Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 49 - The ancestral land (1)  

Chapter 49: The ancestral land (1)

“We’ll do our best to help you, but if the abyss does descend again, the only thing we can do is to bring you to our world.” The White Pigeon Said softly. He did not need to worry about the abyss Lord. If the abyss snake was sent to test the waters, it wouldn’t be able to come to this world for a while. Just like the barrier, it should be restricted by some kind of power. “Let’s go! I’ll take you to the ancestral land. ” Granny Huai’s gaze was a little complicated. Outsiders, abyssal demons … The peace of the fallen whale village in the past was likely to no longer exist. It was still the Banyan Tree Spirit’s branches that dragged them along. Because they were moving so fast, Jiang He even felt like he was flying on a sword. However, he was afraid of heights. When he looked down, he was a little frightened. Then, she hugged the moonlight elf tightly and didn’t dare to look down. “Meow~” Ziyue snorted in disdain. Beastmasters were too lame. Although it was also afraid of heights, it was not so afraid when Jiang He held it tightly. “This ancestral land has existed for a longer time than the whale village.” “According to the legends, our world once encountered a destructive disaster, which was to fall into the abyss. A giant whale sacrificed its life to preserve the last piece of Pure Land, which is where we are standing now. ” On the way, granny Huai introduced the history of the ancestral land to the two of them. “The ancestral land was built to commemorate this giant whale.” Jiang He felt that the legend mentioned by granny Huai was very close to the truth. With the relationship between the whale and LAN, it was very likely that it would sacrifice itself to save LAN. So, the giant whale was already dead? For some reason, Jiang He felt sad. Perhaps it was because he had synesthesia too many times that he had a sense of substitution. “We’re here. ” After about ten minutes, granny Huai said softly. In front of him was a cliff with vines and weeds. “This is the ancestral land?” Jiang He was dumbfounded. This was different from what he had imagined. He did not see the altar either. “This is the entrance.” As she said that, granny Huai pressed her palm against the cliff. A ball of jade-green light appeared in her palm and slowly spread into the surroundings. In an instant, the vines on the cliff seemed to have come to life. They automatically extended outward, revealing a stone door about five to six meters tall in the center. The stone door was covered in moss, giving it an ancient and simple feeling. Granny Huai lightly knocked on the stone door twice. The green light quickly spread from the center of the stone door until it completely enveloped the stone door. Then, the stone door slowly opened from the center with a rumbling sound. “This door can only be opened by those who possess the heart of nature.” Granny Huai explained. “The heart of nature? Is it also a talent in taming beasts?” Jiang He thought of an opponent named Chen Zhao in the green trainer League. Her familiar had plant affinity and could communicate with plants. “Yes, those who possess the heart of nature can communicate with all living things in nature. Animals, plants, and even lightning rain. ” Granny Huai explained. The heart of nature seemed to be a high-end version of plant affinity … “This kind of talent is very rare, and it needs to be trained to a certain level to open the stone door. Currently, I’m the only one in the whale village who can open this stone door.” Granny Huai said meaningfully. Jiang He instantly understood what granny Huai was worried about. She was probably worried that Jiang and the others would covet the wealth of the ancestral land, which was the ancient blessing of the Tree of Life. That was why she exposed the fact that she was the only one who could open the ancestral land. “Granny Huai, I’m only here to find out the truth. After I leave, I won’t say much about the altar.” Jiang He promised. “Granny Huai, don’t worry! I promise you now that the people of our world will not disturb you. ” The White Pigeon showed a friendly smile. She didn’t want to destroy the peace of the whale village, and she was able to do so. The power of the abyssal Investigation Bureau was actually greater than Jiang He had imagined. The abyssal Investigation Bureau had the power to take over all items related to the abyss and even the entire new world. It was more than enough to protect a village. “I hope so!” Granny Huai sighed and did not say anything more. After entering the stone door, Jiang He was stunned by the scene in front of him. This was a vast green grassland, with lush vegetation covering the soil, and all kinds of flowers and trees growing quietly. The trees here were extremely thick and huge, tens of meters to hundreds of meters tall. The entire sky was covered by the leaves, but it was not dark. This was because there were many glowing trees here, and the fruits they bore emitted a white light. In addition, Jiang He also saw many glimmering silk ribbons, which were the same as the silk ribbons he saw in his synesthesia. “It seems like this altar is the altar that countless people have performed rituals on.” Looking at the silk, Jiang He was a little excited. “Meow!” The moonlight elf’s eyes widened. She had never seen such a dreamy scene before. It was as if she had traveled back in time to a fairy tale. “Thousand year bamboo shoot, gem flower, Jade Tree Lingzhi …” The White Pigeon mumbled the names of various precious flowers and plants. She was extremely shocked. The ancestral land might be heaven for pharmacists. Many aged and precious herbs grew on the ground, no different from the wild flowers and weeds on the roadside. It was no wonder that granny Huai would be nervous. Just the value of these herbs would drive many people crazy. “The grass and water element spirit power here is extremely abundant. It’s a good place for the familiars of these two elements to cultivate. It’s a pity we don’t have familiars with these two attributes. ” Bai Ge said to Jiang He with some regret. “Grandma Huai, since the spirit energy here is so abundant, why don’t you come here to train your familiars?” Jiang He was a little confused. This ancestral land was clearly the best training ground for grass-type familiars. Why were the people of the fallen whale village only allowed to enter the ancestral land once in their lives, and why did they have to pass three tests? “This is the rule set by our ancestors. If the resources here are consumed without restraint, the ancestral land will become barren in a short time. Moreover, the whale village is isolated from the rest of the world, so everyone doesn’t have much desire to become stronger. ” Jiang He understood. The Beastmasters in whale village were all more Buddhist-like, not as arrogant as those in the real world. “The altar is still deep inside. Follow me.” After walking for hundreds of meters, Jiang He finally saw the altar. A square platform was built with green stones, and a stone statue was enshrined in the center. The stone statue was a familiar in the form of a giant whale. It was exactly the same as the scene he saw through his synesthesia, and the land he had walked past was the giant square where countless people knelt and worshipped at that time. Beside the altar, Jiang He saw the Tree of Life that granny Huai had mentioned. This was a tree that towered into the clouds. Looking up, one could only see the luxuriant branches and leaves. Just the trunk alone was a hundred meters thick! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the World Tree. “Gummi!” At this time, the five poisons beast, which had been staying beside Jiang He and acting as a “translation tool”, let out an excited cry. It flapped the three pairs of leaf-shaped wings on its back and quickly flew toward the Tree of Life. Many similar figures also appeared around the Tree of Life. They were of different colors, but their forms were almost exactly the same as the five poison beasts. There was actually a group of five poison beasts living on this Tree of Life. “It would be great if I could abduct one home.” Jiang He could not help but think as he looked at the group of cute five-poison beasts. He could now contract a second familiar, and the five poisons beast seemed to be a good choice? At least, it could be used as a translation tool, and he would no longer have to worry about the language barrier. 

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