Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 50 - The hope barrier (1)  

Chapter 50: The hope barrier (1)

“The five-poison beasts are only close to people who have the heart of nature, and they have very strict requirements for their living environment.” Granny Huai said with a smile, as if she had seen through Jiang He’s thoughts. “If you can take them away, I have no objections.” “Granny, you said it. Don’t go back on your word when the time comes.” Jiang He was full of confidence. He decided not to be human for the time being! He quickly chose his target, which was the translation tool beast from before. He couldn’t tell if it was talented or not, but this green one was definitely the most beautiful one! After all, being strong or not was only temporary, but being handsome or not was a matter of a lifetime. Jiang He first used his synesthesia talent to obtain the perspective of the five poison beast’s senses and then activated acting. A wave of mental power enveloped the five poison beast. “Gummi …” Jiang He tried to “blend in” by waving his arms as “wings” and then making similar sounds. “Meow …” The moonlight elf sighed, disdain in its cold eyes once more. Why did it follow such a stupid Beastmaster? Bai Ge could not help but laugh. If she could use her mobile phone, she would have definitely taken a picture of Jiang He ‘s’ dark history ‘. Jiang He was a little embarrassed when she saw the expressions of the moonlight elf and her senior. However, for the sake of his second familiar, he decided to bear with it. Let’s see how you’re going to laugh at me when the contract is successful! Jiang He had his own ideas about taming familiars. He felt that if he wanted to win a familiar’s heart, he had to first conquer its stomach. Of course, the more important point was to let the subdued beasts feel the sincerity of The Beastmaster. And the determination to grow, accompany, experience, and fight together. Back then, little Ziyue had signed a contract with him because of his little ‘grilled fish’ and his sincerity. This time, Jiang He used the same trick to send a message to The Five Venoms beast, telling it that she would protect the beast in the future. “Gummi …” The five-poison beast, who had been ‘translating’ to Jiang He, widened its eyes and looked at the human in front of it with a dumbfounded expression. What was this two-legged beast doing? Jiang He felt that the transmission of emotions was almost done, and he walked to the five poison beast with a smile. “Little guy, why don’t you sign a contract with me?” “Gummi!” When the five poison beast saw the strange two-legged beast suddenly approach, it was a little frightened. It flapped its wings and flew to a higher place on the Tree of Life before disappearing. Jiang He was a little embarrassed. Had his acting been seen through? He actually ran away … “The five poison beast’s innate skill is to see through things. Don’t you know that, junior?” Bai Ge couldn’t help but laugh. “Senior, why didn’t you say so earlier …” Jiang He was so embarrassed that she felt like she could use her toes to dig out a three-bedroom and two-living room space. He had put in so much effort to perform, but in the end, the five poison beast had ‘x-ray vision’… “Because you look very cute right now, junior! It’s a pity we can’t record it. ” “It seems like we’re not fated to be together.” Jiang He looked at the five poison beast hiding on the Tree of Life and sighed. However, these five-poison beasts lived here and had almost no desires. It seemed that he had nothing to tempt them with. There were also many transcendent creatures living on the Tree of Life. Jiang He even saw a huge bird similar to the ancestral bird that grandmother Huai had. The progenitor bird’s size was nothing compared to the Tree of Life. It was like a Sparrow perched on a tree. “How is it? You can’t kidnap him, right?” Grandmother Huai said with a smile. She then activated her talent, the heart of nature, and “hired” another five venomous beast to act as a translator. “Cough, cough. Business is more important. I’m going to the synesthesia altar to see if I can get some information.” In order to ease the awkwardness, Jiang He diverted his attention. Then, he slowly approached the altar in the center. Only when he was close to the altar did he feel how huge the whale statue was. His head only reached the Tail of the Whale. (The giant whale in the sculpture was in a leaping posture) When he held the statue, Jiang He could vaguely feel a special fluctuation. It was the spirit of the statue. After his mental energy was strengthened, he could more or less feel the existence of the ‘spirit’. After confirming the existence of the spirit, Jiang He closed his eyes and activated his synchrony. While his mind was buzzing, the scene in front of him changed … This time, it was a night. The sky was not clear, and the hazy blood mist seemed to block the moonlight. A beautiful woman in a simple linen dress stood quietly under the tree. In front of her was the statue of the giant whale. The woman was LAN. “Guardian, I’ve built this altar as you said. What should we do now?” “LAN” said to the statue of the giant whale. Her face looked a little Haggard. “LAN …” At this moment, the giant whale statue suddenly spoke. Although it was filled with the vicissitudes of life, it was extremely gentle. It was Jiang He’s first time hearing the sound of a giant whale. “As long as you pass on your hope to me …” “Use the fluorescent grass … To pass on hope to me …” “This technique is called … The hope barrier … It can stop the abyss …” The whale’s voice was intermittent, as if it was extremely difficult to transmit sound through the statue. “It seems that this is the origin of the ceremony.” Jiang He could not help but think of the scene of the ritual that he had seen through synesthesia last time. Countless people knelt on the ground, and the light spots on their bodies were transmitted to LAN through the silk. It turned out that these ‘specks of light’ were ‘hope’. Those people were passing their hope to the giant whale through a ritual. But … Could hope really be a form of power? “Does using this skill require a terrifying price?” “LAN” didn’t look happy when she heard that the hope barrier could block the abyss. Instead, she asked with a trembling voice. She sharply sensed something. If it was really that easy, the tutelary would not have waited until now to tell her. “No price … Use the skills you wish to release … What’s the price?” The giant whale’s voice was still very gentle. However, Jiang He had a vague feeling that there was a “knife” because “he” had sensed a sad emotion. From the giant whale. “Do as I say … ‘Pass on the hope in your hearts to me … We can all survive …” The statue’s voice became more and more ethereal, and the scene in front of him gradually became blurry … The synesthesia ended. But Jiang He understood. It was probably this skill called “hope barrier” that stopped the erosion of the abyss. All he needed to do now was to understand the ritual process. Before he knew it, he had already witnessed several important nodes in the giant whale’s life. He also roughly understood the historical echo that the giant whale carried. After taking a sip of the fairy spring, Jiang He was surprised to find that her synesthesia talent had leveled up again. His talent on the book of contract had become synesthesia Level 3. He had just leveled up to Level 2 during National Day, and now he had leveled up again in less than a month. It had to be said that the giant whale ‘s’ legacy ‘was really too fragrant! “I wonder what special effects will there be after the upgrade?” Level 2 strengthened the speed and time of synesthesia connection, but he didn’t know what changes there would be at Level 3. Jiang He couldn’t wait to try it. However, when he tried to communicate with the altar again, he found that … It had no spirit. The statue was a dead object to begin with. Even though it had once been the “Messenger” of the giant whale, there was still very little spirit left on it. Jiang He looked at the Tree of Life. He had even seen the existence of the Tree of Life in the synchrony scene earlier. However, the “Tree of Life” back then was not as tall as it was now. It was only a dozen meters tall. He was probably able to see the entire ritual through the Tree of Life, right?

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