Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 47 - VS flowing pattern butterfly_1  

Chapter 47: Chapter 47: VS flowing pattern butterfly_1

“This outsider’s familiar doesn’t seem to be very powerful.” “Indeed. Looking at the size of this white cat, it should still be at the servant-class, right? A servant fighting a battle general, how can he win?” “I heard that forest’s flowing pattern butterfly suppressed its spiritual power to the servant-class, but it still won. The flowing pattern butterfly has experienced the ancient blessing once and has already mastered the combination skill. ” “Just watch with peace of mind! Since this outsider dared to issue a challenge, it meant that he was still confident. I’m guessing he can last for a minute. ” “I’ve said too much. I think half a minute is the most I can say.” “Be braver. I’m guessing 10 seconds!” …… …… The villagers discussed among themselves, but no one felt that the moonlight elves could win. “Ziyue, you can do it! Good luck, junior. ” “COO!” Since they were away from home, the only ones cheering for the moonlight elves were Chen Yushan and Gugu. “Begin.” Granny Huai announced the start of the competition calmly. “Use the staggered light claw after Seraphic speed!” Jiang He communicated with the moonlight elf through telepathy. He wanted to take advantage of the high agility and explosive power of the moonlight elves to catch them off guard. This was zirai’s first time facing an opponent that could fly. It would be troublesome if she was kited by her opponent. The moonlight elf’s feet were like the wind, and she burst out with extremely fast speed. In the blink of an eye, she arrived in front of the flowing pattern butterfly and then jumped high, a silver-white shadow blooming between her claws. The staggered light claw! “Wind wall!” Forest said softly as the moonlight elves rushed over. The air around the flowing-patterned butterfly began to gather and compress in a regular pattern under the control of some kind of power, forming an air barrier in front of it! Buzzzzzz! When the moonlight elf’s straggling light claw was still an inch away from the flowing-patterned butterfly, it felt like it had hit hard steel. The claws slashed down, but only a series of sparks burst out in the air. This wall made of air directly blocked the moonlight elf’s staggered light claw. As the wall of wind surrounded the flowing pattern butterfly, the confusion effect of the staggered light claw was almost useless! “It’s a little difficult to deal with. This flowing pattern butterfly has a complete set of matching moves. ” Jiang He’s eyes narrowed slightly. After the surprise attack failed, it wasn’t so easy to get close. “Increase the distance! Use storm!” Sure enough, Sen noticed that the moonlight elf was an assassin and had the flowing-patterned butterfly distance itself from it. In a battle between familiars, one had to play to their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. “Awoo~” The flowing-pattern butterfly snorted, and its water-like wings flapped rapidly. It burst forth with a speed that wasn’t inferior to the moonlight elf ‘s, instantly pulling apart the distance. “Silver moonlight Blade!” The moonlight elves and Jiang He had already expected this. The moment the flowing-pattern butterfly pulled away from them, they started to condense silver moonblades. Against flying familiars, the moonlight blades were a pretty good method. The silver-white moonblade was like a scimitar, and after taking shape, it flew toward the flowing pattern butterfly. And after the flowing pattern butterfly pulled away, the wind and water spiritual force in its body started to flow at the same time. In an instant, a strong wind blew and dark clouds swept across the area, as if a storm was coming. “Whoosh!” At the same time, the silver moonblade was already closing in on the flowing pattern butterfly. “Awoo~” The flowing-pattern butterfly snorted and dodged the attack like a Phantom. Immediately after, the silver moonlight Blade suddenly “turned back,” but the flowing pattern butterfly’s figure once again lightly danced, easily dodging it. The experienced Butterfly Dance! “This moonlight elf is already very strong. She has already reached the master level in several skills.” “Unfortunately, its opponent is Sen’s flowing pattern butterfly. If I remember correctly, Sen is the youngest child to enter the ancestral land in decades, right?” “After the storm of flowing-patterned butterflies is fully unleashed, the moonlight elves will have no chance of winning.” The villagers shook their heads when they saw this. It seemed like the battle was about to end. Hualala! The heavy rain fell quickly. The bean-sized raindrops hit his body, and he actually felt a little pain. At the same time, the moonlight elf could hear the sound of wind whistling in her ears. Wind blades mixed in with the heavy rain attacked her! “Is this a combination technique?” Jiang He’s expression turned grave as he looked at the storm, which had a similar domain effect. A combination skill was the fusion of two skills to produce a more powerful effect. For example, the current storm. The fine wind blades mixed with the torrential rain like Vipers waiting for an opportunity to strike. The raindrops became even more violent under the strong wind! At the same time, the stormy weather made the flowing pattern butterflies even more agile. Whether it was dodging or launching an attack, it would be of great help! A combination technique of two attributes was an extremely difficult technique to control. It would usually only appear in professional Beastmaster competitions. Most of them could only be mastered by commander-level familiars. For example, in this year’s youth trainer Championships, none of the familiars had used a combination skill. On the other hand, the girl in front of him was about the same size as him, so he shouldn’t have contracted a familiar for long. It was a little ridiculous. Ting ze said that the comprehension of this combination technique came from the blessing of the Tree of Life. Was this ancient blessing really that powerful? “Meow!” The cold rain continued to hit the moonlight elf’s face, and its soft fur was completely wet. Zirai carefully identified the wind blades in the storm, then quickly dodged while waiting for the opportunity to come. It would never give up a battle just because its opponent was strong. Since it had stepped onto this battlefield, it would continue to fight unless it fell. Jiang He was frantically thinking of strategies. Under such circumstances, it was almost impossible to win the match by hitting the flowing-patterned butterfly with the silver moonblade. They still had to fight in close combat. However, that wall of wind was just too disgusting. The effects of the staggered light claw were not good, so it was better to use the shadow Claw. However, the shadow Claw’s effect was not very good. After breaking through the wind wall, there was no follow-up damage that could threaten the flowing butterfly. Unless … Jiang He suddenly thought of the special characteristic of the experienced Shadow Claw, delayed explosion. Zirai’s Shadow Claw mastery was now infinitely close to experienced-level, but it was not stable enough, so it was hard to grasp the timing of the shadow energy explosion. But in the current situation, he could only take a gamble. “Purple Moon, Shadow Claw.” The moonlight elf understood tacitly and once again used lightning speed to approach the flowing-pattern butterfly. “The final struggle?” Sen smiled and gave an order to the flowing pattern butterfly, “Water gun.” Violent raindrops gathered in the air, forming two high-pressure water guns in a breath, roaring towards the moonlight elves underground. BOOM! The huge water current swallowed the moonlight elf, but in the next second, a silver figure appeared on the field again. It was instant flash! BOOM! Another water gun was fired, but the moonlight elf’s figure became blurry again. Second instant flash! “Experienced level instant flash?” For the first time, a look of surprise appeared in Sen’s eyes. He didn’t expect the moonlight elf to have such high skill proficiency. After two consecutive [instant dodges], the distance between the moonlight elf and the flowing-patterned butterfly was less than 5 meters! The moonlight elf’s hind legs exerted force and suddenly jumped up. At the same time, dark purple shadow energy flashed on its claws. “Shadow Claw? Isn’t this moonlight elf a light-type?” Seeing the light sprite use a shadow-type move, Sen was a little confused, but he quickly recovered. Even with so many fancy tricks, they still couldn’t defeat the flowing pattern butterfly. “Wind wall!” Following the girl’s ethereal voice, the air currents gathered together again, forming a colorless protective wall. The moonlight elf’s Shadow Claw swept past, but only left behind traces of purple “electric arcs.” He couldn’t even break through the wind wall. However, when zirai landed on the ground, the shadow element once again wrapped around her palm. She struck the wind wall with her Shadow Claw again, but there was still no reaction. However, when he saw the purple “electric arc” that kept flashing on the wind wall … Jiang He heaved a sigh of relief. This time, he had won the bet!

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