Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 22 - The Call of the Ancient Will

Chapter 22: The Call of the Ancient Will

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“Mouse, did you hear anything strange? It sounded like the sea breeze.”

Jiang He asked Liu Hao who was beside him.

“No, what’s wrong?”

Liu Hao was a little confused.

“Ziyue, did you hear anything?”

Jiang He used telepathy to ask the Moonlight Elf.


Ziyue was also confused.

“Am I the only one who can hear it?”

The sound of crashing waves was still ringing in his ears. Jiang He did not think that he was hallucinating.

He took out the book of contracts and stared at it. Perhaps the book could provide some answers.



The only thing that was somewhat related to Jiang He’s “hallucination” was his talent.

Still, the thing in front of him was a fossil. It was not even a living creature, let alone a beast.

“Maybe I should try to communicate with this conch.”

Jiang He focused his attention and used intuition on the fossil.


His brain rattled and the existing environment disappeared. It was replaced by a beach instead. The sun above his head was bright and dazzling. Despite that, he did not feel hot. He could also smell the sea breeze and the floor under his feet had turned into sand.

It felt really comfortable and peaceful.

“Is this sea breeze from tens of thousands of years ago?”

Jiang He finally realized what had happened to him!

Intuition had taken effect!

He could feel the Azure Conch fossil’s previous experience.

At this moment, he was essentially the Azure Conch, buried in the sand and humming an unknown song.

The illusion lasted for a very short time, probably less than a minute. Jiang He was soon pulled back to reality.

Still, what he had just experienced made him feel emotional.

Jiang He did not know that his talent could be used this way.

He could communicate with fossils!

Unfortunately, it was quite draining.

It was only less than a minute, but Jiang He was exhausted. It was as if he had stayed up for two whole nights.

After taking a sip of “Empty Mountain And Fresh Rain” from his thermos bottle, he felt a little bit better.

The other students were either observing the exhibits or taking pictures. No one noticed his strange behavior from earlier.

Only the Moonlight Elf in his arms looked worried.


When Jiang He looked at it, the little fellow’s gaze returned to its cold and aloof look.

Nonetheless, the Moonlight Elf was still a little perplexed.

It could sense that Jiang He’s aura had undergone some kind of change but now, it went back to normal.

Jiang He dared not use intuition on the fossils anymore.

Exhausting himself to watch a one-minute movie was not worth it.

Anyway, it was almost noon. The group of students arrived at the last exhibition hall.

“Students, this exhibition hall displays our museum’s greatest treasure. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it!”

As he said this, Wang Ping pushed open the door.

What greeted their eyes was a huge bone.

It was more than three hundred feet long, taking up almost all the space in the exhibition hall!

“Woah! What is this?!”

“A beast’s bone? Is there really such a huge creature?”

The students cried out in surprise. It was truly an unbelievable sight.

Some of the students even felt dizzy due to being overwhelmed.

It was almost too much to handle.

“Students, what I’m about to say may change your entire worldview. According to the researchers, this giant bone might only be a tooth of the giant creature.”

Wang Ping said with a smile. He was amused by the students’ reactions.

After all, he was also equally shocked when he heard about this.

“A… A tooth? What kind of creature is this?!”

“At the moment, we don’t have a clear answer. Archaeologists and biologists are still studying it. Since they do not have much information, they had some trouble restoring the creature.”

“Was it found in the Dragon Palace?”

Liu Hao asked curiously.

Such a huge creature should only exist in the New World, right?

“No, this was fished out by some fishermen in the East China Sea a few years ago. The experts and scholars studied it for a period of time before transferring it to the Haidu Museum.”

A bold idea popped up in Jiang He’s head.

“Should I use intuition on this giant bone?”

He was really curious about this giant beast. What was its life like?

On the other hand, he was afraid of being completely exhausted. The conch fossil had already taken a toll on him and he was barely able to recover.

In the end, Jiang He could not hold back.

After all, this was a rare opportunity.

He focused his mind and activated intuition.


It was like a flash of lightning.

Jiang He felt as if his entire brain had exploded.

Then, his vision was filled with endless dark blue.

‘Is this… The ocean during ancient times? Or was it the sea of the New World?’

At this moment, Jiang He had successfully sensed the previous life of this behemoth!

The owner of this tooth was a whale! Its body was the size of an island!

In comparison, the tooth was basically the size of a bug. Even creatures like the octopus monster dared not go near it.

At the same time, Jiang He could feel emptiness and loneliness.

The whale was so big that no creature would communicate with it due to fear. It wandered alone in the sea for tens of thousands of years.

Before the illusion dissipated, Jiang He could vaguely hear a voice.


He opened his eyes abruptly.

His face was covered in sweat.

The ancient voice was still echoing in his mind.

“Lan… is that a female name?”


The Moonlight Elf’s sapphire-like eyes were filled with nervousness. Her soft little paws gripped Jiang He’s hand tightly.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

Jiang He came back to his senses. He gently patted the little fellow’s head.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Liu Hao, who was beside him, also noticed his abnormality.

Jiang He’s face was pale and his entire body was on the verge of collapsing. In fact, he looked like he was about to die.

“It’s nothing. I didn’t get enough sleep yesterday.”

Jiang He shook his head. Clearly, he had exhausted his mental strength. He took another sip of the “Empty Mountain And Fresh Rain” from his thermos bottle. Then, he rested for a while, barely recovering.

“Young people must control themselves and take care of their bodies!”

Liu Hao teased. After that, he patted Jiang He’s shoulder and laughed mischievously.

“Get lost!”

Jiang He took a look at the book of contracts and realized that intuition had leveled up.

His spiritual power limit had also increased by a lot.


He had actually surpassed the two hundred mark.

It was a pleasant surprise.

Raising one’s spiritual power was extremely difficult. After meditating for a month, Jiang He had only managed to increase his spiritual power by twelve points.

In other words, his spiritual power had just reached the lowest level of an official beastmaster. He could form a contract with a second subdued beast, though it might be difficult.


The ancient call was somehow ingrained into the current time period.

It came from inside the giant bone, spreading in all directions and piercing through the glasses.

However, the frequency was so low that humans could not hear it.

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