Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 40 - Contract Immortality!

Chapter 40: Contract Immortality!

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Before entering the New World, Jiang He had studied the layout.

The investigation team had covered about two thousand acres.

Their temporary base was not too far away from the Star Screen.

To the east of the temporary base, there was a village where indigenous people lived.

They were extremely hostile to outsiders and had high-level combat strength. Hence, the investigation team did not make contact with them for the time being.

Meanwhile, in the west, there was a howling Moon Silver Wolf. It was a level five warlord and tended to be very protective of its territory. If the investigation team wanted to continue exploring the west, they would need to take a huge detour.

This time, their destination was a lake. It was not too far.

If they were fast, they could reach it within an hour.

“Here, take this shield first.”

A faint blue light appeared on Commander Liu Gensheng’s hand.

Then, a layer of light blue shield materialized on Jiang He’s body.


Talent: Shield.

Description: This shield could withstand a certain amount of damage.

The color of the shield was very faint. This was to prevent disrupting the user’s vision. Otherwise, they might have trouble pressing the emergency button on their safety vest.

After Liu Gensheng deployed a shield on everyone and every subdued beast, he said in a calm voice, “Alright, let’s go!”

Jiang He felt safe.

These people were really professionals!

The group began heading to their destination.

There were many trees, so the light was limited.

They advanced slowly and carefully. Fatal dangers could occur anytime.

Everyone was really focused.


The sound of leaves rubbing against each other could be heard from the left side.

Suddenly, a brightly colored butterfly with unusually gorgeous wings flew out from the bushes.

It was a Green-tailed Netherdream Butterfly, an insect-type beast.

This butterfly evolved from a Green-tailed Worm. It should be around warlord-level, but it was the size of a kitten.

Still, it could be considered a giant among butterflies.

For some reason, the creatures in this New World were much larger than the others.


As the Green-tailed Netherdream Butterfly flapped its wings, gusts of air were created. It seemed to be just passing by and was unbothered by the investigation team members.

“Commander Liu, aren’t we going to catch it?”

Jiang He asked curiously in a low voice.

“We already have a sample of the Green-tailed Netherdream Butterfly. Besides, our mission is to escort you to the lake. There’s no need to get sidetracked.”

Liu Gensheng waved his hand at the Green-tailed Netherdream Butterfly that had flown far away.

“Let’s move on.”

So far, the journey was smooth. The investigation team had encountered a few servant-level beasts, but they fled after sensing the spiritual pressure of the warlord-level beasts.

Three hours later, a bright blue lake appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

They had finally arrived!

The water in the lake was extremely clear. They could even see their own reflection like a mirror.

“Junior Brother, be at ease! We will protect you!”

White Pigeon instructed Jiang He to sit on White Chasing.

This way, they could escape faster if needed.

The other members of the investigation team surrounded Jiang He and looked around vigilantly.

“Thank you.”

After thanking them, Jiang He closed his eyes and activated telepathy.


It was like his brain erupted. Then, Jiang He’s vision became infinitely vast.

Obviously, he was viewing things from the giant whale’s perspective!

The little girl called “Lan” who could communicate with the giant whale had grown into a graceful woman.

She was standing on the giant whale’s incomparably vast back. Her expression was solemn.

“Guardian God, are you willing to become my subdued beast?”

They were about to form a contract!

Jiang He was a little surprised.

He never expected to witness this scene!

This legendary creature that was almost like a God could also be contracted?!


The wind on this “island” was gentle and harmonious.

Jiang He could feel the emotions of the giant whale. It appeared to be very happy. In the past, it was almost always lonely.

As the contract progressed, countless beams of light flickered around Lan’s body. After that, a dark blue magic circle formed beneath her feet.

The beams of light spanned thousands of miles.

If a person looked from above, they would be able to see complicated and ancient lines appearing on the entire island.

An exceptionally huge summoning array was formed!

The moment the contract was completed, Lan’s hair instantly turned lake-blue. At the same time, dark blue water patterns appeared on her arms and back.

Her control over water had reached a terrifying level.

With just a thought, she could summon a tsunami or storm.

She could also easily dispel them.

This talent was a gift from the giant whale.

Jiang He endured the dizziness and continued watching.

There seemed to be a difference between their contract and his contract.

Lan did not summon the book of contracts. Instead, their connection depended on the patterns on her arms and back.

Jiang He’s vision went black. He had reached his limit.

“Junior Brother, drink up!”

As soon as Jiang He opened his eyes, he could see a fair hand.

White Pigeon was handing him a bottle of “Spring Of Elves”. This time, she did not feel any distress because the organization was sponsoring!

She had even prepared more than one bottle!

“Thank you.”

Jiang He gulped down a mouthful of “Spring Of Elves”, easing his fatigue a little.

He could vaguely guess some circumstances.

Since he could use telepathy, it meant this lake was also a part of the giant whale’s body.

There was a high possibility that it was the giant whale’s soul crystals. Or was it… Blood?

Jiang He continued to use telepathy. Most of the scenes were about Lan and the giant whale’s daily lives.

One time, a sea beast caused a surging tide to charge at a human city. Lan used her power to control the waves and drove the sea beast away. She successfully protected the humans.

Due to that, the people in that city regarded Lan as their queen.

Meanwhile, the giant whale just watched from afar. It could see a crown on Lan’s head.

However, Lan did not stay for long. The next day, she quietly rode on the giant whale and they set off to wander the seas.

They had also encountered a beast that was almost the same size as the giant whale. It had countless tentacles and eyeballs. In a way, it looked like an octopus.

However, the beast seemed to be in a state of eternal sleep. It did not pay attention to them.

The two of them drifted in the sea for a long time.

One day, the sky some distance away turned dark red.

The sea was also covered in a layer of red blood mist. It spread rapidly and soon, the sea turned equally red.

Fish beasts fled frantically, trying to escape the “sea of blood”.

Those that failed to get away quickly lost their minds.

It was… The abyss!

Jiang He was extremely shocked. He wanted to continue watching, but his vision turned black.

The channeling ended.

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