Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 42 - native (1)  

Chapter 42: Chapter 42: native (1)

Whoosh! The moonlight elf condensed a bright silver moonblade in front of her and swung it at the abyss snake. However, the abyss snake was very agile in the water. It dove into the water as soon as the silver moonblade came. The silver moonlight Blade flew close to the surface of the water. The abyss snake came out of the water again, but as soon as it stretched out its head, it felt a sharp pain in its skull. The silver moonlight returned and accurately hit the left half of its skull. “Hiss!” The abyssal snake was in pain, and its whole body was ignited with green abyssal fire, which directly swallowed the silver moonlight Blade, and then quickly approached the shore. A living thing … It wanted to kill all living things! At this time, the second round of long-range skills from the advance party’s familiars had already arrived. BOOM! Most of the skills were directly melted by the Abyssal Demon Fire, and a few of the skills hit the Abyssal Demon snake, but they couldn’t cause fatal damage. This abyss snake was at least a Tier 4 warrior-general! Bang! The abyss snake rushed to the ground against the heavy “fire” and hit the wall hard. In an instant, soil and stones flew everywhere, and dust flew. The several-meter-high barrier was on the verge of collapse. It would probably collapse if the abyss snake hit it a few more times. “Attack its exposed skull!” Liu gensheng looked at the abyss snake, which was very close to him, but he did not panic at all. He commanded calmly. The abyss snake’s scales were extremely hard, like a layer of black armor, which was very difficult to break. Although the exposed skull was hard, it was far more fatal than the other parts. If they were focused on, even the demon snake wouldn’t be able to withstand it. “It’s a trap,” The demonic snake waved its thick and powerful tail in an attempt to completely destroy the “barrier”. At this time, Liu gensheng calmly spoke. Boom! Boom! Boom! The rock giant beside him kept pounding the ground with his fists. The abyss snake, which was attacking the fortress, suddenly felt the ground under its feet sink, and it fell down with it! The other team members seemed to have anticipated this, and they all directed their familiars to attack the abyss snake’s skull. Lightning ball, leaf blade, silver moonlight Blade … In an instant, various types of energy burst out from the trap. Before the dust settled, another round of long-range attacks was launched, not giving the abyss snake a chance to fight back. The Vanguard team was very cautious. They bombarded the abyss snake several times in a row. Even though the abyss snake in the trap was no longer moving, they still madly “attacked” it. In the end, the abyss snake’s hard scales cracked, and a dark soul crystal fell from its abdomen. This was an abyss-type soul crystal. Although it was rare, it was not precious. It only had research and collection value. After all, very few people in the real world would choose to contract an abyss-type familiar. “If there’s a tacit understanding between familiars, the combat power formed is still very terrifying.” Seeing this, Jiang He felt a little emotional. The abyssal snake’s energy level was higher than any of the Beastmasters ‘familiars in the advance team. But in the end, he was hammered. “Abyssal creatures have no intelligence. If this beast stayed in the water, we couldn’t do anything to it. You just have to go ashore, you’re seeking your own death. ” A team member laughed. “Pack up the spoils of war and prepare to leave.” The team leader, Liu gensheng, did not dare be careless. Who knew if there would be a second abyss snake? the battle just now might have attracted the attention of some powerful extraordinary creatures nearby. When the native saw that the abyss snake had been easily killed by the outsiders, he rode the vortex Ninja Frog and slowly approached. When they were about 100 meters away from the advance party, the Ninja Frog stopped. It seemed to be very cautious. “Wu La Wu La …” The native shouted at them from afar. Unfortunately, no one in the advance party knew what the native was talking about. So, no one paid attention to him … “Senior, where are we going next?” The appearance of this abyss snake seemed to further confirm that this was the abyss and not an ordinary new world. “Don’t worry, Tell Me What You Saw with your synesthesia. ” “Oh, I almost forgot.” The appearance of the abyss snake interrupted Jiang He’s thoughts. It was only after the White Pigeon mentioned it that Jiang He remembered that he had not “reported” it! After telling the pigeon what he saw with his synesthesia, Jiang He shared his guess. “Based on the information I have now, I have a rough idea.” “From the looks of it, this world doesn’t seem to have completely sunk into the abyss. This means that the ritual I saw before should have succeeded, at least partially. The primitive forest and the entrance to the star Screen we’re in right now are most likely the effects of that ritual. ” “It’s very likely. If that ritual really works, it’s very important to us.” The pigeon nodded. It was the mission of the abyss Investigation Bureau to find a way to resist the abyss. “I just don’t know if the giant whale is still alive.” Jiang He’s repeated synesthesia had allowed him to form a special connection with the giant whale. He really hoped that the whale was still alive. “It seems that we can only understand the truth of history by finding more things related to the giant whale.” The White Pigeon sighed. The spirit in the lake had been exhausted, but it still hadn’t obtained any crucial information. “Right, the altar!” “The altar!” Jiang He suddenly thought of the altar he saw with his synesthesia last time. Just as he opened his mouth, his Senior Sister shouted at the same time. The two of them smiled. It seemed like they had a tacit understanding! If he could find that altar, he would definitely be able to obtain more information. He could even see the entire ritual! “If you want to find the altar, you might need the help of the natives here.” The two of them looked at the vortex Ninja Frog in the distance. They were now … He should be the Savior of this native, right? The only problem was … The language barrier. However, it was not a big problem. Based on his many experiences with the synesthesia giant whale, Jiang He discovered that he could understand the other party’s language during the synesthesia process. As for letting the man understand what he meant, he expressed that there was nothing he could do. Jiang He waved at the man in the sackcloth and made a gesture that looked like a fist salute. This was a custom that Jiang He had learned from the giant whale’s memory. This hand gesture meant friendship among the natives. He didn’t know if it was still useful now. “Waa Wally …. The burlap man saw Jiang He’s gesture and returned the same gesture. At the same time, he kept saying something. “Meow …” The moonlight elf tilted her head. This two-legged beast’s language seemed to be more complicated than Jiang’s and the others ‘. After confirming the friendly message, the vortex Ninja Frog jumped a few times and arrived beside Jiang He and the others. The man jumped down from the Ninja Frog and made a gesture of thanks. Jiang He secretly activated his synesthesia. “Ze,” The man first said his name. “Thank you for your help!” The man named ze smiled. Unlike the other extremely xenophobic Aboriginals, he was very enthusiastic and full of curiosity about Jiang He and the others. “You’re welcome,” “Visitors from the sky, are you from the world outside the water curtain?” After a round of thanks, ze asked about the background of Jiang He and the others. “Water curtain? We truly do come from another world, crossing the starry skies to come here. ” Jiang He said slowly. He didn’t understand what the man meant by water screen. Perhaps it was a different way of saying Star Screen? As for why he had to answer the man, he felt that it was too strange for two people to face each other and only one person to talk … “Ze” was surprised to see Jiang He nod. He was afraid that he had heard it wrong, so he asked again,” “Is there really another world?!” “There are.” Jiang He nodded again. Seeing Jiang He nod, the man’s eyes became even more excited, and there seemed to be a fire burning in his pupils. “I knew it! I knew it! There was a new world outside the water curtain! The village chief was lying to us!” ‘Ze’ was dancing with joy, obviously extremely excited! Realizing that there were many people around, he calmed down and showed an embarrassed expression. “I’m sorry, I was too excited. I’ve always firmly believed that we’re not the only humans in this world. ” “But there is a rule in the village that no one can leave the water screen.” “That was until I saw you at the village entrance some time ago. I can see that your clothes are completely different from ours! It was very likely that they came from the world outside the water curtain! I ran out this time to find you!” “Can you come back to the village with me? I want to tell the chief that there are people outside the water curtain!”

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