Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 36 - Moonlight Elf’s Fan Club

Chapter 36: Moonlight Elf’s Fan Club

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“Can you use telepathy on this bottle of water?”

As White Pigeon said this, she took out a glass bottle from her bag. It was filled with blue liquid.


Jiang He was a little confused. Nonetheless, he activated telepathy.


A blood-red sky and reddish-brown scorched earth appeared in front of Jiang He’s eyes.

However, one second later, Jiang He opened his eyes.

“There’s not enough spiritual power inside. The channeling ended before it even started. This time, I see a blood-red world.”

“As expected…”

White Pigeon. She seemed to be thinking about something.

“This bottle of water was collected by the investigation team in the New World. I really hope that you can participate in the next exploration.”


“Senior Sister, I’ll think about it!”

Jiang He was a little tempted. The scene he saw earlier looked like hell.

Was it the abyss?

What about the ritual? Did it work?

Naturally, his parents would not let him take such risks.

“In the end, it’s still up to you! If you want to go, just let me know.”

White Pigeon picked up the Moonlight Elf and gently stroked her.


The little fellow decided to “cooperate” since White Pigeon had specially brought it medicine.

Still, her stroking technique was very good.

Ziyue closed its eyes, looking very comfortable.

“Why is the Moonlight Elf’s fur still changing color?”

White Pigeon asked curiously.

“Maybe the two energies in its body had not completely separated yet.”

Jiang He could only guess.

“This is my first time seeing a Moonlight Elf that can absorb shadow energy. It could even mix the two energies together. No wonder those guys were trying to steal this little fellow.”

“Senior Sister, you’ve never encountered such a situation before?”

“No. Some mutated beasts do have additional energy of a different attribute in their bodies. However, they are divided into primary and secondary. That means one type of energy is far stronger than the other. Basically, the two energies are in a state of non-interference.”

White Pigeon continued, “This Moonlight Elf’s moonlight energy seemed to be far stronger than the shadow energy. It should be safe.”

Jiang He recalled his previous experiences and what his Senior Sister said was pretty accurate.

For some unknown reason, the two energies fused during the tournament.

It should not be a big problem, right?

After all, it was a special form.

There was also a new evolutionary path.

“If only the little fellow could enter this form without any side effects…”

Jiang He sighed.

Ziyue was ridiculously strong in shadow form. Its speed and strength had all increased drastically.

Unfortunately, the Moonlight Elf could not control it.

“Wait. I just remembered something. One of my seniors was actually in the same situation as you. His subdued beast is a Mysterious Ice Carp. It had mutated and awakened its fire-type powers. Ice and fire were obviously incompatible. However, my senior cultivated both skills at the same time, maintaining a delicate balance. If I’m not mistaken, the Mysterious Ice Carp transformed into a dragon. Let me ask him.”

White Pigeon was talking about a person named Zi Feiyu.

She texted the Moonlight Elf’s condition to him and shortly after, he replied.

[ There are two ways to mitigate the side effects of energy fusion. First, strengthen the body of the subdued beast. Second, learn to control the two types of energies. ]

Upon seeing Zi Feiyu’s reply, Jiang He suddenly thought of one of the prerequisites for the shadow path.

The subdued beast had to master a shadow-type skill. That way, it could control the shadow energy better.

After Ziyue had recovered, they would have to focus on training Shadow Claw.

White Pigeon and Jiang He chatted for a little while longer. She told him a lot of information about the New World in the East China Sea. Then, she got on Wind Chasing and left.

Only Jiang He and the Moonlight Elf were left in the hospital.


A sound suddenly came from the Moonlight Elf’s stomach. It quickly turned its head due to embarrassment.

“Here, drink this!”

Jiang He was well-prepared. He poured out some fish soup that was stored in his container.

The boy knew the little fellow would be hungry after waking up.


After finishing the fish soup, the Moonlight Elf felt much better. Then, it asked Jiang He about the tournament.

“The top 16 matches will be held tomorrow, but I don’t plan to participate.”


The Moonlight Elf stretched out its little paws, indicating that it could still fight.

“No, the doctor told you to rest. Let’s just watch the matches!”


The Moonlight Elf felt a little regretful.

“In my heart, you’re already the champion!”

Jiang He patted Ziyue’s head and comforted her.


Pleasure points: 12%

An increase of five percent.

Speaking of the tournament, tomorrow’s schedule should have already been updated. Jiang He wanted to see who was the lucky person who would win by default.

He picked up his phone and realized that it was out of battery.

Jiang He had completely forgotten to change it. After Ziyue passed out, he could not think about anything else.

Anyway, he managed to find a plug and charged his phone for a while. The phone’s screen turned back on. There were several missed calls and unread messages. Many people were concerned about the duo.

[ Lu Zhen: Brother Jiang, is the Moonlight Elf alright? ]

[ Dad: Son, has Ziyue awakened yet? ]

Most of the messages were asking about the Moonlight Elf.


The Moonlight Elf felt a warm feeling enveloping its heart.

Pleasure points: 17%

An increase of five percent.

“But… How did mom and dad find out? Oh, and Senior Sister as well!”

Jiang He revealed a puzzled expression.

None of his classmates should have his parents’ contact information!

Not to mention White Pigeon!

However, Jiang He was not that bothered about it. After updating their status to his parents, he assessed the “Special Training Group” chat.

There were tons of new messages.

[ Lu Zhen: (video) ]

[ Zhang Weiyan: I just saw that video as well! ]

[ Lu Zhen: It’s from the Moonlight Elf’s fan club. People are going crazy. @Jiang He ]

[ Wang Xue: Jiang He, where did you get such a cute and powerful Moonlight Elf? I want one too! ]

Jiang He clicked on the video. There were over a million likes!

The video was obviously about the battle between Ziyue and the Star Mastiff.

It was edited superbly. The little fellow looked really cool and there was also an awesome soundtrack.

After watching it, Jiang He and the Moonlight Elf could feel their blood boil.

‘That cool Moonlight Elf was me?’

Ziyue’s eyes widened.

So, this was how White Pigeon and Jiang He’s parents found out about the Moonlight Elf’s injury.

The Youth Tournament was very popular. Hence, it attracted many spectators.

Ziyue’s battle with the Star Mastiff naturally became a hot topic.

After all, a servant-class beast had beat a warlord-level beast.

Suddenly, Jiang He realized something.

“Hold on. Ziyue has a fan club?”

He accessed the forums out of curiosity. After searching, a somewhat empty page appeared before his eyes.

The word “Ziyue” was on the top left corner and below were various well-categorized posts.

“Moonlight Elf’s Youth Tournament Video. (Top 64)”

“Moonlight Elf’s Youth Tournament Video. (Top 32)”

“News related to the Youth Tournament.”

“Daily photos of Ziyue.”

Besides the tournament videos, most of the other posts were empty.

It seemed like the person who set up this forum was very attentive.

‘Was it that gentle girl?’

Jiang He thought to himself.


Ziyue curled up in Jiang He’s embrace, carefully reading all the positive comments. Its furry tail swayed left and right.

‘Am… Am I really that outstanding?’

After some time, Jiang He finally remembered his original objective.

He was supposed to see which “lucky guy” would win by default.

After refreshing the schedule, Jiang He found out that his next opponent was supposed to be Jin Yi, a senior from the special training class. Her subdued beast was a warlord-level Flower Fairy.

Well, it did not matter. He was not going to continue competing. Letting a senior from the same school win was probably the best outcome.

“By the way, we still won 5,000 dollars. Ziyue, is there anything that you want? Dried fish or a smartphone?”


The Moonlight Elf shook its head.

Beastmasters were too narrow-minded. They waste money on such meaningless things.

Buying training resources was clearly better.


This Moonlight Elf was so disciplined.

Other subdued beasts would gladly accept food or phones.

“Why don’t we buy an electronic guidebook?”

Electronic guidebooks were developed ever since the discovery of familiars. It could quickly identify and display information about all kinds of beasts such as their potential, attributes, skills, energy levels, and so on.

It was not usable in the New World, but it was still very useful in normal settings or competitions.

To be honest, Jiang He had been coveting this item for a long time.

He just did not have enough money.


The Moonlight Elf nodded in agreement.

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