Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 394

Chapter 394: The opening of the world Championship (1)

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On June 1st, there was only a week left before the start of the World Championship.

At this moment, the contestants from various countries had arrived at the silver Island in Luo city of the bald eagle nation, which was the venue of the World Championship.

The East Xia team arrived at Luo city on the 5th of June.

“It’s still early. Senior Sister, why don’t we go shopping first?”

Jiang He invited Bai Ge after dropping off their luggage in the East Xia contestant’s village.

The silver Island was the largest island in the Hawaiian Islands. It had beautiful scenery, volcanoes that were more than four thousand meters above sea level, cloud and mist Highlands, seaside cliffs, and a large area of Golden Beach.


The White Pigeon agreed.

The two of them released all of their familiars, with the exception of immortal spirit beasts.

It had serious social fear and refused to come out of the familiar space. Jiang He could not do anything about it.

Their first stop was the Golden Beach.


There were already many tourists on the beach.

There were people of all skin colors. Jiang He also saw many familiars that he had never seen before, such as scarabs, sea demons, goblins, Taurens, and other extraordinary creatures unique to other countries.

Because Mingyue had opened the Mirage domain, no one could discover their figures.

Otherwise, if the two star players from East Xia were to appear here on the eve of the competition, it would definitely cause a sensation.

The two of them ran to a remote area with their familiars, to a beach that was rarely visited by humans.

The undead dragon and Yun Zheng took the two of them to sunbathe in the sea. Yiyi, the ice ghost king, the mechanical Rubik’s Cube, and other beasts were playing with the sand. Ziyue and Gugu were wearing sunglasses and lying comfortably on the beach chairs, enjoying surfing.

It was a way to relax before the match.

“Junior, why don’t we have a match?”

The pigeon suddenly suggested after the surfing.

She was actually quite curious about Jiang He’s current strength.

In the past two months, she had rarely seen Jiang He. He must have been training hard.

However, it seemed that his junior didn’t care about the upcoming competition at all …

As far as she knew, Jiang He must have had a plan in mind. Otherwise, he would have trained Ziyue and the others like crazy, and they would not be so relaxed.

“Alright,” he said.

The two of them had a 2v2 match.

The result was self-evident.

However, Bai Ge was a little frustrated that even though she used all her strength and trump cards, Zi Yue and Mingyue still looked very relaxed. They were far from their limits.

“A ‘he, how strong is Zi Yue now?”

Bai Ge couldn’t help but ask.

“If I go all out, I should be able to fight a third-tier sovereign-level subdued beast.”

Jiang He answered.

This was actually a conservative estimate.

In the two months after the end of the abyssal war, he worked hard every day to loot the great wizard, so the strength of the purple Moon and the others increased rapidly.

At this moment, Ziyue had reached the sixth-tier commander level, and her actual combat strength was around the third-tier Overlord level. However, the strength of her attacks was close to the level of a high-tier Overlord-tier transcendent familiar.

Mingyue had also improved greatly.

With the help of Jiang and the energy pack, Yun Yan’s rank had also reached the sixth-order commander.

However, its biggest improvement was still the advanced ice skill, Frost Dragon Breath, which had been upgraded to master, and Jiang He had used the skill fragment to upgrade it to master.

At the same time, the ordinary Ice Energy in the Ice Dragon Pearl was all transformed into the ice Origin Energy.

Mingyue, who had mastered two origins, had completely stepped into the monarch-level.

Mingyue was about to comprehend the illusion origin under her subconscious cultivation.

It was almost impossible for a subdued beast not at the Overlord level to escape from the illusion that Mingyue had created.

Yiyi had also comprehended the origin of fire. After the divine bird descended, it had the battle prowess of a low-tier sovereign.

Although the Tesseract and ice ghost king only had the combat strength of a quasi-monarch, they could still unleash the combat strength of a monarch after possessing Jiang He.

As for the so-called Divine Spirit beast, it was a stage-two Overlord, and its actual combat strength had even reached the level of a high-stage Overlord.

But he couldn’t count on this guy in the game.

According to the previous World Championships, any one of Jiang He’s familiars could sweep the field.

This year’s world Championship was a little special.

With the opening of the various grotto-heavens and secret realms, the familiars of the contestants who had obtained the inheritance were naturally much stronger than in previous years.

Jiang He and Bai Ge were ready to go back when it was close to noon.

“Senior, I’ll go buy some souvenirs first.”

Jiang He said as they passed by the Golden Beach.

A few high school classmates that he had a good relationship with had asked him to help buy some souvenirs.

He had seen a Street next to the beach full of small shops selling merchandise for the World Championship, so he had planned to buy some.

“Yes, I was just about to bring some special products to the seniors from the investigation Bureau.”

The World Championship could attract tourists from all over the world and promote the local tourism industry to a great extent.

However, when Jiang He arrived at these small stores, he was surprised to find that most of the merchandise, such as figurines, key pendants, and printed T-shirts, were actually his familiars!

The most common figurine was the purple Moon in the form of a moonlight elf, or the purple Moon in the form of a bright moon night Shadow. There were also many figurines in the form of a tiny water droplet.


Ziyue’s expression was somewhat indignant.

Damn it, these guys didn’t even pay it for using its image.

If they charged a copyright fee, it must be a lot of money, right?


8th of June.

The World Championship officially began.

This was the highest-level competition in the world, apart from the world competition. It was also the strongest showdown between young Beastmasters, attracting the attention of the entire world.

The East Xia team had received five badges in the previous training hall competition, so they had directly advanced to the top eight and skipped the qualifiers.

After seven days of high-intensity battles, the preliminaries of the other 120 countries finally came to an end.

The top 8 teams were born.

They were Eastern Xia, violent bear, white-headed Eagle, holy light Egypt India, Felan, and Greece.

On the morning of June 9th, the teams from each country began to draw lots.

As the most competitive opponent, the East Xia team did not want to face off against the bald eagle nation in the previous World Championships.

However, at this moment, Jiang He and the others could not wait to draw the bald eagle nation.

It would be better to eliminate them early.

Unfortunately, the final draw results showed that the East Xia team’s opponent in the top 8 was Egypt.

In the afternoon of the same day, in the conference room of the East Xia contestants ‘village.

“Our opponent the day after tomorrow, the Egypt team, is also not to be underestimated.”

The head coach, master bamboo shadow, opened the screen, and the information of every member of the Egyptian team was displayed.

As early as two months ago, East Xia’s coaching staff had already done a comprehensive analysis of the other countries ‘Beastmasters and their subdued beasts.

It was detailed to the extent of each skill’s mastery.

“Their Captain, Odier, has received Griffin’s inheritance. The Griffin King has awakened the Golden bloodline and evolved into a golden Griffin. He should also have the strength of a ruler-level, and he has also mastered a surmounting skill. He’s a little stronger than ordinary rulers who have just advanced. He should be the last to come out and hold the line.”

“As for the other contestants, their familiars ‘strengths range from eighth-tier commander to quasi-Overlord. The main content of our next discussion will be the order of tomorrow’s appearance and the things to pay attention to when facing different opponents. ”

“Let’s discuss the order of appearance first! Which one of you wants to start? It’s best for the first player to put pressure on the other side and try to change as many players as possible. ”

The other coach, master moying, opened his mouth to speak.

Everyone turned to look at Jiang He.

Of course, he was the only one who could give them enough pressure.

“It’s better … You guys go first! Otherwise, you won’t have the chance to show off. ”

Jiang He said with a smile.

Everyone was speechless.

You really don’t want to be human anymore, do you?

“Then I’ll go first!”

Mo Haishan was the one who spoke. His Silver Sky Dragon and wind god Mantis had both reached the ruler-level, so it was perfect for him to be the first to fight.

“Then, the next order is White Pigeon, Wei Tan, Liu Xin, and Jiang He. Does anyone have any objections?”

Master bamboo shadow made his decision.

“No problem!”



After the meeting, Jiang He asked Jiang Yuan to compare the strength of both sides and finally came to a conclusion: The chances of him playing the day after tomorrow … Did not seem to be very high.

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