I Unlocked Beast Language and Became a Bigshot After My Rebirth!

Chapter 39

Shooting the Advertisement

Sunday, inside the Creative Light Media Company’s studio.

“Isn’t she here yet?” The photographer asked as he checked his watch.

Ding Bei smiled apologetically and said, “The traffic in the west district is bad, but she’ll be here soon.”

The photographer saw that he still had to wait for a while, so he sat down and chatted with Ding Bei, “You actually managed to convince Chang’an Group to accept a social media influencer for their advertisement.”

Chang’an Group’s previous ads only featured A-list celebrities.

Ding Bei’s expression showed a hint of pride and said, “Chang’an Group has collaborated with our Chief Creative Director many times and greatly admires his talent. When I mentioned Xia Xin to him before, he said that with her qualifications, she could easily become a top-tier actress in the entertainment industry.”

The photographer raised an eyebrow in surprise. He never expected that the legendary “genius adman” would give Xia Xin such a high evaluation.

Suddenly, a slim figure appeared at the door. Xia Xin had a little sweat on her forehead, and her breathing was slightly hurried. She walked into the studio, greeted Ding Bei, and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect the traffic to be so bad. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’s alright, you’re not late,” Ding Bei introduced Xia Xin to the photographer, and then said to her, “If everything’s fine, you can go change your clothes and get ready. If all goes smoothly, we’ll finish shooting today.”

Over an hour later, Xia Xin looked at her reflection in the mirror and felt unfamiliar with herself. Under the transformation of the stylists and makeup artists, she had a completely different look.

For this advertising campaign, Xia Xin’s character was positioned as a swordswoman in the bamboo forest. She was dressed in a traditional long robe with a blue and white pattern, and her waist was accentuated by a black waistband, highlighting her slender waistline.

A bamboo-made hat covered the upper half of her face.

The makeup artist did not use overly exaggerated eye shadows and highlights, just simple enhancements to Xia Xin’s natural features, as she was already beautiful enough.

In addition, Xia Xin’s eyebrows were groomed to be sharper, fitting the identity of a swordswoman.

The photographer was stunned when he saw Xia Xin. He said, “Your temperament is really good, not at all inferior to the other one!”

The photographer was referring to the A-list celebrity who had participated in the previous advertisement. In his opinion, Xia Xin’s overall feeling was more in line with the role’s positioning.

Soon, the formal shooting began, and the Trimeresurus was held by its caretaker and gently handed over to Xia Xin.

The owner of Trimeresurus knew that although the snake in his care was gentle in nature, it could still get nervous around strangers. However, he was surprised to find that after the snake came into contact with Xia Xin, it did not show any discomfort or nervousness. Instead, it obediently climbed onto Xia Xin’s arm and lightly rubbed its head against her wrist.

As Xia Xin gently caressed and played with the Trimeresurus, she worked to bring the snake back to its most lively and spirited state.

Since Xia Xin had received such a high remuneration, she naturally did not intend to take it lightly. She wanted to achieve the best possible advertisement effect.

With Xia Xin’s reassurance, the Trimeresurus quickly adapted to the unfamiliar environment of the studio and gradually became more lively.

The surrounding staff were shocked as they watched Xia Xin interact with the Trimeresurus. They never expected that a panda caretaker like Xia Xin would be so skilled at handling snakes.

In fact, although Xia Xin was not the owner of the Trimeresurus, with the enhancement from the Beast Language System, she could now be called a snake tamer.

“Miss Xia looks very professional, worthy of being the caretaker at the Capital Zoo.” The owner of the Trimeresurus remarked to the familiar staff nearby.

After a simple adjustment of the conditions, Xia Xin began to perform according to the creative plan. Although she had not studied professional acting, luckily, shooting an advertisement did not require much acting skill. She just needed to immerse herself in the interaction with the small snake while also embodying the identity of the swordswoman.

The shooting went very smoothly and was quickly completed. After changing her clothes and removing her makeup, Xia Xin bid farewell to Ding Bei and the others and left.

After Xia Xin left, the footage of the advertisement shoot was sent to Creative Light Media’s Chief Creative Director, Luo Ao, that very evening.

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