Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 46 - Ancient blessing_ 1  

Chapter 46: Ancient blessing_ 1

The altar in the ancestral land … It sounded like it had been there for a long time. It was very likely that it was the altar that Jiang He had seen when he was in the synesthesia whale! “Can you take us to see it?” Jiang He was a little excited. He did not expect to find information about the altar so easily. Huai, however, shook his head. “You can’t go in. The ancestral land is a relic left behind by our ancestors. Even if our clansmen want to enter, they have to pass three tests. ” “Which three tests?” Jiang He asked curiously. “Hunt a warrior-level extraordinary creature, defeat a familiar of a higher level than you, and pass the test of the spirit of the Banyan Tree.” Ze helped to explain. “Under normal circumstances, even among our clansmen, only a few people can enter the ancestral land every year to receive the ancient blessings of the Tree of Life.” “The Tree of Life? Ancient blessing?” Jiang He was confused. “The Tree of Life is an ancient tree that has existed for countless years in the ancestral land. Grandmother’s familiar, the spirit of the Banyan Tree, is its descendant.” “The ancient blessing is a kind of blessing given to familiars by the Tree of Life, which is often accompanied by the improvement of level and aptitude. If you’re lucky, you can even awaken the bloodline power hidden deep within your familiar. ” “I don’t need to accept the ancient blessings. I only entered the ancestral land to touch the altar and seek the truth. Can I?” Jiang He asked. The ancient blessing was indeed good, but the more important thing now was to restore the entire process of the ritual and find the reason why this area did not fall into the abyss. “No, rules are rules. They won’t be broken for one person.” Grandma Huai said calmly. “Then … Can I switch?” Jiang He was ready to go back and shake people. He would definitely not pass the three tests. Just the fact that his familiar’s level had reached warrior-level was enough to directly pass him on. However, it shouldn’t be a problem for the Imperial book spirit and Liu Haoran. “This is a test for our clansmen, it doesn’t apply to you. It’s useless no matter who it is.” Grandma Huai said slowly. She hadn’t agreed to let outsiders take the test and enter the ancestral land! “But since you saved my grandson, I can give you a chance.” “What chance?” “As long as you can defeat a Clansman who has passed all three tests, you’ll pass the test.” Jiang He was speechless. Defeating a Clansman who had passed all three tests was even more difficult than passing all three tests, right? Wasn’t this making things difficult for him? “I’ll do it, I’ll do it!” At this moment,’ze’ volunteered himself. He was also the one who had passed the three tests and received the blessing of the ancestral land. “Can I choose him?” Jiang He suddenly saw hope again when he saw ze volunteer. “Sure.” Grandma Huai nodded. “Don’t worry! Grandma, I will definitely do my best! It’s a piece of cake to defeat this outsider!” Ze promised. He summoned the whirlpool Ninja Frog and was ready to take Jiang He to the training ground to fight it out. At this moment, a young girl in a linen dress suddenly walked down from the tree. “I don’t agree!” The young girl placed her hands on her hips and said loudly. “Brother has a good relationship with those outsiders. What if they deliberately go easy on you?” “Why would I go easy on you? Don’t you trust your brother?” Ze looked at his sister Sen helplessly. “I’ve never believed it!” Sen said without any hesitation. “Then what do you suggest we do?” Ze shrugged and looked at his sister with a headache. To be honest, he did have the intention to go easy on them. There was a huge gap between a warrior-level familiar and a servant-level familiar. In a normal battle, the moonlight elf had no chance of winning. “Of course I’ll accept the challenge! My familiar’s strength is a little weaker than big brother ‘s. Outsider, I’ve made things easier for you!” Sen said with a smile, a hint of slyness flashing in his eyes. “I think your brother is still the weaker one. Why don’t you … Spar with your brother!” Jiang He said with a smile and complimented the girl. Sen was indeed a little smug, but he still shook his head and said,” “Although you’re telling the truth, no! Big brother will definitely go easy on them. Our ancestral land is not a place that just anyone can go to. Outsider, since you want to go in, you must show your courage!” I won’t bully you. Since your familiar is a ninth-rank servant, I won’t let your familiar use strength that’s above the ninth-rank servant.” “Then come!” Since the young girl had said so, Jiang He could only accept the challenge. If it was a ninth-rank servant, Ziyue should have a good chance of getting it, right? “Let’s go! Let’s go to our village’s training ground. ” Sen smiled and walked in front. “My sister Sen’s familiar is a third-tier warrior-level flowing pattern butterfly.” “Wind wall with intermediate level, turbulence with intermediate level …” “In addition, this flowing pattern butterfly has already received an ancient blessing and has comprehended the combination skill, raging storm. You have to be especially careful.” …… …… On the way, uchata had been telling Jiang He about his sister’s familiar. It had to be said that the information was very useful, but Jiang He still felt a little emotional. You’re really a ‘good brother’. No wonder your sister doesn’t believe you. Very quickly, granny Huai brought Jiang He and the rest to an empty field. This was the training ground of the whale village. The training ground was already surrounded by people. The villagers had all come to watch the battle. Sen was the granddaughter of their clan leader Huai, and she had inherited the heart of nature. She was one of the strongest among the younger generation. It was naturally worth watching the battle between familiars with an outsider. A silver-white summoning circle appeared in front of Jiang He, and the moonlight elf walked out gracefully. “Meow!” The moonlight elf sighed after understanding the situation. Why did it have to fight above its level every time since it followed Jiang He? However, Ziyue was not afraid at all. Instead, she was more eager to try. In its heart, it also yearned for powerful enemies! Moreover, the little fellow had a faint feeling that it was almost able to master the form of Moon Shadow. The last time it entered the moon Shadow form, although there were some terrifying aftereffects, it had also strengthened its body by quite a bit. If it couldn’t win this time, it would explode its small universe and enter the moon Shadow form! The dark blue mark on her forehead glowed, and a dark blue butterfly appeared in front of her. The way whale village contracted familiars was different from the outside world. After they reached a contract, a familiar emblem would appear on their bodies, and there would naturally be a familiar space inside. Compared to the book of contracts, this method of contracting was more primitive. One could not check the specific information of the familiar. The dark blue butterfly’s wings had a wave-like pattern, and when it moved up and down, it was like a lake rippling slightly, with a dynamic beauty. The basic information of this butterfly appeared in Jiang He’s mind. [Name]: flowing butterfly Water, flight [Race level]: High Commander [Skills]: wind wall, Butterfly Dance, water gun, turbulence, raging wave “Awoo~” The flowing-patterned butterfly and the moonlight elf’s eyes met, and it was as if an electric current had flashed between them. The battle started at once!

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