Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 25 - Whale Fall

Chapter 25: Whale Fall

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“How can I help? I won’t go to dangerous places.”

Jiang He said nervously. He suddenly felt like he was about to get into trouble.

‘My journey had barely begun. I can’t die yet!’

“Don’t worry! There won’t be any danger. Since the frequency of this bone caused a New World to descend, there must be a connection between them.”

White Pigeon said seriously,

“So, I want you to use telepathy a few more times on that bone. Maybe you can get more information.”

“Oh, that’s not a problem. However, after I’ve used my talent, my spiritual power will be completely exhausted. It may take up to half a day to recover.”

Jiang He let out a sigh of relief.

“Leave this to me! I have a potion that could recover spiritual power quickly. You can use your talent without any concerns!”

The girl patted her chest and promised.



Jiang He became excited.

Now, he could use his talent freely!

Besides, he was going to do it anyway!

Wind Chasing flapped its wings. It brought Jiang He back to the exhibition hall where the giant bone was on display.

“I’m going to start.”

Jiang He took a deep breath and then activated telepathy.


Once again, his brain rattled and the existing environment disappeared.

Jiang He noticed that he could form a connection much quicker. This was probably because his talent had upgraded to level two.

Just like before, there was an endless ocean. An island-sized whale was drifting aimlessly. It felt extremely lonely.

Suddenly, the scene changed.

There was a storm.

In the middle of the storm, a wooden boat could be seen.

The wooden boat was swaying left and right. It was going to sink at any time.

However, the whale felt indifferent. Such a scene was not new to it.

As the storm became more and more violent, the wooden boat ended up sinking.

Jiang He suddenly opened his eyes. He was so exhausted that his legs gave up.

“Here, this is for you!”

A transparent bottle of liquid appeared in White Pigeon’s hand.

“What is this?”

“The Spring Of Elves. You should drink it sparingly.”

Upon hearing that, Jiang He took a big gulp.

A cool feeling swept through his body. All his mental fatigue was instantly erased.

In just a minute, Jiang He had fully recovered.

“Let’s continue.”

Jiang He used his telepathy again.

This time, his view was switched to another perspective.

He could see a primitive jungle surrounded by all kinds of towering ferns and trees.

More surprisingly, there was a person!

It was a little girl!

She was wearing a shabby linen gown and her hair was wet.

Although her face was dirty, her eyes were exceptionally bright.

“Are you the Guardian of this island?”

The little girl muttered to herself.

Jiang He had never heard of this language, but he somehow understood it.

The wind was blowing rhythmically and the leaves rustled.

It was as if the island was responding to the little girl’s question.

Jiang He figured out what was happening.

The ground beneath was not real earth, but the body of the giant whale!

It was unable to communicate with other life forms but miraculously, it managed to form a connection with the little girl.

‘It seems like this little girl also had the telepathy talent.’

Jiang He guessed.

“Guardian, can you help me find my parents? Our ship encountered a very fierce storm and I was separated from them.”

The little girl prayed.

This time, the whale did not answer. After all, it had personally witnessed her parents’ demise.

At this point, the scene before Jiang He’s eyes started to blur.

It was like an old television malfunctioning.

This was most likely due to mental exhaustion.

Jiang He took the initiative to stop and opened his eyes.

This time, he felt less drained.

He took another sip of “Spring Of Elves” and continued to “explore”.

For the next few scenes, they were more or less the same.

The giant whale carried the little girl and drifted around. During their time together, they encountered gorgeous sunsets and dangerous storms.

Of course, in comparison to the giant whale, these storms were nothing.

It also tried to be more careful so the little girl would not get hurt.

Their relationship continued to deepen.

Jiang He could feel the giant whale’s loneliness fading away slowly.

“Was ‘Lan’ her name?”

Jiang He wondered.

The little girl’s lifespan could not be compared to the giant whale. Despite that, in most of the scenes, they were together.

Obviously, the little girl was special to the whale.

Jiang He became more convinced that “Lan” was the little girl’s name.

After the eighth time, Jiang He finally saw a different scene.

There was an altar built entirely out of stone on flat land. Countless people were surrounding it.

These people were all wearing clothes made of linen. Their faces were painted with unknown substances and their bodies were covered with plants that looked like silk.

They were all kneeling on the ground in the same position. Were they holding some kind of ceremony? Everyone’s expression was extremely solemn.

Jiang He could feel an inexplicable sense of tragedy.

A woman was standing in the middle of the stone altar. She looked calmly at the crowd while holding a scepter made of vines in her hand. Based on her facial features, she should be the little girl.

“We are going to fight! There’s no way we would let this world sink into the abyss!”

The woman raised the scepter in her hand and shouted loudly.

Simultaneously, Jiang He could sense the whale’s sadness.

One person who was kneeling on the ground said the same thing.

“We’ll fight until our last breath!”

The ceremony was actually a ritual!

After that, the silk-like plants wrapped themselves around the people’s bodies. Specks of light were emitted.

They began to gather.

Finally, they surged toward the woman in the middle of the altar!

“What’s happening?!”

Jiang He wanted to continue watching, but his vision went black.

He had reached his limit.

When he opened his eyes, he was crying.

Jiang He promptly gulped down another mouthful of the “Spring of Elves”. The bottle had been emptied.

“I’m sorry. I’ve finished it.”

“It’s… It’s okay. You can continue!”

White Pigeon looked distressed but she waved her hand, indicating that it was no big deal.

“Huh? Why can’t I do it anymore?”

No matter how hard Jiang He tried to activate telepathy, he could no longer connect to the giant bone in front of him.

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