Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 396 - It's ... Not human!

Chapter 396: It’s … Not human!

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After Odier’s golden Griffin King received Griffin’s inheritance, the divine beast bloodline in his body was completely awakened, and his physique and magic resistance were terrifyingly strong.

In addition, Wei Tan’s two familiars had exhausted their stamina and energy in the previous two matches. As a result, the gilded Fire Dragon and the explosive flame Lion King lost in the end.

The East Xia team’s third player was white Pigeon.

Odeus heaved a sigh of relief when he felt the aura of the undead dragon and the wind-chasing beast.

“It’s finally not the two sovereigns. ”

Although the two familiars on the other side were extremely close to the ruler-level, they were still lacking a little.

The gap between a quasi-sovereign and a sovereign was like a chasm. This battle should be settled.

Bai Ge was wearing a long black dress today, looking noble and elegant.

After she walked into the arena, the cheers of the audience soared to the sky, as if she had come to her home ground.

After all, most people were obsessed with looks, so they definitely had to cheer for the good-looking young lady.


“I choose storm Canyon.”

The White Pigeon Said calmly. She had chosen the wind-type battlefield. The stormy land had a good advantage for Cuckoo.

Although Odier’s Golden Gryphon could fly, its ability to control the wind was definitely not as good as Gugu.

The other familiar, the worldly Python, was unable to fly.

A Canyon suddenly appeared on the flat ground, and a storm suddenly rose. The strong wind storm solidified, and there were many invisible wind blades mixed in.

“Sky Smasher!”

“Griffin’s roar!”

The moment the match began, both sides sent orders to their familiars telepathically.

The Golden Griffin king’s mouth opened nearly 180 degrees, and the king’s Origin Energy flowed out from the Golden gem on its forehead. A powerful shock wave shot out from the Griffin king’s mouth, directly shattering the layers of storms and wreaking havoc toward the wind-chasing beast!

This was a King-type surmounting skill. Its attack range could cover the entire arena, and it was perfect for dealing with spatial-type wind-chasing beasts.

Although the Golden Griffin King hadn’t fully grasped the skill, it should be enough to deal with a quasi-Overlord familiar.

Looking at the incoming shock wave, the wind-chasing beast’s eyes were calm. It had no intention of dodging, and the green Wind runes on its body glowed and flowed.

Just as the shock wave hit, a huge pure white figure suddenly appeared in front of it.

It was the undead dragon!

The giant white Dragon stood in front of Gugu. Its dragon body, which was tens of meters tall, was like an indestructible mountain. Although some of its scales were cracked by the shock wave, they quickly healed with the surge of death energy.

It was blocked.

Although Griffin’s roar was powerful, its power was too scattered, and it couldn’t cause effective damage to the undead dragon.

At the same time, Gugu’s skill was released.


In the next second, the space around the Golden Gryphon and the earthly Python suddenly shattered, and the surroundings were filled with extremely destructive spatial turbulence.

The worldly Python’s body was too big. It didn’t react in time and immediately cut countless wounds. Blood was dripping, and the Golden Griffin King was trapped in the center!

Space element surmounting skill [Sky Smasher], an inheritance from the Wind Chaser beast’s true primitive feather.

Seeing this, odire’s eyes turned serious.

The situation seemed to be a little … Wrong!

The wind-chasing beast had actually mastered the origin Energy of space, no different from a ruler-level beast! In addition to the space element, it was even more difficult to deal with than a ruler-level creature!

The other undead Wyrm relied on its undying body as an undead creature and its strong body as a Dragon, and its combat power was not inferior to a ruler-level extraordinary creature!

“This is bad! The strength of White Pigeon’s familiar is even stronger than the previous two East Xia contestants!”

Odire’s heart trembled.

The battle continued!

A layer of golden armor appeared on the surface of the Golden Griffin King’s body, and it forcefully passed through the spatial turbulence.

The moment it passed through, its armor was broken and blood was everywhere. However, it didn’t have time to recover and directly attacked Gugu.

The Golden Griffin King wanted to suppress Gugu with its powerful strength.

However, Gugu controlled the space jump. Its body kept flashing, and it kept attacking while maintaining a certain distance.

On another battlefield.

The undead dragon took advantage of its flying advantage to the extreme. It spat out the Dragon Breath of death while swooping down on the earthly Python. It exuded a bone-chilling coldness around it, and even the storm was covered in a layer of white frost.

The worldly Python kept changing its methods.

Sandstorm, earth spike, Earthbind, mountain pass …

But it was all useless!

The undead dragon could ignore normal attacks, but powerful skills required a certain amount of time to charge.

The undead dragon had already flown far away by the time it was charging. Wait for the worldly Python to finish its attack and then attack it …

They were bullying it for not being able to fly.

10 minutes later.

The worldly Python was the first to be eliminated, and the remaining golden Griffin King was also left alone and was quickly eliminated.

All five players of the Egypt team were eliminated.

Odier was a little unwilling.

He originally thought that after receiving Griffin’s inheritance, he would be able to lead the Egypt team to its former glory.

He didn’t expect to be defeated in the top 8.

On the other hand, only three contestants from East Xia had gone on stage.

The Egypt players and coaches wanted to cry.

All the members of the East Xia team were at the ruler-level, what kind of fight was this?

He could only say that he had been careless.

In the audience stands, the teams from the other countries had watched the entire battle and were discussing spiritedly.

Their main goal was to observe and study the abilities of the East Xia team’s players ‘familiars.

The information they had on the other players wasn’t comprehensive, and most of the players had either hidden their cards or mastered new skills for the sake of this world Championship.

At this moment, seeing the strength of the East Xia team, the contestants from the other six countries felt a lot of pressure.

This year’s East Xia team was too fierce!

If all the members were at the ruler-level, no matter which team it was, they would have to return to the country early if they encountered the East Xia team.

They could only pray that they would not run into the East Xia team in the semi-finals.

In the preparation area for the Chinese players, Jiang He was not surprised to see her senior finish off the leader of the Egypt team.

As expected, he didn’t have the chance to play.



Mingyue and Yiyi looked at the brilliance of Gugu and the undead dragon in the arena with envy in their eyes. They also wanted to show their divinity in front of the people!


Although Zi Yue didn’t say anything, her lake-blue eyes were burning with a strong fighting spirit.

It also yearned for battle!

“Good! I’ll help you request for battle!”

Jiang He jogged to master bamboo shadow and said with a smile,”

“Senior Zhuying, I’ll be the starting player in the semi-final the day after tomorrow!”

“The next game will definitely be more difficult. If the others go on stage, they are likely to expose all their cards, which is not good for the final. I’m different, I have many trump cards! My undying nether flame and ice ghost king are both at the monarch-level, so I’ll let Zi Yue and Xi Yue fight in the finals. ”

“Even if it’s the undying nether flame or the ice ghost king, I’m confident that I can defeat six of them at once.”


Master bamboo shadow gave Jiang He a strange look.

Since this kid said so, he must have some confidence.

However, it was too inhumane for the secondary pet to wear six …

Ziyue: “???”

Mingyue: “???”

After they returned, Ziyue and Mingyue both looked at Jiang He.

Didn’t Jiang He say that he would help them request to fight? why did he have to fight himself?

The ice ghost king was actually Jiang He’s match. If it wasn’t for the possession state, it was very likely that they would lose.

“The strong are always the last to appear. Let’s give the other familiars in the team a chance to show off! Ahem, there’s another benefit to this arrangement. It’ll help you hide your strength. ”

Jiang He explained.


Mingyue was excited to hear this.

It was now considered a senior in the team, so the opportunity to perform this time should be given to the other beasts!

Ziyue pouted and did not say anything.

It knew Jiang He very well.

Jiang He’s excuse was just to fool the stupid waterdrop. Jiang He had sent the ice ghost king up to show his divinity!

In the afternoon, the bald eagle nation VS India.

After eating lunch, Jiang He and his teammates came to the audience stand next to the arena.

After all, only by knowing one’s enemy and oneself could one win every battle.

Bald eagle Country was considered a strong opponent on their way to the World Championship, and India, as a country with a large population, should not be underestimated.

Soon, the match began after a brief exchange.

Unexpectedly, the Egypt team’s first player had a ruler-level familiar. He must have obtained an inheritance as well. He caught the bald eagles off guard and eliminated their first player.

The following battle was also very intense. In order to fight for a place in the semi-finals, the two teams had used all their trump cards.

The East Xia team was happy to see this.

They naturally hoped that Egypt would force out the bald eagles ‘trump card.

After seven matches, the captain was the only one left on the Indian team.

On the bald eagles ‘side, only their Captain and a young man called card artisan remained.

Jiang He had some impression of card artisans. During the second invasion of the Dark Soul abyss, his Night Demon Tiger had killed an abyss monarch with great power.

In the eighth match, the bald eagles sent out card artisans.

His eyes were gloomy and his body was thin. After he walked into the arena, two dark purple and slightly black contract arrays appeared under his feet.

The night Demon Tiger and shadow Spider Emperor’s figures appeared.

They were all monarch-level familiars!

In the audience, Jiang He was about to secretly use the illustrated Handbook to check the information of the two familiars.

However, the moment he looked at the night Demon Tiger, he was shocked.

That was because a string of information had appeared above the head of the player called card artisan.

The [illustrated Handbook] had accidentally scanned his information!

The [illustrated Handbook] could only scan familiars ‘information. It was ineffective against humans.

The player named Cassio was stunned.

It was not a human!

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