt quite satisfied with her life.

“Miss, here’s your baked buns.” The voice of the baked buns stall owner brought Xia Xin back to reality. She took the baked buns and handed them to Bobo.

Xia Xin could not understand why Bobo liked to eat baked buns. Even Layle did not eat baked buns anymore, but Bobo still enjoyed them every day.

But ever since they started coming out to eat baked buns every day, Bobo seemed to be in a much better mood. Jing Mo said it no longer got up in the middle of the night to wreck things.

Xia Xin left with Bobo and Layle, not noticing that the baked bun stall owner took out his phone and took a picture of her with her two dogs.

Two days later, Xia Xin saw a popular video on the homepage of a live-stream app.

In the video, a girl in a loose casual dress was walking two dogs and bought a baked bun for the husky next to her.

For several consecutive days, the girl would come over every evening with her two dogs and buy a baked bun for the husky. That girl was Xia Xin, and the husky was Bobo.

The video had already reached 1.02 million likes, and in the comments section, netizens found it very intriguing.

[Just how tasty is that baked bun? It makes a husky come over every day.]

[It’s rare to see such a dedicated husky.]

[My husky at home says this is an act; no husky would eat baked buns every day.]

[Has no one noticed? It seems that the owner of that husky is Xia Xin? Am I not mistaken?]

[It’s really Xia Xin!]

Whether it was because of the netizens’ curiosity or Xia Xin’s popularity, the video’s popularity continued to rise.

Of course, netizens also found the husky in the video to be silly and adorable. No husky could run over every day like clockwork to eat a baked bun. Netizens quickly gave Bobo a nickname and called him “Bun Boy”.

Xia Xin looked through the comments section, feeling complicated.

The baked bun stall owner documented the interesting events in life, and she could not blame him. It was understandable that netizens enjoyed seeing something interesting.

As for herself, it was not the first time Xia Xin had been in the spotlight.

But the only problem was, the netizens thought Bobo was her husky now. If they found out that Jing Mo was Bobo’s real owner…

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