Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 26 - Power of One Gulp

Chapter 26: Power of One Gulp

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“The spirit on this bone has probably been used up.”


“Everything has a spirit! Even in death, there will still be spirits. This is one of the reasons why beastmasters could command undead creatures.”

The young girl explained.

Jiang He felt rather regretful.

After all, his original goal was to increase his spiritual power as much as possible.

After taking a look at the book of contracts, he noticed that his spiritual power had increased to two hundred and fifty-six. It was quite impressive. The book of contracts had also produced another page.

Now, he could form a contract with a second subdued beast without any problems.

“Tell me about the scenes that you’ve seen through telepathy!”

The girl held her chin with one hand. Her eyes were filled with curiosity.



Jiang He explained everything to her in detail.

The last scene was clearly the most shocking.

“We are going to fight! There’s no way we would let this world sink into the abyss!”

If falling into the abyss meant the death of a New World, then their ritual was an effort to save it?

Did they succeed?

What role did the giant whale play in this? It had to be related one way or another.

Jiang He had too many questions and no answers.

Anyway, after he had told White Pigeon everything, his mission was considered completed.

“From your description, the giant whale’s strength should be immortal-level or above.”

White Pigeon was deep in thought.

“Immortal? The level above overlord?”

“That’s right.”

“You… can handle it, right?”

“Why don’t you take a guess?”

The girl stuck out her tongue. She looked adorable.

“Then there’s no problem. Good luck.”

Jiang He smiled.

Anyway, he had been distracted for way too long. His main priority should be increasing the pleasure points. That way, he could extract more rewards.

“Thank you. The information you’ve provided is very helpful. By the way, are you interested in joining our organization?”

The girl really wanted to recruit him.

A person with telepathy would be able to help them in many ways!

He was an excellent “tool”.


Jiang He felt that he had too many secrets. Joining any organization would not be a good idea.

Moreover, he liked living a carefree life.

“No problem!”

The young girl felt a little disappointed, but she did not press further. She got on Wind Chasing and disappeared before Jiang He’s eyes.

At the East China Sea, a Star Screen was discovered.

This area of the sea had been completely sealed off. The weather was extreme. Torrential rain and scorching sun were coexisting together.

Dozens of warships surrounded the Star Screen. On the ships were Beast Corps members from the Dragon Palace. They were ready for battle.

The chief asked a brawny man who was over six foot five, “Why are you here?”

He seemed a little disgruntled.

“Chief, you can’t do this alone. I’m here to help! It’s been quite a while, yet, no beasts have shown up. Perhaps there are no overlord-level beasts in this New World. Shall we go and take a look?”

The brawny man’s voice was like thunder. Beneath his feet was a giant turtle. It was more than thirty feet in terms of width.

This turtle was called Azure Wave Dragon Turtle, the final form of Water Spirit Turtle!

It was overlord-level and possessed the bloodline of the divine beast, Ba Xia.

“Alright, but if something goes wrong, we have to return immediately!”

The chief pondered for a moment before nodding.

Thus, the Azure Wave Dragon Turtle carried the brawny man and the chief through the Star Screen.

However, they could not get through.

The brawny man scratched his head and said somewhat awkwardly, “Is there something wrong with the Star Screen?”

“It’s a barrier.”

The chief explained calmly.

“Some powerful beasts would set up a barrier on the Star Screen to protect their children or underlings. Life forms above a certain level wouldn’t be able to pass through. The Snowy Domain and Changbai Mountain that descended over 400 years ago also have barriers. Still, this is the first time I’ve actually seen one.”

“Then what should we do?”

The brawny man asked.

Suddenly, ripples of water appeared in front of them. The girl and White Chasing appeared.

“Chief, I’m back!”

“How did it go?”

The chief asked kindly.

“A student who used telepathy accidentally triggered this incident.”

White Pigeon roughly explained her discoveries.

“Based on White Pigeon’s summary, I think the giant whale is the one who set up this barrier. There’s a high chance that it’s still alive. After all, the giant bone we found was just one of its teeth.”

“Should we still enter?”

Upon hearing there might be immortal-level or above beasts, the brawny man got a little scared.

If this whale came out from the New World, disaster would definitely strike.

“Don’t worry too much about it. According to Jiang He’s depiction, this giant whale should be relatively docile. Moreover, so much time has passed. It might not even be alive at this point. Let’s go to the prison first and ask for a few death row prisoners. We can discuss more after we’ve tested the boundaries!” said the chief slowly.

“Chief, I’ve already relayed your message. I’ll be leaving for now! This New World has some connection to the abyss. I must report the situation to Sister Kong!”

With that being said, the girl and Wind Chasing disappeared.

So, the National Day trip ended prematurely.

Jiang He felt unsatisfied, but the Moonlight Elf was very happy.

‘I can finally focus on my training.’

The next day, at seven in the morning, the alarm clock rang.

Jiang He skillfully used one hand to turn it off. Then, he retreated back into his blanket.


The Moonlit Elf did not understand Jiang He’s reaction.

If he wanted to stay in bed, why did he set an alarm?

Was he able to sleep better after hearing the alarm’s sound?

Furthermore, it was already seven o’clock. They could have already trained for two hours. Since they went to the museum yesterday, Ziyue was forced to sleep at night.


The Moonlight Elf’s cold eyes revealed a hint of disdain.

Its master was so lazy.

Ziyue stretched out its small claws and gently stroked the soles of Jiang He’s feet.

“Hahaha… Don’t mess around… Hahaha… I’m awake.”

Jiang He had no choice but to get up.

This little fellow was really keeping him in check.

He quickly washed his face and brushed his teeth. After finishing his breakfast, Jiang He took a bus to Haiping City’s training hall.

Originally, he planned to go work at the New Moon Clinic. However, it was closed for seven days due to the national holidays.

Coincidentally, Ding Lei asked if he wanted to spar in the training hall.

Jiang He agreed. It was a good way to attain more pleasure points. Ziyue could also accumulate more combat experience.

Moreover, there was a fifty percent discount on the entrance fee thanks to National Day!

Jiang He felt that it was a splendid deal.

He arrived at the training hall slightly before eight-thirty.

This place was much bigger than the school’s training hall. There were probably more than ten thousand spectators.

Additionally, there were more than a dozen standard arenas. Usually, competitions would be held here.

This included the upcoming Youth Tournament.

Ding Lei and his Snow Wolf were already standing in front of a machine. Jiang He had no idea what they were doing.

Upon getting closer, Jiang He noticed the Snow Wolf’s claws emitting cold air. All of a sudden, it jumped up high and slammed its claws on the sponge-like cushion under the machine.

Shortly after, a number appeared on the machine’s screen.


“Jiang He, you’re here.”

When Ding Lei saw Jiang He, the former revealed a bashful smile.

“What kind of machine is this?”

“It’s a strength tester. You can test your subdued beast’s strength with just one coin. Unfortunately, it’s not very accurate. Just treat it as entertainment.”

This was the first time Ding Lei had actually seen this machine. He found out about it online.

“How would you calculate the numbers on the screen?”

Jiang He asked cluelessly.

“Ah, it’s something like 982 = the combined strength of 982 level 1 servant Coo Coo Chickens.”

“I see.”

Jiang He finally had a better understanding.

Aside from insect-type beasts, Coo Coo Chickens would always be ridiculed because they were the weakest.

Even a regular chicken was supposedly stronger than them.

Somehow, this notion was made into a measuring scale.

Jiang He could only think of one sentence.

‘How pitiful.’

“Jiang He, would your Moonlight Elf like to give it a try?”


The little fellow looked very eager, so Jiang He decisively put in a coin.

“You can do it!”

Jiang He encouraged.


The Moonlight Elf’s eyes were full of determination.

It gathered and condensed its energy between its claws.

Then, it rushed forward, turning its speed into strength.

Its claws landed on the sponge-like cushion.


There was a somewhat blinding light. The sponge-like cushion was visibly dented. Its magnitude was similar to the Snow Wolf’s frost claw.

Then, a number slowly popped up on the screen.

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