Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 51 - A whale falls, and all things are born (1)  

Chapter 51: A whale falls, and all things are born (1)

“Granny Huai, I want to communicate with the Tree of Life. Can you help me?” Jiang He didn’t dare to sense the Tree of Life that was suspected to be at the monarch level. If the other party didn’t want to be sensed by Jiang He, it would be too frustrating to use a skill to “shock” Jiang He to death. “Sure, as long as you don’t have any ill intentions, the Tree of Life won’t make things difficult for you.” Emerald green light appeared on granny Huai’s palm once again. She seemed to be communicating with the Tree of Life. “This ancient tree is a ruler-level extraordinary creature, but it doesn’t have any intelligence. It’s a little strange.” The White Pigeon was a little confused. Even an abyssal species would develop self-awareness after reaching the monarch-level. Even inanimate objects like swords and sabers would give birth to their own sword spirit and saber spirit after reaching the ruler-level. The giant tree in front of him did not have any self-consciousness, but it was very vague. It could only be said to be a biological instinct. This was very abnormal. “Maybe it’s because its body is too big, so it’s hard for it to develop intelligence?” Jiang He guessed. At this moment, he had already arrived in front of the Tree of Life and could clearly feel its immense spiritual pressure. He gently placed his palm on the tree bark. Synesthesia, activate! The moment Jiang He used synesthesia, he had a vague feeling that he could “share” what he saw with others through the mental link. The special ability of Level 3 synesthesia was sharing! “Senior, my synesthesia has been upgraded. I think I can transmit what I see. Let me try to share it with you.” Jiang He tried to connect with Chen Yushan with his spiritual power. “Meow!” Ziyue, who was connected to him telepathically, snorted in dissatisfaction. “Of course, I won’t forget you!” Jiang He then used his mental power to create a ‘sharing link’ with the moonlight elves. After hesitating for a moment, he ‘connected’ to granny Huai. He then closed his eyes. This time, what appeared in front of him was the ceremony that he had not finished watching last time! “We are willing to fight with our lives in exchange for this world not falling into the abyss!” Along with countless tragic roars, countless starry lights rushed toward the woman in the center of the altar through the silk-like plants. “Senior Sister, can you see?” “Yes, yes!” The White Pigeon’s voice was a little excited. It didn’t expect its Junior’s synesthesia talent to be so special, and it even had a sharing function. At the same time, she was also shocked by the scene in front of her. Whether it was humans, familiars, or extraordinary creatures, at this moment, they were all passing their hope and strength to the giant whale sculpture in the center. ‘LAN’ was soon wrapped in a pure white light, and at this moment, she was like a god. All living beings passed the power of hope and faith to the giant whale through the fluorescent grass, and because she had established a contract with the giant whale, she also felt this huge power. In an instant, the island that the giant whale had transformed into lit up with countless spots of light, big and small, bright and dark, like a bright Galaxy in the dark night sky. The hope of tens of thousands of living beings was gathered in the body of the giant whale! The power within its body kept on growing. This power came from every single person, every transcendent lifeform, and countless tiny life forms! Wuwuwu Accompanied by a long and ancient whale cry, the white light slowly floated into the air and quickly gathered together to form a golden barrier. The hope barrier! This barrier completely isolated the blood mist from the outside world. The blood mist that came into contact with the hope barrier was like snow melting into water, completely dissipating into the air. “I really … Blocked it.” “Guardian, thank you!” ‘LAN’ revealed a long-lost smile on her face. Everyone who was kneeling on the ground and praying could not help but show joy in their eyes when they saw this scene. The abyssal erosion had ended! They … Had survived! However, at this moment,’Jiang He’ felt a sudden sense of regret and sadness. “In the future … I won’t be able to accompany you anymore …” The giant whale looked into the distance and saw the smile on Lan’s face. What he didn’t tell “LAN” was that although the hope barrier could stop the erosion of the abyssal breath, it couldn’t stop the invasion of the abyssal demons. Not to mention that the hope barrier was built on its body. The amount of energy and food that the giant whale needed to absorb every day was huge. Even if it fell into a deep sleep, this small area of sea could no longer feed it. The world had completely become an abyss, and its body was the last ‘Noah’s Ark’. However, the resources on this Noah’s Ark were limited. Fresh water, forest, spiritual power … When all these resources were used up … They would eventually sink … However, the giant whale had another way. That was its innate skill, Chi Chi. Whale fall! Using one’s own life as the price to create an independent small world! This was a skill without a grade, or rather, it had exceeded the definition of a grade. As the whale fell, all things were born. “Goodbye … LAN …” The giant whale looked at “LAN” tenderly, as if it was seeing the little girl who had been washed by the waves in the first storm … A teardrop fell from the corner of its eye, and it immediately transformed into a small lake on the ‘Island’. This tear contained all of its beautiful memories … And the teardrop happened to land right beside the Tree of Life. BOOM! As the giant whale’s tears fell, countless streams of water began to rise, defying the laws of physics. The water current stuck closely to the hope barrier, forming a water curtain that pierced through the sky, shrouding the island that the giant whale had turned into in the center! At the same time, the life in the giant whale’s body was quickly fading away. This life force would be turned into’ nutrients ‘, allowing the lives on the’ Island ‘to continue to survive. Looking at the magnificent water curtain, the giant whale calmly waited for death to come. However, it suddenly felt a familiar life force. It was “LAN”! Her eyes were calm and gentle as she looked at the ground under her feet. It was as if she could see the entire body of the whale. On her shoulder and back, the blue “contract lines” were emitting a faint light, continuously transmitting vitality to it. Contract-life sharing! When a subdued beast or a Beastmaster suffered a fatal injury, it would transfer a portion of its life force to the other party. “LAN … It’s useless … You’ll die like this. ” The giant whale’s voice was still gentle, but there was a hint of sadness in it. “LAN” could also feel her life rapidly passing away, but her eyes were still calm. “Oh Guardian God, have you forgotten our initial agreement?” “Accompany each other and experience together.” “You’ve accompanied me for so long, so let me accompany you in the coming years. ” …… …… The giant whale did not say anything. It just slowly closed its eyes. “So, so that’s how it is. So that’s how the water curtain is formed.” Granny Huai mumbled to herself. She had also finished reading the contents of the synchrony. She was very shocked, and at the same time, many of her doubts were answered. The origin of the water curtain, the world outside the water curtain, the origin of the whale village, the formation of the Tree of Life … And the ancient blessing given by the Tree of Life might also be the last gentleness of the giant whale … Jiang He opened his eyes with a heavy heart. Logically speaking, he should be happy that he had found a way to resist the erosion of the abyss. “Eh? What is this?” Jiang He found a blue crystal in his hand, which was glowing. 

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