Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 393

Chapter 393: The most powerful fishing skill (1)

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Seeing the seven abyssal rulers fall one after another, most of the abyssal sovereigns trembled in fear and fought to escape from this planet.

“The Blue Star is too terrifying. I want to return to the abyss.”

This was the only thought in their minds.

However, there were also a few abyss sovereigns who burst out with astonishing speed and flew towards the place where the Lord of pain and the other abyss sovereigns had fallen.

This was because when an abyssal ruler fell, they would leave behind something called the abyssal Elementium, which was the condensation of the abyssal law.

When the three rulers, gluttony, demonic sound, and Balrog, had fallen, they had manifested three deep origin Qis, but they had all been taken by the Lord of pain.

Therefore, after the Lord of pain was killed, he directly “dropped” four abyssal materials.

They were the black fog of quicksand that symbolized pain, the Abyssal Demon flame that symbolized the Balrog, the strange bird’s beak that symbolized the demonic sound, and the bottomless stomach that symbolized gluttony.

As long as he absorbed an abyss origin quality, the monarch of the abyss would be able to complete his promotion in a short time and become the new master of the abyss.

These few abyss sovereigns who wanted to obtain the abyss Elementium were typical of those who wanted money more than their lives.

A few immortal-level existences from the eastern Xia side attacked at the same time, and powerful law power swept across the battlefield.


In the blink of an eye, the few abyss sovereigns that wanted to get close turned into dust.

Even the abyssal sovereigns who wanted to escape at the first moment were mostly trapped.

Only the monarch of the abyss who was closer to the abyssal passage or had special life-preserving skills managed to escape back to the abyssal passage.

“Should we chase?”

The BA-serpent’s enormous body swayed as it asked in the human language.

“There’s no need for that. These abyssal creatures won’t be able to do much even if they escape. It’s better to seal the abyssal passage as soon as possible to prevent the Blue Star’s location from being discovered by the deeper levels of the abyss. ”

Senior white said calmly.

Hence, the undying beings worked together to activate the power of law and closed the 100-meter-long passage.

At the same time, a ball of green light burst out from the Kunlun mirror, absorbing all seven primordial matter into his body and sealing them.

Studying these Elementium might help mankind understand the nature of the abyss.

“Jiang He, what’s the name of this sword? To be able to release such a powerful force, is it a relic of the mythological era?”

After the battle ended, senior white came to Jiang He’s side and asked curiously.

She didn’t expect Jiang He’s trump card to be so amazing that he could instantly kill the Lord of pain!

“I’m called the nation-guarding sword! It used to be the nation-protecting divine Sword of the Divine Prefecture dynasty. Your mirror is also very good to be able to amplify my attack to such an extent. It’s quite a legendary item. ”

The country-guarding sword acted like a senior giving advice.

“Then you are a living legend.”

The Kunlun mirror said with a smile.

“You have good eyes. Which era are you from …”

Being held by the Kunlun mirror, the country-guarding sword suddenly felt a little smug.

The sword and the mirror began to praise each other.

Jiang He, who was standing at the side, was stunned. He forced himself not to listen to the conversation between the National Sword and the Kunlun mirror, and asked senior white,”

Senior white, has the abyssal invasion ended?”

“It’s over, but it’s not completely over. Or rather, we have stopped the first phase of the abyss ‘invasion, and the deeper levels of the abyss have yet to capture the location of our world. ”

“Even if we can sense it, it’s not easy to anchor our world because of the distance.”

Senior white said calmly.

“However, after the snow domain new world and Cecilia new world blocked the first wave of abyssal invasion, it seems that there are no deeper abyssal invasions.”

Jiang He asked in confusion.

Currently, the abyss was known to have 62 levels.

Of course, no one knew how many levels the abyss had.

The predecessors of these abysses were actually new worlds, and after they sank into the abyss, they became a part of the abyss.

Many civilizations that were once extremely glorious had perished under the invasion of the abyss.

However, there were also many new worlds that had blocked the abyss’s erosion. As far as Jiang He knew, there were the Xueyu, Cecilia, and Pengshan new worlds.

“The Blue Planet we’re on is the main world, or rather, it’s a greater world that’s connected to countless other new worlds. For the abyss, it’s a very big cake. ”

“In the late Middle Ages, many extraordinary creatures on the Blue Planet absorbed the world’s spiritual energy into their grotto-heavens and hid the location of the Blue Planet. With the opening of the grotto-heavens and the revival of spirit Qi, a wider era has begun, but at the same time, we’ve exposed ourselves. ”

Senior white explained.

She had only just found out about this not long ago, and it was probably information from the starry sky Pegasus Grotto-heaven.

“I understand.”

Jiang He nodded, but a sense of déjà vu of playing a tower defense game inexplicably rose in his heart.

The first wave of abyss, the second wave of abyss …

Of course, the game could be reopened countless times.

In reality, if a wave of abyssal invasion could not be stopped, it would really be the end of the world.

“What we need to do is to quickly improve our abilities before the next deeper level of the abyss comes. A ‘he, I have high hopes for you. ”

Senior white patted Jiang He’s shoulder.

She did not know how far Jiang He could go, but she felt that he would be the most dazzling one in the future when fighting against the abyss.

Perhaps this brat could really lead the humans to stop the abyss and end it.


On the second day after the battle between East Xia and the abyss ended, the related battle video suddenly spread on the internet.

The abyssal Investigation Bureau had given orders to the three subdued beast Corps that had fought earlier, telling them to keep the details of the battle a secret.

The source of these videos was overseas.

During the abyssal invasion, some Beastmasters from other countries had sneaked into the vicinity of the battlefield and recorded the entire battle, including the scene of Jiang He killing the abyssal Overlord with a single strike, and posted it online.

It was already too late when they discovered it, and the video had already been spread to other countries.

Therefore, the eastern Xia authorities simply did not care about it. They revealed a part of their strength appropriately to deter some foreign forces with evil intentions.

The people of Eastern Xia were naturally proud and felt a sense of honor.

Other than Jiang He, who was the most eye-catching, the combat power that East Xia had displayed in this battle against the abyss was simply terrifying.

Our Eastern Xia’s Beastmasters are strong!

Most of the foreign Beastmasters, on the other hand, were shocked and unable to understand.

Many people raised their doubts.

This was because half a year ago, Jiang He’s performance in the National competition was only at the level of a quasi-monarch.

The abyssal rulers in the video had shown their strength, which was definitely above the monarch level.

For this reason, the two groups of people even started a war of words on the International Beastmaster forums.

The East Xia user,’no way? No way? There were actually people who thought that the video was fake. I’m begging you to look for seven abyssal overlords to act as extras!”

Bald eagle user: “Jiang He was only able to wield this sword because he relied on the power of an external object. That sword should be a mythical object.” Next month’s World Championship match will reveal its true colors. ”

[Eastern Xia user: can Captain Jiang beat all of you up by himself?]



Jiang He did not care about the debate about him on the internet.

There was no need to say more about the strong.

At the Shanghai University student’s Villa.

“You can’t even beat two against one, you noob!”

The Rubik’s Cube sneered, and the electronic voice made it sound even more sensational.

Opposite it were two identical water droplets with two arms.


Mingyue was unconvinced.

It was playing a familiar version of a combat game with the Tesseract.

It split itself into two and then split its mind to control the two characters to attack the character controlled by the Tesseract.

But in the end, Jian Jia still lost.

It seriously suspected that the Rubik’s Cube’s background was secretly cheating.


While they were talking, one of the waterdrops split up again and turned on Jiang He’s computer, preparing the “three drops battle Rubik’s Cube”.

After mastering the origin of water, Mingyue could create many avatars and divide her mind into these avatars.

At this moment, it was subconsciously cultivating in the Mirage Dragon’s spiritual world.

Although it was a subconscious mind, because it had no distracting thoughts, its cultivation speed was even faster than when it cultivated on its own!

Regarding this kind of subconscious cultivation, Jiang He expressed that … They were very envious. This was simply a divine skill that everyone dreamed of.

As he slacked off, he quietly became stronger.

“Immortal spirit beast, I’m going to deliver food to the teachers. Do you want to come with me?”

After a while, Jiang He made a few extraordinary dishes and packed them up to send to the instructors at Shanghai University. He also wanted to get some pleasure points.

As for why he brought the immortal spirit beast, it was because he wanted to train the little fellow’s courage.

Immortal spirit beasts were not only timid, but they were also extremely terrifying.

Let alone fighting, even if they saw other familiars, they would avoid them.

Even if it was a cuckold …

It had taken him a whole month before he managed to become familiar with Jiang He’s other familiars.

As for going out, it was still a big challenge for it.

Sure enough, when it heard that Jiang He was going to take it out, the immortal spirit beast, which was originally curled up in a corner and watching a drama, instantly curled up into a ball, then took the initiative to open its own beast space and hide inside.

It was impossible for him to leave the house. At most, he would stay in The Beastmaster familiar space and do this …

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