Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 27 - First Mountain, Taken Down!

Chapter 27: First Mountain, Taken Down!

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Jiang He was a little surprised. When did this little fellow become so strong?

Although it could not be compared to the Snow Wolf, it was still amazing.


The Moon Elf pursed its lips. It did not seem to be very satisfied with this number. Then, it stared at the Snow Wolf intensely.

This month, it had fought Snow Wolf multiple times.

Unfortunately, it had never won even once.

At most, the match would end in a draw.

Ziyue had already treated the Snow Wolf as its first rival. The latter was a “mountain” that it needed to take down.


The Snow Wolf raised its head and responded. Obviously, it was unwilling to be outdone.


“Come on!”

Their subdued beasts could barely wait any longer.

Jiang He and Ding Lei found an empty battleground. They were prepared to start a match.

In this training hall, one could organize their own matches.

They could also request help from the staff or medical services. Of course, that meant they would have to pay more!

Ding Lei and Jiang He did not need such extravagant services. Besides, the Moonlight Elf had healing skills, so the medical services were not needed.

When the countdown on the electronic screen reached zero, the two familiars charged at each other.

Both of them wanted to strike first.

The Moonlight Elf’s feet created a gust of wind. By using Godly Speed, it was slightly faster than the Snow Wolf.

When the two familiars got close to each other, both beastmasters shouted at the same time.

“Wrong Light Claw!”

“Frost Claw!”

For some reason, there was no silvery-white light between the Moonlight Elf’s claws. It moved in an arc and crossed paths with the Snow Wolf.

The Snow Wolf did not attack.

Light blue frost rose from the bottom of its feet. It quickly covered the Snow Wolf’s entire body, forming a frozen armor.

This was the skill that gave the Moonlight Elf a headache.

Jiang He still remembered the day when Ziyue had just learned Wrong Light Claw. He challenged Ding Lei confidently. During the match, the Snow Wolf cast Ice Armor for the first time. In the end, the little fellow was unable to break through its defense.

The frozen armor’s effectiveness was just enough to block the Moonlight Elf’s Wrong Light Claw.

“I didn’t expect you to be so weak.”

Jiang He teased.

Ding Lei’s face was slightly red.

“You’ve lied to me several times.”

The Snow Wolf and Moonlight Elf were still at each other.

Compared to a month ago, the Snow Wolf’s attacks had become faster and fiercer.

At the same time, the Moonlight Elf had also greatly improved in terms of speed and flexibility.

Ziyue had yet to launch an attack. It only used its agility to continuously dodge.

Its goal was to drain the Snow Wolf’s energy.

At its current level, it could not break through Ice Armor. However, that skill consumes a lot of energy!

“Stop using Ice Armor and charge!”

Ding Lei noticed that it was pointless playing defensively. Hence, he swapped to offense.

The frozen armor covering the snow wolf’s body instantly melted. Its speed increased explosively as it rushed towards the Moonlight Elf!

Charge was a skill that would increase the caster’s speed for a short period of time. It could also be converted into strength to deal a fatal blow to an opponent.

The Moonlight Elf would probably pass out if it got hit.

Even though the Snow Wolf was charging at it aggressively, Ziyue remained calm.

As the Snow Wolf was about to crash into it, the little fellow suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Then, it reappeared above the Snow Wolf’s head.

Instant Flash!

Then, a silvery-white light appeared between the Moonlight Elf’s claws!

The Snow Wolf immediately stopped in its tracks. It had already predicted the Moonlight Elf would counterattack, so it was prepared to use Ice Armor to defend.

Since they had been fighting each other for a month, they were quite familiar with each other’s fighting styles and skills.

The Snow Wolf knew Wrong Light Claw could not be dodged, so it could only take it head-on!

With that being said, Ice Armor made a reappearance!

At the same time, Ziyue’s Wrong Light Claw landed directly on the Snow Wolf’s back!

Upon impact, ice shards flew in all directions.

The frozen armor cracked open and three claw marks were left on the Snow Wolf’s back.

Despite that, the wound was very shallow. It probably would not need to be healed at all.

Just as the Snow Wolf was about to launch a counterattack, it felt a piercing pain coming from its back.

Ziyue’s attack was not over yet!

The wound suddenly released a silvery-white light.

It was another Wrong Light Claw!

Overlapping Strike!

“You’ve mastered that skill?”

Ding Lei was a little stunned.

At mastery level, a skill could produce some special effects.

Jiang He nodded.

The little fellow had trained this skill relentlessly for a month.

Moonblade was powerful, but it would take a long time to master that skill. Furthermore, it could easily be dodged. Thus, it was not a stable attack skill.

The Moonlight Elf decided to focus on Wrong Light Claw instead. In the end, it paid off.

At the same time, it learned Overlapping Strike.

It could use Wrong Light Claw twice in a very short time. The deviation of the light would hide the second strike!

The Snow Wolf could not bear the pain and kneeled on the ground.

“You win!”

Ding Lei admitted defeat.

The Snow Wolf could still fight, but there was no reason to push it so far in a friendly match.


Ziyue revealed a proud expression.

After more than a month of hard work, it finally defeated the Snow Wolf!

Pleasure points: 98%

A fifteen percent increase.

“Thank you.”

The sudden increase in pleasure points made Jiang He beam with joy.

However, he knew this was not Ding Lei and Blue Ice’s full power.

If he was not mistaken, Ding Lei’s beastmaster talent was a battle-type.

Beastmasters’ talents were not banned in a fight.

They could actually participate in person!


The Moonlight Elf used Moonlight to heal Snow Wolf’s wounds.

“Jiang He, how did you nurture your Moonlight Elf?”

Ding Lei could not help but ask.

In just a month, he had managed to raise his subdued beast by two levels. Moreover, the Moonlight Elf had also mastered Wrong Light Claw. It was also proficient with its other skills.

Was he cheating in some way?!

“It’s all thanks to this little fellow’s hard work.”

Jiang He said seriously.


The Moon Elf snorted after hearing that.

Of course, there was also his secret weapon. (TN: Referring to the pleasure points.)


Jiang He coughed dryly.

Fortunately, Ding Lei and the Snow Wolf did not understand.

“Was it really all just hard work?”

Ding Lei was in disbelief. He was also eager to become stronger.

Ever since the Snow Domain had sunk into the abyss, he wanted to join Dongxia’s Abyss Bureau of Investigation. It was the only way to explore and find the truth about the abyss.

However, in order to join the Abyss Bureau of Investigation, he had to be at least a professional beastmaster.


The Snow Wolf seemed to understand Ding Lei’s thoughts. It let out a loud howl and rubbed its head against his cheek.

“Yea, we can definitely do it.”

Ding Lei clenched his fists.

Snow Wolves had the potential to reach at least commander-level.

Blue Ice was an outstanding beast. Moreover, it was very hardworking. There was no reason they could not achieve their goals.

Jiang He and his Moonlight Elf would not dissuade them.

“Godly Speed, Instant Flash, and Wrong Light Claw… With these three skills, the Moonlight Elf can use many tactics. I have a feeling that you’ll be able to get a good ranking in the Youth Tournament,” said Ding Lei as he went to sit on a lounge chair.

Ding Lei and Jiang He had both signed up for that tournament a month ago.

To be exact, all the students who participated in the special training had signed up.

“Brother Lei, don’t tease me anymore.”

Jiang He smiled. He did not think too much about the Youth Tournament.

Of course, he would do his best, but the main goal was to gain combat experience.

“I want to make it to the top 16. The rewards are amazing. Those above rank 16 will receive 10,000 dollars and the top 8 will get an additional 20,000 dollars. The top 4 will get 70,000 dollars in total and as for the person who placed first, they will get an accumulate of 310,000 dollars along with a beast with commander-level potential.”

However, the opponents were all warlord-level monsters. Ding Lei could not help but feel a mountain of pressure.

The situation seemed hopeless unless Blue Ice could condense a soul crystal.

“They’re giving away that much money?”

Jiang He was a little shocked. The stakes of this tournament were much higher than he had thought.

“Yes, and that’s only counting the tournament. If we get a good ranking, the school and state city will also give out prizes. There’s a lot to gain.”

“Ziyue, it seems that we have to take this seriously.”

Jiang He’s attitude towards the tournament had subtly changed.

Bringing glory to the school was important!

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