Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 23 - The Arrival of a New World!

Chapter 23: The Arrival of a New World!

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In the East China Sea, the ocean was calm and undisturbed.

Suddenly, the waves began to surge.


There was a rainstorm accompanied by thunder. The sky looked like it was pressing down. It was as if the world was going to end.

However, after a few minutes, the dense and dark clouds completely disappeared. The sunlight returned and the sea returned to its calm state again.

This lasted for half a second before the strong winds started blowing once more.

“What’s happening over there?”

“Is there a battle between overlord-level beasts?”

The abnormal weather in the eastern sea had affected a large area. People who were near the coasts could see the lightning, thunder, and stormy waves.

This abnormal phenomenon caused them to panic. They immediately decided to stay away from the beach.

Of course, there were also fearless people who stayed to film.


On the top floor of the East China Sea monitoring station, an old man with white hair hunched over. He was wearing a white researcher’s uniform. The old man stood still as he looked at the abnormal weather.

“Chief, we have found the reason for this strange weather! It’s the New World that we couldn’t locate before. It has finally appeared!”

A young researcher who was controlling a tablet said excitedly.

“Can you lock onto the precise location of the Star Screen?”

The Star Screen was the bridge between worlds.

“Wait a moment. I’m looking into it. Give me five minutes.”

The young researcher tapped on the screen. Then, he pointed to an area and said, “Here. This is the most intense spot.”

“Very good.”

The white-haired chief nodded.

He said to the man wearing a black coat beside him, “Little He, go and issue a disaster warning. Tell the residents of Aquamarine City to go home and quickly pack up. They need to be ready to evacuate at any time. Also, inform the Imperial Beast Army stationed at the Dragon Palace to send troops over as soon as possible. A New World is about to descend. It’s very likely to cause a large-scale beast tide. Oh, and send someone to seal off the nearby areas.”


The man wearing a black coat saluted the chief and immediately ran out.

“I hope there won’t be any overlord-level beasts this time.”

The old man sighed.

“Chief, long time no see!”

At this moment, the top floor of the monitoring station vibrated slightly. Water-like patterns were emitted.

Then, a huge pigeon appeared out of thin air. A beautiful girl was sitting on it.

The girl was wearing a large hoodie and white knee-high socks. She looked young and was full of vigor.

This girl was also known as White Pigeon.

“White Pigeon, why are you here?”

The chief was surprised to see the girl. She should not be here. Regardless, he still smiled kindly.

The girl sighed and said helplessly, “It’s not like I want to be here! Sister Kong told me the aura of the abyss had appeared in the eastern sea. So, she sent me over to take a look.”


Upon hearing this word, the chief frowned. After a moment of silence, he said with certainty, “I don’t think the abyss has descended. We have been monitoring the spatial anomalies in this area for a few years. Yet, we were unable to lock down the precise location of this New World. Things are different now. We finally got the chance to find the Star Screen and as you know, the abyss doesn’t have that.”

Once a New World fell into the abyss, its Star Screen would be annihilated.

“Ah! Is that so? Actually, I’m not very sure.”

The young girl had a confused look on her face.

She scratched her head and continued, “Whatever! Chief, I’ll go and take a look first.”

The young girl waved her hand and gracefully rode on the pigeon. She was prepared to go and investigate.

As the pigeon flapped its wings, a fluorescent light was emitted. Then, they disappeared without a trace.

The old chief did not find this strange at all.

That pigeon-like beast was named Wind Chasing. It was one of the very few beasts that could control the power of space.

Its beastmaster would only need to think of a place and they would instantly arrive there.

Shortly after, the young girl and Wind Chasing appeared in front of the old chief again.

“Oh? Have we arrived?”

The young girl opened her eyes. She was in a daze. When she saw the chief, she was stunned.

“What have you discovered?”

The chief thought the young girl had already entered the New World and returned.


The girl was a little embarrassed. Her face turned slightly red.

“There seems to be something wrong… Gu Gu’s ability to travel through space has been disabled.”

“Chief, we’ve found the Star Screen!”

The young researcher suddenly spoke.

“The exact location is 123.10 east longitude and 26.11 north latitude. We have also detected a special signal around the Star Screen. It’s very likely to be the trigger to access the New World.”

“Signal source?”

“The frequency is around 15 hertz. Humans can’t hear it. After processing, it sounds something like this…”

The young researcher clicked play and a voice could be heard coming from the computer.


The voice sounded like a call from ancient times.

“Where did this signal originate from?”

The chief’s expression suddenly turned serious.

This New World was really strange. It was as if someone was manipulating it from behind.

Calamity might befall if they were not careful!

“Hold on. The technical department is already analyzing and locating the signal’s source… Found it! It’s coming from the Haidu Museum!”

Jiang He and his classmates were about to get lunch.

However, they noticed that something was amiss.

The sky was dark and rain was pouring down non-stop like a waterfall.

“Why did it rain all of a sudden? The weather forecast said it was supposed to be a clear day!”

“Looks like we can only order takeout.”

“I want more orange sauce.”


Liu Hao suddenly shouted.

“What’s wrong?”


Liu Hao handed his phone to Jiang He.

[ Red disaster alert: Citizens of Haidu City, please evacuate as soon as possible. Another New World has arrived from the East China Sea! Will it become the Second Dragon Palace? Due to the weather, White Pigeon’s concert in Haiping City on the 3rd of October will be canceled. ]

“Sigh, I won’t get to see the majestic White Pigeon!”

Liu Hao was heartbroken.

“White Pigeon?”

Jiang He was dumbfounded. He did not ask for the details and just looked it up online.

Dongxia’s national idol? The youngest master beastmaster? The youngest member of the Abyss Investigation Bureau?

Information about White Pigeon was all over the internet.

Wait, Liu Hao was not focusing on the right things.

Their attention should be on the first two sentences, right?

A New World was coming! Moreover, it was so close to their current location!

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