Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 44 - Five poisonous beasts (1)

Chapter 44: Five poisonous beasts (1)

1st of November, early morning. The moonlight elf was in front of a tree, and electric arcs of shadow energy flickered between its claws. Whoosh! The paw landed quickly, and with a violent roar, a shallow paw print appeared on the bark. BOOM! Immediately after, the shadow energy exploded, and the shock wave directly broke the tree in half. The main power of the shadow Claw came from the instant when the shadow energy burst out. Compared to before, the energy was more concentrated … “I’m only one step away from the experienced level. ” Jiang He, who had been meditating on the side, opened her eyes when she heard the sound. “After another week of practice, maybe we can try the training of the moon Shadow form.” It had to be said that the energy in the New World was much more abundant than in the real world. In just a few days, the shadow energy in the moonlight elf’s body had broken through 800. It was no wonder that most Beastmasters would choose to “soak” in the New World after their subdued beasts reached the warrior-level. The speed of growth of spiritual power was too slow. In the real world, it was almost impossible to advance to the commander level. After all, after a familiar reached the warrior level, it would require 1000 units of spiritual energy to advance one level. It was equivalent to the total energy required for a servant from level zero to level ten. Of course, it was also possible that when she absorbed the heart of shadows, some of the energy was not completely absorbed and remained in her body. Now, with the training, this part of the shadow energy was gradually absorbed and developed. “Jiang He, you’re so early!” At this moment, a member of the advance party walked past and greeted Jiang He with a smile. After a week, Jiang He had become familiar with the members of the advance party. These soldiers were actually transferred from the military schools in Haidu province, and their strength was in the lower-middle class. Because the powerful ones couldn’t get in … However, although their strength wasn’t considered outstanding in the Military Academy, the cooperation between their familiars wasn’t inferior in the slightest. A single team of five could often fight against extraordinary creatures that were three levels higher than their familiars. “The early bird gets the worm!” “It would be great if my star Mastiff could be as diligent as your moonlight elf.” In this day and age, it wasn’t very useful for a Beastmaster to be diligent. It was more important to be diligent when taming beasts. The role of a Beastmaster, on the other hand, was to stimulate the enthusiasm of the subdued beasts in training. “Meow~” The moonlight elf proudly raised her head. He had accidentally become someone else’s child again. After two hours of training on the field, it was already 8:30. However, there was still a faint blood color in the sky. The light was very faint, and it was hard to tell whether it was day or night. Since he didn’t need to train at night, Jiang He’s daily routine had returned to normal. He trained in the morning, explored new worlds in the morning and afternoon, and gained more combat experience for Ziyue. At night, he slept after training. “Assemble!” At this moment, Liu gensheng’s rough voice came from the center of the temporary encampment. “Ziyue, let’s go. It’s time for real combat.” Jiang He ended his meditation. The time for the contestants to explore the New World was fixed at 8:30 pm. 30-4:30。 If the day’s exploration mission was not completed, the time would be extended. The White Pigeon and Cuckoo also needed to rest. They couldn’t possibly wait for news from the exploration team 24 hours a day, right? “Our exploration mission today is to explore all the areas within 10 kilometers.” After everyone gathered, Liu gensheng slowly said to his team members and players. “Everyone, explore in the direction we chose yesterday. Pay attention to your safety. We can move now.” “Jiang He, is he still alone?” Zhang weichen asked as he watched Jiang He and the moonlight elf go on their journey alone again. There were many warrior-level familiars in this primitive forest. Logically speaking, Jiang He’s exploration should be extremely difficult. However, Jiang He did not use the ‘safety vest’ even once throughout the week. It was simply ridiculous. “Yes.” Jiang He nodded. The main reason why he chose to explore alone was because of his other beast-taming talent. Acting. If he encountered stronger familiars, he could take advantage of the situation by acting as one of his own. Jiang He’s current mental strength was close to 300, and the mental hypnosis that she was using was basically effective. She wouldn’t panic even if she encountered some fourth or fifth-tier warrior-level familiars. Another reason was to help the moonlight elves find a suitable opponent. If it formed a party, it would probably not have the chance to attack. At most, it could only use the silver moonlight Blade to assist in long-range attacks or moonlight to help with healing. However, zirai was an assassin, and her strongest ability was close combat! Just as the team members and contestants were about to set off, a vortex Ninja Frog suddenly appeared not far away. It jumped quickly and quickly approached the base. The members of the familiar team and the top 16 players all directed their familiars, ready to attack. “Wu La!” Seeing the team of familiars get into an attacking stance from afar, ze hurriedly shouted in fear. “They are the natives of this place.” Upon seeing the familiar figure, Liu gensheng told the Vanguard team and the players not to attack for the time being. Soon, the whirlpool Ninja Frog brought ze to Jiang He and the others. “Laughera!” (I’ve been looking for you guys for a long time!) Ze showed a bright smile. This time, there was a small five-poison beast with him. It was a small familiar with a round and cute appearance, a big head, and a small body. On its back were three pairs of dark green leaf-shaped wings, making it look like an elf from the forest, the most attractive among poison-type familiars. This kind of familiar was extremely rare, and a young five poison beast could often be sold for close to ten million. “Gummi …” The five-poison beast let out a soft voice, and an invisible natural energy covered a small area. Jiang He suddenly realized that she could understand what ze was saying even without using synesthesia. It was the sound of nature. Wood style moves allowed the two parties who heard the sound to understand what the other party wanted to express. “Benefactor, we meet again.” Ze took the lead in greeting. “I’m Jiang He. ” Jiang He introduced himself since the man could understand him now. “Jiang He, what a good name!” Ze didn’t say anything else and praised her first. Jiang He was slightly embarrassed. This guy seemed to be thick-skinned. “Little brother Jiang He, I’m here to invite you to our whale village for a visit.” “I’ve already convinced the chief. She won’t attack you again. I apologize for the spirit of the Banyan Tree attacking you first. ” Ze bowed slightly. Liu gensheng’s eyes were filled with suspicion. After all, the last encounter had left a shadow in his heart. Perhaps this time, he would “trick them into the village and kill them”! Now that the villagers knew that they would become “big iron balls” if they pressed their chests, it was very likely that they would poison the food or use sleeping gas to make them fall for it without them knowing. “But considering the safety of the village, I can only invite the two of you to participate.” Ze’s voice was getting softer and softer. Liu gensheng almost wanted to curse. Worried about the village’s safety? with a commander-tier familiar, shouldn’t we be the ones worrying about safety? Jiang He was a little hesitant. He actually wanted to go. After all, there was a high chance that there would be a clue to the altar in the village. “Junior, I’ll go with you!” At this time, the senior walked over and said calmly. Looking at Gugu, Jiang He felt at ease.

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