Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 39 - Entering the New World!

Chapter 39: Entering the New World!

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“Commander Liu will be your guide.”

The warship was parked about half a mile away from the Star Screen. They could not get closer because time and space would be distorted. People would age rapidly if they stayed there.

“Listen to Commander Liu’s orders. Also, don’t ever take off your safety vests. It’s literally your lifeline!” said an old captain.

“I wish you all a smooth sailing.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the surface of the sea suddenly rippled. A giant turtle that was more than thirty feet long slowly emerged from the sea.

Its head looks like a dragon’s from ancient myths and its claws had fine dark blue scales. Additionally, its shell was covered with mysterious and magnificent patterns.

The Azure Wave Dragon Turtle really looked mystical and powerful!

“Come on up! I’ll take you there!”

A bald, muscular man over six foot five was standing on the back of the Azure Wave Dragon Turtle. He shouted at the crowd and his voice was as loud as thunder.

“Zhao Qingchuan, deputy commander of the Dragon Palace’s first Beastmaster Corps, master-level Beastmaster.”

Zhang Weiyan explained. He recognized the muscular man in front of him.


“The extraordinary giant turtle in front of us should be an overlord-level beast.”


Jiang He was shocked.

Minus the giant whale, this was the biggest and strongest beast he had seen ever since he transmigrated.

Even though it was standing still, it still gave off an indescribable sense of oppression.

“It looks so cool. Wait, this giant turtle has been lurking under the sea, right? Does that mean Commander Zhao had been doing the same thing?”

Jiang He asked doubtfully.

“Ahem… Jiang He, you’ve posed an interesting question.”

Zhang Weiyan tried to hold back his laughter.

It seemed like Commander Zhao was trying to show off to them.

Anyway, they got onto the back of the giant turtle. Streams of water sprayed out from the turtle’s shell, forming chairs.

There were even seatbelts!

“Sit tight!”

Following Zhao Qingchuan’s order, the Azure Wave Dragon Turtle started moving.

It sped through the surface of the sea and a trail of white-line was left behind!

So, this was the power of an overlord-level beast?

In less than a minute, they arrived in front of the Star Screen.

After crossing the Star Screen, almost everyone on board disappeared. Only Commander Zhao and the Azure Wave Dragon Turtle were left.

When he was crossing the Star Screen, Jiang He’s vision turned green.

All of a sudden, he was in a forest.


The Moonlight Elf looked up.

Every tree here was unimaginably big. Some of the leaves were even bigger than the little fellow.

At the same time, Jiang He felt like an ant.

There was almost no sunlight in this New World. Through the overlapping layers of leaves, one could only vaguely see the blood-red sky. The atmosphere was quite depressing.

“It’s a little… Strange.”

The champion of the Youth Tournament, Liu Haoran, frowned. His subdued beast, the Spirit Of The Royal Book, began flipping its pages.

This was done to gather the surrounding energy.

Anyway, the contestants had a general understanding of their current situation.

After all, they were briefed earlier.

This place mainly consisted of primitive forests. As for the beasts, they were mostly wood or insect-type.

In other words, there should be an abundance of wood-type spiritual energy.

However, the Spirit Of The Royal Book imperial book absorbed mostly water-type energy as it far exceeded the other energies!

This was only possible if one was near the ocean or river.

Nothing made sense!

While Liu Haoran was thinking, the rest of the people spread out and began forming smaller groups.

In the end, only Liu Haoran and Jiang He were left alone.

The contestants had been communicating with each other privately before entering the New World. Without a doubt, this place was dangerous. Going off alone would be very risky.

Jiang He’s strength was too low and only Zhang Weiyan would accept him into the team.

As for Liu Haoran, he was too much of a loner.

The others tried to include him but they failed.

“Would you like to team up with us? We happen to lack a strong attacker.”

One person from a three-man team asked Liu Haoran.

“No. I’m used to being alone.”

Liu Haoran shook his head and refused.

“Jiang He, where’s your team?”

Zhang Weiyan was a little puzzled.

Earlier, Jiang He told him that he had a team. Zhang Weiyan could not help but wonder who he had joined.

‘Why is he standing here by himself?

‘Could his teammate be Liu Haoran?’

“They haven’t arrived yet.”

Jiang He smiled awkwardly.

He could not possibly say that he was forming a team with the main investigation team, right?

“Students, follow me!”

At this moment, a loud voice could be heard from not too far away.

A dark-skinned man with thick eyebrows and bright eyes had come to welcome them.

He was the captain of the main investigation team, Liu Gensheng.

Commander Liu had been leading his team to explore this New World for nearly a month.

This time, he was responsible for the top sixteen contestants.


As Liu Gensheng walked over, the ground shook. Behind him was a Rock Monster that was almost fifteen feet tall. It was a ground-type beast.

The Rock Monster’s appearance looked rather silly because it was basically several silver-gray boulders stuck together.

Its final evolution was a Rock Giant. Although it had outstanding defensive and destructive abilities, its IQ was very low. Thus, it could only understand simple commands.

Everyone followed Liu Gensheng to the temporary base where the main investigation team was stationed.

The trees in this area had been cleared away and tents were set up on the ground.

As for the soldiers of the main investigation team, they were either on guard or training.

They looked rather young. It probably had not been long since they joined the army.

Moreover, every soldier had a subdued beast by their side.

Most of them were large dog-type beasts such as the Star Mastiff and Gale Hound.

There were also healing-type beasts like the Little Spring Spirit and Green Willow Demon.

The majority of them were level one or two warlord-level beasts. Very few were level nine servants.

Jiang He also saw the figure of Wind Chasing. His Senior Sister was lying on its body. Her hands supported her chin and she looked like she was in a daze.

After seeing the Moonlight Elf, White Pigeon’s eyes immediately lit up.


The Moonlight Elf did not hide this time because she could not reach it.

After settling down, Liu Gensheng said calmly, “Students, we need to carry out an urgent mission now. Miss White Pigeon will be traveling with us. You’ll all have to stay here for a while. Once we’re done, you can freely team up or go solo. The unmarked places required exploration. For now, just try to adapt to this New World’s environment or learn the situation from your seniors.”

The contestants nodded in understanding.

No one tried to show off and do something unexpected.

They only had one life. If powerful beasts were to attack, White Pigeon would not be able to save them since she was occupied.

After that, Liu Gensheng walked up to Jiang He, saluted, and said, “Jiang He, let’s go!”

When the other contestants saw this scenario, they were dumbfounded.

They were all new. Why was Jiang He chosen to be part of the main investigation team?

Zhang Weiyan could not help but think to himself, ‘So this is your team?!’

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