Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 24 - The Mastermind Is Actually Me?

Chapter 24: The Mastermind Is Actually Me?

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[ Students, please gather at the entrance of the museum as soon as possible. Something unexpected had happened. The afternoon tour is canceled. Please relay this message to your friends. ]

Jiang He saw teacher Chen’s message and sighed lightly.

His plans were ruined.

Originally, he wanted to use intuition on the remains of the giant whale again after his mental state had recovered.

A mere physical deficiency was nothing compared to an increase in mental strength.

‘It’s fine. I can come here again next time.’

Jiang He consoled himself.


The Moonlight Elf in his arms stretched cutely.

Returning was a good idea! It could finally train again.

“By the way, will there be a beast tide this time?”


“I’m not sure. I heard that will only happen if there’s an overlord-level beast in the New World.”

“Even if there is a beast tide, it won’t be a big problem. Humans are no longer the same as before. We have enough strength to combat an overlord-level beast.”

“Furthermore, our missiles are not to be trifled with. If they dare to invade, they will definitely die!”

After the students saw the news report, they began discussing enthusiastically with each other.

Meanwhile, at the East China Sea monitoring station, the chief made a call to Haidu Museum’s director.

“Old Zhou, are you at the museum today?”

“Yes, why?”

“You should have received the news about the arrival of a New World, right? This phenomenon may be related to your museum. Please send someone to search for this frequency.”

The old chief transmitted the frequency, both before and after processing.

“Got it.”

Shortly after, the director of the museum replied, “Found it. That special frequency was emitted from the inside of a giant bone. It belonged to an unknown creature.”

“An unknown creature? Where did it come from? The Dragon Palace?”

The chief quickly asked.

“No. The giant bone was salvaged from the East China Sea. It was delivered to our museum last week and the exhibition only officially opened two days ago.”

“Did anyone enter the exhibition hall today?”

The chief continued to ask.

“There was a group of teachers and students from Haiping City. Additionally, there were quite a number of individual visitors.”

“Okay. Old Zhou, please send me the footage of the surveillance cameras that were in that exhibition hall.”


The director was very efficient. He sent the footage over in just two minutes.

“White Pigeon, you should take a look too.”

White Pigeon was a very perceptive person. Hence, she could detect even the most minuscule things.

The chief fast-forwarded the footage.

“Stop!” said White Pigeon.

As soon as he heard that, the chief pressed the pause button.

“Chief, zoom in on this area at 10:32. This student is acting very strangely. He closed his eyes for almost a minute and when he reopened them, he was exhausted. As you can see, he could barely even stand steadily. This is a sign of his spiritual power being depleted.”

Jiang He’s abnormal behavior immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

It seemed that he had some kind of spiritual connection with the giant bone.

“Go and investigate him and see if he has anything to do with this incident.”

“Chief, I’ll go!”

The young girl volunteered.

“Okay. I’ll leave this to you.”

The chief smiled kindly. He trusted White Pigeon very much.


Wind Chasing slightly flapped its wings. In a blink of an eye, they disappeared.

Jiang He and his classmates were ready to go back. Suddenly, a circle of ripples appeared above the museum. The young girl and Wind Chasing showed up.

Wind Chasing was as tall as two people combined. When it spread its pure white wings, they looked like angel wings.

As for the girl, she had delicate facial features. Her outfit also made her look especially slender.

‘It feels like I’ve seen her before…’

“It’s… It’s White Pigeon!”

Liu Hao was so excited that he began stuttering.

‘Woah, that girl is beautiful!’

Jiang He muttered in his heart.

No wonder she looked familiar. After all, he just saw her photo online!

Who knew she would appear in front of him.

“White Pigeon, are you here to save the world?”

“She looks even better in person!”

“I wish I was in a relationship with her.”

“In your dreams!”

White Pigeon was more famous than Jiang He had thought. Most of his classmates seemed to know about her.

“Teacher, can I have a word with Jiang He?”

The girl asked softly. Her voice was as clear as crystal.

“Go ahead.”

Teacher Chen nodded with a smile.

They went to the rooftop of the museum.

“Nice to meet you, Jiang He. I’m White Pigeon, a member of the Abyss Investigation Bureau. There’s something that I would like to ask you.”

“What is it?”

Jiang He was extremely nervous.

Did she know that something was wrong with his book of contracts?

Beastmasters and subdued beasts had all sorts of strange abilities.

Predicting the future, looking back into the past, and telekinesis was all real.

Moreover, this young lady had just teleported him onto the rooftop.

Such circumstances were hard to explain, even by science.

“Did you do something strange to the giant bone?”

Her words immediately dispelled the doubts in Jiang He’s heart.

‘So this is why she wanted to talk to me.’

“My talent is intuition. I can sense various beasts’ emotions. Previously, I used this talent on the giant bone and succeeded.”

Jiang He answered honestly. There was no need to hide his talent.

Besides, he was not the only beastmaster in this world with two talents.

“What did you see?”

The young girl asked curiously.

“An endless ocean. It shouldn’t be odd because the beast was a giant whale, right?”

“Did you hear any strange sounds?”


Jiang He tried to imitate the ancient voice.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Was it something like this?”

The girl hurriedly turned on her phone and played an audio file.


“Yes, that’s it.”

Jiang He nodded. He was quite taken aback.

How did this girl obtain that recording?

“Jiang He, this is the voice that caused a New World to descend! You have to take responsibility!”

The girl blinked and said playfully.

“Ahem, I think I’ve misheard. Can you repeat your words?”

Jiang He was in denial.

“Haha! I was just kidding. You can communicate with an inanimate object. Your talent is no longer an ordinary version of intuition. In fact, it’s more like telepathy.”

White Pigeon’s lips slightly curled up.

So, Jiang He really was the “mastermind”!

“This frequency didn’t disappear even after you’ve stopped using your talent. Instead, it spread all the way to the eastern sea, triggering the descent of a New World. However, the frequency is very low, so you didn’t hear it after your telepathy ended.”

“Did you come to find me just to confirm this matter?”

Jiang He had mixed feelings.

“Of course not. I’m here to ask for your help.”

The young girl revealed a cute smile.

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