Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 48 - Abyss Lord (1)  

Chapter 48: Abyss Lord (1)

“Explode!” As Jiang He muttered this in his heart, the shadow energy that had been left on the wind wall exploded in an instant. In an instant, the shadow Element Energy on the wind wall exploded with a deafening boom. It was like thousands of purple electric arcs were flashing. The wall of wind didn’t even last for a second before it was completely shattered. The shockwave from the explosion sent the flowing-patterned butterfly flying. The moonlight elf naturally wouldn’t let this opportunity go. After rapidly closing the distance, she attacked the flow-patterned butterfly with another Shadow Claw. At this time, the air around the flowing pattern butterfly gathered together again, and another wall of wind appeared around it. However, this time, the condensed wall of wind was slightly green. This was a sign that the wind energy within it had been condensed to a certain extent. This was the wind wall that the flowing pattern butterfly had cast with the power of a warrior-level! Hiss! The moonlight elves ‘claws created a series of sparks on the wind wall, and then shadow energy exploded. However, the shadow Claw was nothing in front of the enhanced wind wall. Even the energy explosion was unable to shatter it … “I’ve lost,” Sen said in a low voice. Her flowing pattern butterfly had used the strength of a warrior-level, or else she definitely wouldn’t have been able to resist that Shadow Claw. “Thanks for letting me win.” The moonlight elf stood calmly in the arena, her cold eyes extremely calm, as if defeating the flowing-patterned butterfly was a rare and ordinary matter. [Happiness: 100 (5%)] Then, the increase in his happiness points revealed the joy in the little guy’s heart. Of course, Jiang He did not expose her. Otherwise, the proud Ziyue would ignore him for a day. “Sen actually lost!?” “Why does this moonlight elf know shadow-type skills?” “The last burst of shadow energy was an experienced Shadow Claw?!” The surrounding villagers were in disbelief. Could it be that the people outside were all this strong? A random young man had defeated the best of their younger generation. “Meow!” The moonlight elf was completely wet, but Jiang He didn’t mind. She held it in her arms and dried it with the towel in her backpack. After this battle, the moonlight elves ‘shadow claws had officially stepped into the master level. What surprised Jiang He even more was that the progress bar of the contract book’s happiness bar was full again. Jiang He had accumulated quite a lot of happiness points in the past week since he entered the eastern sea new world. It was finally full. The purple Moon was indeed a natural battle maniac. It enjoyed the feeling of fighting against a strong enemy. This battle made its entire body feel comfortable, especially after it won in the end. Extract. Jiang He did not hesitate and chose to extract it. He had to quickly turn his resources into strength. [You have received a hidden shadow fragment *1 (1/4)] Obtained shadow clone fragment *1 (1/4) Beginner pharmacist knowledge fragment acquired (1/10) [You have obtained a miniature shadow energy pack. (Do you want to use it on the moonlight elves?)] He didn’t know if it was because he had been practicing shadow-type moves recently. The reward this time was not only a shadow Element Energy pack, but also two shadow element skill fragments. As for the beginner pharmacist knowledge fragment, it should be used on The Beastmaster himself. Pharmacologists were a profession even rarer than Beastmasters. They were able to turn certain ingredients into potions with different effects through special processes. For example, the moonlight essence that the moonlight elves had been using to “replenish mana” was one of them. Those with a certificate, even if they were only at the beginner level, would enjoy very good benefits. “Little sister, you can’t do it! Did you go easy on the moonlight elves on purpose?” Ze made a face at Sen and mocked. “Argh! Go to hell!” Sen shouted, and the depression in her heart instantly turned into anger. She ran over and gave ze a hard kick. After ze dodged it, he ran away with a smile. “Grandma Huai, did I pass the test?” Jiang He looked at Huai. “It’s done. However, before we enter the ancestral land, I still need to understand some things. ” Granny Huai nodded and continued to ask, “What’s the approximate level of the best Beastmaster in your world?” “Undying. Our director’s familiar is at the undying level.” The White Pigeon replied softly. “A rank above the sovereign level?” Grandma Huai was very shocked. The strongest combat power in their village was the spirit of the Banyan Tree, which was an eighth-grade commander. As for the ruler-level familiars, the Tree of Life might have reached that level, but it did not have its own consciousness, and the combat power it could display was limited. Now, it seemed that if these outsiders ‘worlds really wanted to invade their world, they would have almost no power to fight back. Bai Ge and Jiang He naturally wouldn’t tell them that the barrier in this new world restricted the entry of high-level familiars. Although the two sides had established a preliminary trust, he still had to hide his trump cards and restrictions. “Yes, the rank above the monarch. They have the power of the legends.” “Can the people of our village go to your world?” Huai asked the second question. “That shouldn’t be a problem, right?” The supervision Bureau was naturally happy to see the Aboriginals moving to the real world and would definitely give many preferential policies. However, Jiang He did not dare to guarantee that the villagers of the whale village were cursed and could not leave the village. He could not do anything about it. “Our world welcomes you, but crossing through the star Screen may be dangerous. You can try it first.” The pigeon replied. “Then we’ll talk about this later!” Granny Huai paused for a moment before asking,” “I have one last question. How much do you know about the abyss?” The pigeon was stunned when it heard the word abyss. It immediately said,” “We’ve explored more than a dozen new abyssal worlds. All we know is that they were all new worlds before they came. As for why we fell into the abyss and how to fight against the erosion of the abyss, these are all what we’re trying to find out at the moment. ” “Yes, yes, yes! I might be able to find a way to fight the abyss after I enter the altar. ” Jiang He continued. “I want to ask, do you know anything about the demons in the abyss?” Grandmother Huai was not the least bit concerned about how the abyss was formed. This was because their world had fallen into the abyss, and they were now living in the last piece of Pure Land protected by the water curtain. However, the abyssal demons were appearing more and more frequently, and they were getting closer and closer to their village. The safety of the village was what she was most worried about. “All creatures in the abyss are collectively called abyssal species. Most of them are new species born after the creatures in the original world were eroded by the abyss.” “The abyssal creatures below the commander level are all muddleheaded and have no independent consciousness. We call them abyssal Scouts.” “The commander-level abyssal seed has begun to gain self-consciousness.” “Only monarch-level abyssal creatures can be considered to have their own independent self-awareness. They have their own territory, recruit subordinates, and build their own forces. We call these abyssal creatures the abyss King. ” The White Pigeon explained to Xiang Huai. It was also Jiang He’s first time learning about it. He had just joined the abyssal Investigation Bureau and had not yet studied this knowledge in detail. “Ze told me that he met an abyss snake at the Lake of Tears. We’ve actually met many abyss demons over the years.” “It’s just that they’ve been appearing more and more frequently recently, and they’re getting closer and closer to the village. The water curtain of this world might have changed. ” Granny Huai guessed, her eyes filled with solemness. “The appearance of the abyss snake might not be a coincidence. There might be an intelligent species testing the waters behind it, which is the abyss King you mentioned. If it’s possible, I would like to request the help of your world. “

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