Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 395

Chapter 395: Why are they all at the ruler-level?

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11th of June.

The first day of the top eight of the World Championship.

In the huge arena on the silver Island, the match between the Egypt team and the East Xia team would be held in the morning.

At the same time, it was already night in Eastern Xia.

In a villa district in Haiping city.

Father Jiang, mother Jiang, and a large group of relatives were sitting in a circle in front of a huge projection screen.

On the screen was the scene of the World Championship.

There were a few leaders of the municipal supervision Bureau beside father and mother Jiang, and they were chatting with them enthusiastically.

It wasn’t just an honor for them to be able to nurture a Beastmaster from Haiping city to participate in the world Championship. It also meant that the headquarters of the supervision Bureau would allocate more resources to them in the future, allowing them to nurture more outstanding Beastmasters.

“I wonder if a ‘he and the others can win?”

Looking at Jiang He, who was being interviewed on the screen, mother Jiang was a little nervous.


“Don’t worry! Egypt team isn’t strong, and maybe you won’t even see your son play today. ”

Jiang Fei’s father said with a smile. He had done his homework on The Beastmaster forum last night, and had some understanding of today’s competition.

However, when he looked at Jiang He on the screen, he felt like it was a lifetime ago.

His son was growing too fast.

Taking everything into account, Jiang He had only been a Beastmaster for two years!

He felt like Jiang He had just told him about becoming an official Beastmaster yesterday, and in the blink of an eye, he was representing East Xia in the world Championship, bringing glory to his country.


10 O’ clock sharp.

The match between the East Xia team and Egypt team had officially begun!

The starting player of the Egypt team was named andieb, and his familiars were the commander-level Scarab and the level-nine sand Jackal.

The actual combat strength of these two familiars was at the quasi-Overlord level. They were already quite good among the World Championship contestants.

However, he could no longer keep a straight face after sensing the pressure from the silver Dragon and the wind god Mantis.

Both of his familiars were at the monarch-level!

“It’s not Jiang He?”

Andieb’s expression was a little ugly.

According to the information their team had, the East Xia team should only have their Captain, Jiang He, with a familiar that had reached the ruler-level.

But the silver dragon of the sky screen and the wind god Mantis …

It was obviously not Jiang He’s familiar!

However, now that things had come to this, he could only bite the bullet and do it.

The moment the countdown reached zero, the silver Dragon and the wind god Mantis released their monarch domains. Silver lightning flashed across the sky, and violent hurricanes covered half of the arena.

The World Championship was to fight for honor for their country, so there was no possibility of going easy on them.

Mo Haishan not only wanted to win, but he also wanted to win beautifully.

In the end, the two familiars of the Egypt team didn’t even last half a minute before they were numbed by the silver lightning of the sky screen Dragon.

“Eastern Xia will win!”

“The silver dragon of the sky screen! The silver dragon of the sky screen!”

The eastern Xia audience burst into a wave of cheers.

Although the battle had ended quickly, the thousand flash of instant lightning cast by the silver dragon of the sky screen had added to the visual effects.

The atmosphere in the Egypt team’s preparation area was a little heavy.

“The East Xia team has hidden quite deeply. I didn’t expect that there would be another master-level player besides Jiang He.”

The head coach of the Egypt team, Andy, had a grave look in his eyes.

They were determined to win the World Championship this time.

Because not long ago, three divine palaces in their pyramid ruins had opened, and their divine sons and goddesses had passed the test and obtained the inheritance.

At this moment, both of their familiars had reached the ruler-level.

In the previous World Championships, as long as one of the contestants had a ruler-level familiar, they would basically win the championship.

He didn’t expect to meet a strong team in the top eight, the East Xia team. Moreover, the first two familiars of the East Xia team to go on stage were actually at the ruler-level.

“Don’t panic. There should only be two master level contestants at most on the eastern Xia side. We still have a good chance of defeating this person. ISIS, are you confident?”

Andy asked a beautiful woman beside him, who was wearing a white priest’s robe and luxurious golden clothes.


The woman nodded. She was goddess Isis, who had received the inheritance.

The other hidden master Beastmaster of the Egypt team.

Five minutes after the first match.

Mo Haishan saw a beautiful female Beastmaster with brown skin and golden paint on her face walk into the arena, standing opposite him.

“It’s ISIS “turn.”

“ISIS is the current goddess of the Egypt shrine, but her golden scarabs and golden coffin mummies have not yet become monarchs. The chances of him defeating mo Haishan are still very low. ”

“If we have the advantage of terrain, we might have a chance of winning.”


Below the stage, the contestants and spectators from all over the world were discussing, but they were generally not optimistic about Egypt’s ISIS.

“I choose the land of quicksand.”

After ISIS went on stage, he spoke calmly and chose a terrain that was advantageous to him.

The sand on the stage flew wildly, and a sandstorm suddenly rose. The ground also turned into quicksand.

The rules of the World Championship were similar to the National competition. The only difference was that the losing team could choose the location of the next match.

Moreover, there were five minutes between each match for the winner’s familiar to recover its strength.

“Come out!”

ISIS did not waste any time and summoned his familiar.

After the contract circle was formed, a golden coffin inlaid with countless gems appeared on ISIS ‘left.


The lid of the coffin suddenly opened, and a mummy wrapped in light golden bandages walked out.

On her right, a giant golden beetle crawled out of the contract array.

Their auras were all at the ruler-level!

Mo Haishan’s eyes turned serious.

He didn’t expect Egypt team to have a hidden hand.

However, he was more relaxed. Even if he lost … Jiang He would take care of it.

Very quickly, the battle began.

The Golden coffin mummy was an undead creature, and it was good at casting curses. It could cast all kinds of strange curses on the silver Sky Dragon and the storm Mantis from a long distance.

Some were bleeding, some had their vision blocked, and some were weak …

However, the sky screen Silver Dragon was not to be trifled with. Part of the mythical blood flowed in its body, and the brilliant heavenly lightning could suppress all obscenities.

On the other side, the storm Mantis and the Golden sacred beetle were also engaged in an intense battle. One was using the agility of the wind, while the other was using the terrain advantage of the quicksand. Both of them were using their abilities to the maximum.

After a fierce battle, both the wind god Mantis and the sky screen Silver Dragon fell, and ISIS ‘golden scarab was eliminated.

In fact, the Golden coffin mummies had also been killed by the heavenly lightning many times, but as undead creatures, they had come back to life.

“What a pity, I didn’t expect the second person to be eliminated.”

Mo Haishan felt a little regretful.

He had wanted to win the game one on five.

His familiars were stronger than ISIS overall, but the golden scarab was like a fish in water in the land of quicksand. It was not easy to defeat it.

Next, the East Xia team’s second player, Wei Tan, went on stage.

The gilded Fire Dragon and the explosive flame Lion King’s combat strength were also at the monarch-level!

Coupled with the volcanic environment, he easily defeated ISIS.

After that, he became more and more courageous as the battle progressed, and he defeated two members of the Egypt team in a row.

At this moment, the Egypt team only had Odier left!

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