Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 45 - Altar (1)  

Chapter 45: Altar (1)

Jiang He and Bai Ge should be the most suitable two people. Jiang He had telepathy. If there were any relics of the giant whale in the village, he would be able to get more information. As for Chen Yushan and Gu Gu, they naturally used it to run away! Just as Jiang He agreed, a loud Dragon’s Roar suddenly came from the sky. A familiar with five-colored feathers but more like a Wyvern swooped down from the sky and landed in front of the crowd. There was no such familiar in Jiang He’s knowledge reserve, but he remembered the “Phantom” in the movie “avatar” he had watched in his previous life. It looked like a bird, but it wasn’t a bird. It looked like a dragon, but it wasn’t a Dragon. The strange bird’s wingspan was at least seven to eight meters long, emitting a strong sense of oppression. The Beastmasters and subdued beasts present felt a little breathless. Everyone placed their hands on their chest, ready to escape if the situation turned bad! This was the unique domain of a commander-level subdued beast! This strange bird that he had never seen before was a commander-level! “COO!” The only one unaffected was Cuckoo. It was also a commander-level monster, but once it used its skills, it would be expelled by the space. The barrier’s restrictions seemed to only work on outsiders. There was an old woman on the bird’s back. Her hair was white, but her face did not look old at all. “Grandma, what are you doing here?” Ze was surprised to see the strange bird and the old lady. The old lady was naturally worried about her grandson. After ze left the village, he ordered the progenitor bird to follow him in the sky. Now that he saw ze in contact with the ‘outsider’, he was afraid that his grandson would be hurt, so he rushed down to support his grandson. “Let’s go! I’ll take you back. ” The old woman said expressionlessly. The progenitor bird beside her spread its wings, which were wide enough to carry four or five people. “No need, granny, you can lead the way.” The White Pigeon got on Gugu and waved at Jiang He. “Junior, come up quickly!” This was for the sake of safety and to be able to escape immediately. The two sides were still in a stage of distrusting each other and were on guard against each other. Jiang He put the moonlight elf back into the familiar space and sat behind her senior, but she still kept a distance. “Junior, you should just hug me! When the disadvantageous situation becomes too big, you’ll fall down. ” The White Pigeon Said with a red face. In the past, when he brought Jiang He, he would directly jump through space. This time, it was a big difference. Jiang He’s face also turned red. He wrapped his arms around the pigeon’s waist from behind, but they did not touch each other. He didn’t have any improper thoughts about Senior Sister. He was just afraid of falling down! “COO!” Ever since it had mastered the power of space, Cuckoo rarely flew. After flapping his wings, he was able to get used to the feeling of flying. “I’m Huai. I heard that you came from the world outside the water curtain?” The old woman asked on the way. “Water curtain?” Jiang He paused for a moment. Ze seemed to have asked them if they were from the world outside the water curtain. Now that he had the five poison beast as a translation tool, Jiang He felt that the “water screen” and the “Star Screen” should be two different things. “We crossed the star Screen to come here. It’s a transparent sky screen similar to a teleportation gate. What is this water curtain you’re talking about?” “So, you are the real guests from the sky.” When she heard Jiang He say that they did not come from the world outside the water curtain, grandma Huai no longer looked at Jiang He with such a harsh gaze. “The water curtain is the end of the world. It’s a reverse waterfall that connects to the sky.” Bai Ge and Jiang He were stunned. He seemed to have obtained a very important piece of information by accident. The water screen was a place that they had yet to come into contact with. Since it was the end of the world, could it be the boundary between the primeval forest and the abyss? At that moment, the proto bird began to accelerate, and its wings stirred up a gust of wind. “Goo Goo Goo!” Gugu naturally wasn’t willing to show weakness. Although it couldn’t release any skills, its body was still strong, and its speed was no slower than the proto-bird. “COO!” Cuckoo’s eyes were filled with the contempt of a King. If it was not because it could not use its skills now, it would have arrived directly with a “space jump” and would not have to go through so much trouble. The two giant birds were “racing” in the air. Jiang He, who had no flying experience, suddenly felt like crying. He felt as if he was sitting in an illegal car, which was much more exciting than a “drop machine” or a “roller coaster”! “Junior, hold on tight.” “Yes, yes!” Jiang He hugged the pigeon tightly and did not dare to move. His brain had already stopped working. He then remembered that he seemed to be … Afraid of heights! “We’re here. ” Jiang He heard the old woman’s calm voice after a long time. When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was back on land. Jiang He, who was walking with unsteady steps, took a moment to size up the village in front of her. There were no houses here, only giant trees that reached the sky. “Whale village?” Jiang He saw a sign hanging on the branch of one of the giant trees. The words “whale village” were written on it. Then, Jiang He saw many people descending from the branches of the giant tree and slowly walking toward them. From their clothes, they should be the villagers here. They were holding all kinds of things in their hands, most of which were food. “Are they welcoming us?” “Yes.” Ze nodded. “You are the only guests of the fallen whale village in hundreds of years! Yesterday, everyone was thinking about how to welcome you, and in the end, we decided to bring some local specialties to entertain you. ” Looking at the dazzling array of food, Jiang He thought of Captain Liu’s advice before he left.” “If they give you something to eat, you must not eat it!” Caution, he had to be cautious. “COO!” “COO!” “COO!” Just as Jiang He was thinking about how to reject the villagers ‘kindness, Gu Gu, who was beside him, had already started eating. Gugu swallowed a grilled fish from a young lady’s hand, and then ate a shortbread from a middle-aged man’s hand. The rain and dew were evenly distributed, not a single one was left behind. This guy was really big-hearted. “Gugu has been a foodie since young, don’t worry! It has a body that is immune to all poisons. ” Bai Ge explained in a low voice. Seeing that Cuckoo had eaten the food they had carefully prepared, the villagers all showed a friendly smile. Trust level “Let’s talk while we walk! I’ll show you around our village first. ” Huai said slowly. She stood on a branch, and the branch slowly rose. “It’s amazing. ” “These are the branches of the spirit of the Banyan Tree. Those who possess the heart of nature can control them. You can come up too!” Huai explained. Bai Ge and Jiang He each stood on a branch. Then, the branch slowly rose into the air, and Jiang He finally saw the real whale village. The villagers all lived on the trees, and every giant tree here could be a family. The villagers either rode on flying familiars or walked along the branches. Their main means of transportation were their familiars or these moving branches. Many of the trees even had clothes and other items hanging on them, just like a picture of a harmonious relationship between man and nature. “What is your purpose in coming here?” “What’s going on?” Huai suddenly turned his head and asked while Jiang He was enjoying the scene. Their purpose … Speaking of goals, the vast majority of Beastmasters entered the New World to obtain resources and help their subdued beasts become stronger. The pigeon and Jiang He’s main purpose was to explore the secrets of the abyss and find out the truth about how the world had sunk into the abyss but was still safe. “We are here to seek the truth.” Jiang He thought for a while and said,” “This world was once invaded by the abyss, but now this land has been preserved. There must be something special about it. We are here to seek the truth.” “The truth? According to the records left behind by our ancestors, our world had indeed suffered some terrible disaster, and the water curtain was the barrier that protected us. If you want to find the truth, you can go to the water screen. ” “We’ll go to the water curtain. I’m here to ask if there’s a place like an altar in this world.” “An altar?” Grandma Huai paused for a moment, then calmly said,” “There is an altar in our ancestral land.”

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