Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 37 - Jiang He’s “Stubbornness”

Chapter 37: Jiang He’s “Stubbornness”

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Over the next two days, Jiang He and the Moonlight Elf watched all the Youth Tournament’s matches from the hospital.

The final match was between a muscular man’s Armored Bear and Spirit Of The Royal Book.

That muscular man was quite well known. His beastmaster talent was called “Tenfold Muscle”. It could instantly increase his subdued beast’s strength by tenfold!

Furthermore, the Armored Bear’s combat strength was not any lower than other warlord-level beasts. Basically, it had maximum defense and offense.

In the end, they still lost to the Spirit Of The Royal Book. The latter was a demon race with normal attributes, “normal” meaning “all attributes”.

The Spirit Of The Royal Book had various skills and buffs such as Mystic Ice Arrow, Flame Vortex, and so on. It could access them with a flip of a page.

Jiang He nicknamed it “All-elemental Mage”.

Its beastmaster, Liu Haoran, came from an ancient beastmaster family.

However, Jiang He did not care about these things. He only cared about his reward. When would it arrive?

The next day, he was pleasantly surprised to find an additional twenty-five thousand dollars on his card.

Five thousand dollars was from the tournament and another five thousand was from the city.


The rest was awarded by the school.

Haiping City High School had achieve a very satisfactory result this year.

Including Jiang He, there were three people who made it to the top sixteen.

Jiang He was in the top sixteen, Jin Yi was in the top eight, and Zhang Weiyan was the second runner-up.

Hence, they decided to be generous.

Jiang He immediately accessed the internet to buy an electronic guide and various flavors of dried fish.

Three days had passed since the Youth Tournament’s final match.

Jiang He kept getting messages on his phone.

Dear Mr. Jiang He,

How are you? You’re invited to the closing ceremony of the Youth Tournament. I would also like to talk to you. Here are the details.

Time: 2:00 p.m.

Day: October 19th

Venue: Haiping City’s Beastmaster Association (Fourth floor in the largest conference room)

Please be on time.


“It’s probably about exploring the New World.”

Jiang He could vaguely read between the lines of this invitation.

The next day, Ziyue was almost fully recovered.

After Jiang He finished the discharge procedures, he hailed a cab and headed right to Haiping City’s Beastmaster Association.

The other top sixteen contestants were at the entrance of the meeting room. It seemed like his guess was not far off.

“Jiang He, do you know why they invited us here?”

Zhang Weiyan asked with a smile.

Jiang He shook his head.

White Pigeon had told him to keep it a secret. He was not a tattletale.

“I heard it has something to do with the New World that had just descended…”

Zhang Weiyan whispered into Jiang He’s ear.

‘D*mn it! Didn’t White Pigeon say that no one knew about this? Why does it feel like everyone knows?’

Before long, the meeting room’s door opened.

This room was enormous. It was almost like a small auditorium. A bunch of people sat at a table in the middle. They looked like important figures.

Jiang He knew one of them.

Specifically, the president of Haiping City’s Beastmaster Association. He often appeared on local television stations.

Surprisingly, he was not sitting in the middle.

Instead, there was an old man with white hair.

Although he was old, his gaze was very sharp.

Next to the old man was White Pigeon.

‘Senior Sister?’

The scene in front of Jiang He felt unreal.

“Hello everyone. I am the chief of the East China Sea monitoring station. I hope you can all keep the following conversation a secret,” said the white-haired old man.

“I’m sure everyone knows about the latest New World in the East China Sea. The main reason I’ve gathered all of you here today is to ask for your help in exploring the New World. This is a form of reward for the top sixteen winners of the Youth Tournament.”

The New World was next to Aquamarine City.

Hence, those in Aquamarin City would have the priority to explore the New World.

However, they could not cover the entire place by themselves. So, they requested help from Haidu Province as the latter was the second closest.

Furthermore, only those who were warlord-level and below could enter this New World, which was in line with the Youth Tournament’s winners.

The higher-ups came up with the idea of letting the top sixteen contestants assist in their exploration.

Thus, this meeting was held.

The chief explained in detail about the upcoming New World exploration.

Their main tasks were to draw a map and detect if there were any dangerous beasts. As for their secondary tasks, they were to collect plants and ores.

“If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.”

The chief’s voice was calm and indifferent.

“Chief, I’d like to ask if our safety is guaranteed,” asked the first runner-up of the Youth Tournament. It was none other than the muscular man.

Everyone else also had the same concern.

After all, they were still novice beastmasters. It would be risky for them to descend into a new foreign world.

“Don’t worry.”

The chief was obviously prepared for this question. He picked up a vest from the side and pressed a button.

Almost immediately, the vest expanded. It formed a ball.

“When you press this button on the life vest, it will trigger a protective shield that will envelop you. Even a commander-level beast would find it difficult to breakthrough. At the same time, once it’s activated, it will fire a signal flare. White Pigeon will be able to find and bring you back instantly.”

Upon hearing that, White Pigeon nodded expressionlessly. She was really acting like an aloof senior.

“But you said only those below warlord-level could enter this New World. Miss White Pigeon is at least a professional beastmaster, right?”

Someone asked doubtfully.

“Her subdued beast has mastered the power of space and can be considered a stowaway.”

“If Miss White Pigeon can enter the New World, why would you need us?”

The chief was not intimidated by the questions at all. He continued to explain.

“Once Wind Chasing uses its power that exceeds the limit, they will be instantly repelled.”

White Pigeon’s face turned slightly red.

Why was the chief’s explanation so detailed?

He could have protected some of Gu Gu’s dignity.

“In short, you don’t have to worry about your safety. The investigation team had also conducted an exploration with the help of White Pigeon. So far, there are no casualties.”

“Chief, I have another question. If we manage to find some resources in the New World, does it belong to us?”

“Of course! If you encounter any wild beasts, you can try to form a contract with them. We will even buy some of them at a good price.”

In every New World, the first group of explorers would often become rich.

Of course, their risks were also the highest.

Since their safety was guaranteed, Jiang He really wanted to go.

He only needed to figure out a way to get approval from his parents.

At first, he thought about hiding it from them.

However, in the end, he decided to be honest.

“Mom… Dad…”

Jiang He dialed one of their numbers and roughly told them about the New World. He repeatedly emphasized that he’ll be safe.

In his parents’ eyes, less danger did not equal no danger.

“Jiang He, you have such a relentless personality. I’m starting to wonder if I’ve made a mistake in letting you be a beastmaster.”

After letting out a long sigh, Jiang He’s father finally said slowly, “Go ahead… We can stop you once or twice, but not forever. Since you’ve chosen this path, give it your everything. I hope that you’ll think about us during your adventure.”

“I will.”

Jiang He felt really guilty. He thought to himself, ‘Parental love can be so overwhelming.’


The Moonlight Elf on his shoulder let out a light snort. It was trying to reassure Jiang He’s mother, who was on the other end of the phone.

‘I’ll protect Jiang He.’

‘Huh? What are you trying to say? I’m strong, okay?”

D*mn, did Ziyue really think that he was that weak?

Did the little fellow forget who had been casting “magic”?


The Moonlight Elf pursed its lips.

This beastmaster was really “stubborn”.

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