Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 38 - Heart of Shadows

Chapter 38: Heart of Shadows

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In the end, only one of the top sixteen contestants passed on this opportunity.

The reason was very simple. Their parents would not allow it.

“If there are no other questions, all of you can go back and make preparations. I will update the time of departure in a group chat.”

The chief said slowly. Then, he created a group chat called “East Sea New World Investigation Team 2”.

Everyone who was involved joined.

“Junior Brother, wait a minute.”

Just as Jiang He got up and was about to leave the meeting room, White Pigeon called out to him.

A pure white summoning array appeared in front of her and Gu Gu’s figure emerged.

It seemed that she had some private matters to discuss.


White Pigeon waved at Jiang He.


She looked really cute.


In a blink of an eye, White Pigeon and Jiang He arrived on the rooftop of a high-rise building.

White Pigeon seemed to really like having conversations on rooftops.

“What’s the matter, Senior Sister?”

“There’s something that I’d like to discuss with you. Do you still remember the bottle of water that I told you to use telepathy on?”

Jiang He nodded.

“It actually came from the New World. Your main mission this time is to find this lake. See if you can get some useful information through telepathy.”

“No problem.”

Jiang He nodded.

One more mission was not a big deal.

“But I don’t know the location of the lake.”

“Don’t worry. The investigation team will take you there. They’ll also be responsible for your safety.”

White Pigeon smiled.

“You’re sending the main team to protect me?”

Jiang He was flattered.

“Of course. You’re already part of the organization! Also, I have something for you.”

As she spoke, White Pigeon took out a black card, an identification book, and a crystal the size of an egg from her bag.

“This card contains 200,000 dollars. It’s your stipend for this mission.”


The twenty-five thousand dollars Jiang He had obtained from the Youth Tournament was already a huge sum.

“Isn’t 200,000 a little too much?! Does the organization always provide such benefits?”

“Actually, this is normal. Apart from free research on the special evolution methods and unique ultimate skills of subdued beasts, they’ll also provide secret manuals and high-potential beasts. Nothing is significant.”

White Pigeon said jokingly.

If Jiang He had known he would receive such good benefits, he would have joined the Abyss Investigation Bureau a long time ago. He would not have hesitated.

A tournament? Who cares?

It would have been nice if he had joined the organization earlier.

“Oh, you can also claim the cost for resources needed to nurture a subdued beast from the organization. Of course, you have to submit an application first. I’ve already helped you with this piece of Heart of Shadows. It’s worth way more than 200,000 dollars.”

White Pigeon handed the dark purple Heart of Shadows to Jiang He.

The Heart of Shadows was cold. One could also feel the energy circulating within it.

“It can help the Moonlight Elf raise its shadow energy quickly, a useful tool to balance the two energies. Ziyue, I’m really nice to you, aren’t I?”

White Pigeon reached out and gently stroked the little fellow.


Ziyue was forced to “cooperate” again.

The Heart of Shadows was irresistible.

“Just touch it with your claws.”

White Pigeon explained.


The Moonlight Elf held the Heart of Shadows. It could feel the crystal resonate with the shadow energy stored on its forehead.

Then, its fur turned black. The moon pattern also emitted a deep purple light.

Clearly, the shadow energy in the Moonlight Elf’s body was rising.

Originally, there was a huge difference between the two energies. However, after absorbing the Heart of Shadows, they had become more balanced.

Moonlight energy: 923

Shadow energy: 712

There was still a gap, but it was still a huge improvement.

In the past, Ziyue could only use Shadow Claw three times per battle. Now, the little fellow could use it at least seven or eight times.

“Can I request another one?”

Jiang He asked shamelessly.

“You’ve already exceeded your current limit. Unless you form a contract with another beast or become an official beastmaster, you won’t be able to ask for anything else.”

White Pigeon sounded annoyed.

She glared at Jiang He.

Was he always this shameless?

“As for this book, it’s an ID. Congratulations! From today onwards, you’re a member of the Abyss Investigation Bureau!”

White Pigeon patted Jiang He’s shoulder, trying to act like a senior.

However, since she was shorter than Jiang He, the position looked rather awkward.

Before accepting Jiang He into the Abyss Investigation Bureau, they had already conducted a detailed investigation on him.

His family background was clean and his subdued beast met the requirements.

“Huh? Why am I a reserve member?”

Jiang He flipped open his ID and the first thing he saw was the word “Reserve”.

“Your subdued beast’s strength has to reach commander-level in order for you to become a professional beastmaster. Only then you’ll be considered an official member,” said White Pigeon.

“How many official members does the organization currently have?”

Jiang He was a little curious.

“Around a hundred? I’m not sure about the exact number.”

“So few…”

There were not a lot of professional beastmasters in Haiping City.

An organization with more than a hundred professional beastmasters was already very strong.

“It’s still and all the flowers are blooming. It’s far away and love is clear.”


A melodious tune could be heard coming from White Pigeon’s phone. White Pigeon answered and said hurriedly, “Okay, I’ll be right there.”

After hanging up, the young girl rode on Wind Chasing. She waved at Jiang He.

“Junior Brother, there’s an urgent matter that I have to attend to. Goodbye.”

Wind Chasing flapped its wings and they disappeared.

“Wait! Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Jiang He was still on the rooftop and the exit was locked. His face was filled with despair.

On October twenty-two, Jiang He and those who were involved gathered on the east coast. They boarded one of the warships under the lead of a few soldiers.

Jiang He could not help but feel excited. He was about to enter a New World!


As they boarded the ship, Ziyue looked down at the deep blue sea. It got scared and curled up in Jiang He’s arms.

“Are you that afraid of water?”

Jiang He smiled and patted the little fellow’s head.


The Moonlight Elf snorted.

It was not afraid of water!

Just the ocean!

Jiang He saw many armed soldiers on the warship. Most of their subdued beasts were directly assigned by the higher-ups.

Each combat team brought along different types of subdued beasts. That way, they could cover each other’s weaknesses.

“I wanted to join the army, but my old man didn’t let me.”

Zhang Weiyan said regretfully.

The biggest benefit of joining the army was obtaining free subdued beasts with commander-level potential.

Hence, many people were attracted. They would also receive professional training and a certain amount of resources every month.

Of course, this came at a price. Soldiers had to be in service for a number of years. Moreover, they had to carry out all kinds of dangerous missions.

“Jiang He, why don’t you come with us? You, me, and Jin Yi are all from the same school. We should get to know each other better.”

Zhang Weiyan was a little worried for Jiang He because his subdued beast had not reached warlord-level yet. It might be difficult for the latter to explore alone. So, he tried to look out for his junior.

“Thank you, Brother Zhang, but I already have a team.”

Jiang He could only decline his senior’s kind offer.

He wanted to follow the main investigation team.


Zhang Weiyan did not say much.

Soon, their warship arrived at a sea area with abnormal weather. This place had been sealed off from the public.

Jiang He could see a transparent light screen connecting the sky and sea.

It was a Star Screen!

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