Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 41 - The abyss snake (1)  

Chapter 41: The abyss snake (1)

Jiang He, who had ended her synesthesia, subconsciously looked up at the sky. The blood-red Sky was exactly the same as the scene he saw in his synesthesia. He suddenly had an ominous premonition. “Oh my God, could this new world be the abyss?” “It could be the abyss.” The senior was not surprised at all when she heard Jiang He’s mumbling. Instead, she smiled gently at Jiang He. “But even if it’s an abyss, you don’t have to be afraid, junior. I’ll protect you.” “After all, Senior Sister doesn’t have any other skills, but she’s quite good at slipping away.” Jiang He looked at Gugu, who was under him, and felt relieved. He took a sip of the fairy fountain and continued to’ liver ‘. BOOM! As his mind buzzed, the blood mist appeared before his eyes again! The blood color in the ocean was spreading rapidly! The giant whale quickly left with ‘LAN’ and headed to the normal waters. It was strong enough and fast enough! It could cross extremely far seas in a breath’s time, and the blood mist could not catch up to it at all. Along the way, they encountered many fleeing creatures. In the face of the invasion of the abyss, they were powerless to resist and could only escape to a temporarily safe place. Many creatures saw the moving “Island” and would also run up to hitch a ride. The giant whale was very easy-going. Whether it was a human or a beast. As long as they could escape to the whale’s body, the whale would not refuse. He didn’t know how long he had been on the run. The originally vast and boundless “Island” was now somewhat crowded. There were too many creatures up there. Humans, water race, birds, beasts … Countless races gathered on the ‘Island’, and the giant whale became the last ‘Noah’s Ark’. But at this moment, every living being’s expression was one of despair. They … Were already surrounded by the blood mist. It was not enough to describe their current situation as being besieged on all sides. At this moment, their world had been completely eroded by the abyss, and the back of the giant whale had become the only ‘Pure Land’. And soon, this last piece of ‘Pure Land’ would also sink. Jiang He woke up and drank the fairy fountain in her hand. The heavy sense of despair made him feel suffocated. “Junior, are you alright?” Bai Ge asked with concern when she saw Jiang He’s pale face and dazed expression. “Senior, what exactly is the abyss?” Jiang He felt suffocated as he witnessed countless creatures being swallowed by the abyss. “That’s exactly what we need to investigate. From the bricks and tiles left behind in many ruins, we learned that many powerful beast civilizations in the past were destroyed in the abyss.” “Our world is likely to sink into the abyss in the end, so the mission of our abyssal Investigation Bureau is to find a way for mankind to survive before that day comes.” When it came to heavy topics, Chen Yushan’s expression was a little serious. However, Jiang He felt that at this moment, her senior seemed to be glowing … He also felt a sense of duty. He was also a member of the abyss Investigation Bureau now! After a short rest, Jiang He was ready to continue his telepathy, but he found that he could not connect this time. The ‘spirit’ in this Lake had been used up? “No more spirit?” The pigeon knew what was going on when it saw Jiang He open her eyes. “Such a large lake, and I can only sense it a few times?” Jiang He was not satisfied yet! Putting aside the fact that it would help him improve his mental power, he had to use it. Jiang He felt extremely uncomfortable just by watching half of the “plot.” It was like reading a novel to its climax, and then the author suddenly cut off the chapter and wanted to send a blade. “The amount of spirit is not determined by the size of the spiritual object, but its importance and completeness …” Just as the senior was about to explain to Jiang He, a loud noise came from the lake not far away. A giant Blue Frog was jumping quickly on the lake. From a distance, it looked like it was walking on the waves. Whirlpool Ninja Frog [Attributes]: water [Race level] low commander Jiang He, who had been cramming on familiar knowledge for a month, unconsciously recalled the giant frog’s basic information. The vortex Ninja Frog in front of him looked similar to a normal Ninja Frog, but it was much bigger. However, considering that all the creatures in this world had the phenomenon of gigantification, it was not surprising. There was a man on the back of the whirlpool Ninja Frog! The man’s figure was thin, and his upper body was naked. He was wearing a pair of pants woven from linen rattan. They seemed to be the natives of this new world. The giant frog ran very quickly, as if it was running for its life! Then, Jiang He saw a giant black snake that was seven or eight meters long behind the vortex Ninja Frog. The giant snake had a hideous face. Half of its head had rotted away, revealing a snow-white skull. The body under the skull had a row of sharp bone spikes extending outward. Abyss snake! “Wu La!” Seeing Jiang He and the others, the natives on the whirlpool Ninja frogs became excited and shouted loudly, probably asking for help. However, the whirlpool Ninja Frog on his back quickly changed direction and ran away from Jiang He and the others. It seemed like he didn’t want to implicate the others. “Prepare for battle!” Following Liu gensheng’s orders, the vanguard quickly entered combat mode. If it were any other creature, they might not have made a move. But this abyss snake was an abyss species! They were not rational at all, and it was very likely that they would attack them again after chasing down the native! Not to mention that this kind of demon that only appeared in the abyss had suddenly appeared in the eastern sea new world. They needed to be captured and studied! The rock giant next to Liu gensheng punched the ground with both fists, and a few-meter-tall stone castle rose from the ground to protect everyone. [Stronghold] was a ground-type defensive skill. The rock giant had learned defensive skills. Its main responsibility was to protect the Beastmasters and their other familiars. The vice-captain’s electric rabbit burst with a strong current, and an electric ball fell toward the abyss snake. However, the giant snake was very fast. It suddenly dove into the water and dodged the electric ball. However, the rabbit had never intended to hit the abyss snake. BOOM! The ball of lightning exploded in the lake, and countless golden arcs of lightning flickered and ran through the abyss snake’s body along the water. The abyss snake twitched a few times, but it was not seriously injured. However, its eyes were fixed on Jiang He and the others on the shore. The abyssal species did not have much rationality to begin with, and it instinctively wanted to destroy living lives. The instant the demonic snake turned its head, the various long-range attacks from the advance party’s familiars were already swarming toward it! Chain of flames, ice arrows, poisonous mist … The giant snake spewed out green flames from its mouth, melting most of the attacks. Abyssal Demon flame. This kind of flame was extremely corrosive and could even melt steel in an instant! The rest of the skills landed on the abyss snake’s body, but only sparks were produced. The abyss snake’s scales were as hard as steel! The White Pigeon looked a little anxious, but once Cuckoo attacked, the space would expel them. She was used for running. [Author’s note: ps: please recommend me, please give me monthly votes]

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