Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 43 - Spirit of the Banyan Tree (1)  

Chapter 43: Spirit of the Banyan Tree (1)

“Senior, Captain Liu, he wants to invite us to his village.” “It’s not a good time to come into contact with the natives here. There’s a commander-level familiar in that village. It’s not something we can deal with right now. ” Liu gensheng shook his head. He wanted to play it safe. “Although this kid doesn’t seem to be hostile to us, the other natives are still quite repulsed by us. The first time we tried to get in contact with them, they almost killed us. ” Liu gensheng recalled his previous experience. As soon as he led the advance party into the village, countless vine-like branches came flying at them. These branches all came from a commander level Banyan Tree spirit! Without saying a word, Liu gensheng and the others immediately opened their safety vests and waited for help. They could still fight a fifth or sixth-tier warrior-level familiar. Commander-level familiars were simply “dimension-lowering attacks.” If it weren’t for the safety vest, they would probably be hanging on the tree. “Then let’s go back to the base first! This abyss snake must be taken back as soon as possible for research. ” The White Pigeon thought for a moment and decided to go back first. “Are you willing to return to the village with me?” Ze ting saw that Jiang He and the others seemed to be discussing, so he asked again. He did not understand Jiang’s language, so he only asked right and wrong questions. “No, I’ll definitely do it next time!” Seeing Jiang He shake his head, ze’s face showed regret. “Alright! Then I’ll return to the village first. I still have to tell the patriarch about the appearance of the abyssal demons in this area!” “Thank you for your help this time. I hope that you can come to our village in the future. I will entertain you!” Ze waved goodbye to everyone and sat back on the back of the vortex Ninja Frog. The Ninja Frog jumped quickly through the forest and soon disappeared from everyone’s sight. There were no twists and turns on the way back, as the advance party had already cleared this area once. “Meow~” The moonlight elf looked at the blood-red Sky and missed the moon in the real world. There was no day or night in this world. The sky was always a depressing blood-red color. There was no sun or moon. It had been five to six hours since Jiang He and the others entered the New World, but the sky had not turned dark. “We’ll go back after the mission is completed. ” Jiang He stroked Ziyue’s soft and smooth hair and comforted her. “Although there is almost no moonlight energy in this world, there is still an abundance of shadow energy. I can practice Shadow Claw and try to reach the mastery level as soon as possible.” Zi Yue was now a level 9 servant, and the next step was to condense a soul crystal and advance to warrior-level. Furthermore, condensing a soul crystal would have a huge impact on their future evolution. Many familiars would even evolve at the same time as they advanced. Jiang He had asked the moonlight elf which of the three evolutionary routes she wanted to take. The moonlight elf didn’t hesitate to choose the moon Shadow route. If he had to choose, he would naturally choose the strongest! The moonlight elves, who had experienced the ‘Moon Shadow form’ once, no longer looked up to ordinary evolved forms. If he wanted to take the path of the moon Shadow, Jiang He guessed that he would have to condense the soul crystal while in the ‘Moon Shadow form’. This required the moonlight elves to have a high level of control over the two types of energy and to maintain a delicate balance. At the moment, the moonlight energy was barely enough. He still needed to work on his shadow energy. To play it safe, Jiang He was going to let the moonlight elf upgrade the shadow Claw to master level. After the shadow energy exceeded 900, he would try to enter the moon Shadow form. Three hours later, they finally returned to the encampment. The top 16 contestants of the Qingyu tournament were all waiting anxiously. It’s finally here! ——————————————— Whale village. This was a small village similar to the one in the origin of the peach blossom. It was isolated from the world for many years. The villagers had followed the ancestral teachings for generations-do not be curious! Don’t leave the water curtain! Do not yearn for the outside world! Ze hasn’t been back for three days.” On a Banyan Tree that was dozens of meters tall, an old woman stood on a thick branch, her brows showing worry. “Maybe he’s just playful! Don’t worry, he might be back soon. ” The giant Banyan Tree under the old woman made a sound. Her voice was a little old, but it was kind and had the power to calm people down. This giant tree was the spirit of the Banyan Tree, and also the old woman’s familiar. “Ze, this little brat, is just too curious. He always wants to explore the outside world.” “Weren’t you the same when you were young?” The spirit of the Banyan Tree said slowly. “Yup! I was once curious about what the world outside the water curtain was like. But after so many years, as long as those who left the water curtain didn’t return, what was outside the water curtain? It can only be death. ” The old lady sighed. “Grandma! Big Brother is back!” At this moment, a crisp voice came from under the tree. A young girl with delicate features jogged over, and the young man beside her was ze. The Banyan Tree stretched out his palm and lifted the two young men onto his body. “Grandma, I’m back.” Ze said softly. He lowered his gaze, not daring to look at the old woman. “If you like to stay outside so much, why did you come back?” The old woman’s mouth said harsh words, but the corners of her mouth still unconsciously rose slightly. It was good that his grandson was back. “Grandma, I was wrong! However, I found traces of abyssal demons in the Lake of Tears!” Ze quickly admitted his mistake and threw out information about the abyss snake to divert his grandmother’s attention. This set of operations was clearly very skilled. Sure enough, the old woman’s focus was on the abyss snake. “There are traces of these abyssal demons in the Lake of Tears? Ze, are you hurt?” “No, I was about to be caught by the demon snake, but at the critical moment, those outsiders saved me.” Ze acted as if he had just escaped from the snake’s mouth and was still in shock, trying to help Jiang increase her affinity with them. “An outsider?” The old lady’s eyes suddenly became sharp. The green lines on her neck glowed slightly, and then a green light fell on ze’s body. The spirit of purification. It was an intermediate wood-type skill that could remove filth and heal spiritual damage. “Grandma, you don’t believe me.” Ze’s face fell, looking hurt. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but you must always be on your guard. ” “Then are you guarding against your grandson?” Ze was in tears. “Stinky brat, I still haven’t settled the matter of not returning to the village for a few days!” The old woman’s voice suddenly became loud, and ze immediately returned to his “well-behaved” appearance. “Grandmother, we’ve never had outsiders here before. Are you really not curious about their origins?” “You know?” Ze nodded. “They come from the world outside the water curtain, and their clothes and methods of taming beasts are different from ours. They seem to rely on a book to contract their familiars …” “Grandma, Did you know? The abyss snake’s fangs were only one centimeter away from me. ” “You almost didn’t get to see your precious grandson.” …… …… Ze said a lot to the old woman, hoping that the old woman would agree to let those outsiders into the village. “I’ll think about it. You can go back first! Train well, your sister’s strength will soon surpass yours. ” “I know.” Ze saw that he couldn’t convince his grandma in a short time, so he rode the vortex Ninja Frog and ran to the training ground in the village. “You must also want to see the outside world, right?” The spirit of the Banyan Tree said slowly after ze left. It had watched the old woman grow up, and it could guess the old woman’s inner thoughts with just a subtle look. “Although I’m also curious about what’s in the outside world? Was the sky outside blue? Was there a boundless ocean like the stone carvings on the altar? However, to me, the safety of my clansmen is more important. Those outsiders may threaten the safety of my clansmen. ” When the advance party had entered the village, the old woman had originally planned to let the spirit of the Banyan Tree capture them first and then ask about the situation. However, when the outsiders touched their chests, they immediately turned into hard “iron balls”. Then, the giant white doves that appeared took them away and disappeared. Such technology and familiars were extremely threatening in the old lady’s eyes. Contact? Or no contact? This was a problem. “Since those outsiders have no ill intentions, perhaps we can try to get in touch with them.” “Ze is the opportunity for contact.” The spirit of the Banyan Tree said slowly.

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