Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 21 - Fossil Echo

Chapter 21: Fossil Echo

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Time flew by and soon, it was the last week of September.

National Day, held on the first of October, was fast approaching.

Students and government workers would get to enjoy seven days off.

It was one of the happiest times of the year.

After training, Jiang He lay comfortably in bed and began scrolling through the forums.

Ziyue was curled up in his arms.

Jiang He’s scent made it feel at ease.


Suddenly, Jiang He’s phone vibrated. A message popped up on the screen. Lu Zhen had initiated a class group vote.

[ The school has organized a tour during the National Day holidays. Everyone, vote on the places you would like to visit. Currently, three places have the majority votes. @all members. ]

The three places were the Yishan Islands, Baoshi Mountain, and the Museum of Haidu Province.


[ Climbing mountains is too tiring. If we go to the Yishan Islands, we can ride a boat and enjoy the sea breeze. The museum sounds fine as well. ]

[ Indeed. Baoshi Mountain is not even that far away from our school. It wouldn’t feel like a tour at all if we go there. ]

[ Everyone, listen to me. We should go to the Museum of Haidu Province! I have an uncle who works there. He told me that a new display had been recently added to the museum. It appears to be a giant bone of an unknown creature. Isn’t that exciting? ]

The students were all discussing energetically.

“Ziyue, where would you like to go?”

Jiang He handed his vote to the Moonlight Elf.


The Moonlight Elf was not interested at all.

‘What’s the point of going on a tour? Training is much better.’

Jiang He sighed. This little guy was truly a training maniac.

The pleasure points had been increasing rather quickly.

In the past two weeks, Jiang He had extracted the rewards three times.

Unfortunately, due to inevitable circumstances, only one of the spiritual energy packs was moonlight energy.

The other two were grass and fire-type.

They were not that useful at the moment. Thus, he just kept them for the time being.

Additionally, he had collected almost all the skill fragments.

Silver moonblade and shadow claw were only missing one more. Moreover, he had also obtained a water-type torrent shard and a flying-type swallow return shard.

“I should go and take a walk! It’s good to relax once in a while.”

Jiang He was worried that he would turn into Ziyue.


Ziyue looked at the pictures of the three places and decided to vote for Yishan Islands.

That place was surrounded by the sea. Seaside equals seafood and seafood equals fish.

It was definitely the right decision.

After voting, Jiang He noticed the majority of students had voted for the museum, followed closely by Yishan Islands.

As for Baoshi Mountain, there were only a few votes.

“As expected, most people dislike high-intensity outdoor activities.”

The first of October soon arrived.

It was early in the morning. More than a dozen buses were parked in front of the school gate.

Jiang He looked around and quickly found his classmates.

They were all wearing light blue hats.

Although they were not very fashionable, they still looked better than the grass-green hats the next class had to wear.

Their homeroom teacher, Bai Shan, did not participate because she had something to do.

She was replaced by another teacher with the surname Chen. Teacher Chen had just graduated from university last year. Her personality was relatively mild and humorous. She often mingled with the students.

Bai Shan was a good teacher, but she was too oppressive. Even if she just stood still and said nothing, the students and subdued beasts would not dare to be cheeky.

After everyone had gathered, the bus set off.

Their destination was the Museum of Haidu Province.

It won against Yishan Islands by a mere two votes.

The little fellow’s dream of eating seafood was gone.

Jiang He was used to sitting at the back of the bus. Hence, that was what he did.

As soon as he sat down, a few girls decisively abandoned their original seats and sat beside him instead.

In a blink of an eye, Jiang He was surrounded by girls.

The other boys looked at him with envy.

However, Jiang He knew their real goal.

It was not him, but the Moonlight Elf.

“Jiang He, where’s the Moonlight Elf? Why don’t you let it out? The interdimensional space is so stuffy!”

A girl said with a smile.

‘I knew it.’

Jiang He sighed in his heart.

According to the rules, subdued beasts were not to be released on the bus. However, if it was small, no one would care.

Besides, he had already planned to let the Moonlight Elf out after getting on the bus.

Jiang He did not want Ziyue to miss out on the scenery.

After all, the little fellow’s first trip.


Furthermore, he was used to the Moonlight Elf’s company. Not having it around felt weird.


The Moonlight Elf had a cold personality and was thin-skinned.

It was not keen on interacting with strangers.

After waving goodbye to the girls, it curled up in Jiang He’s arms.

The girls were completely charmed. They became even more obsessed with the Moonlight Elf.

“Jiang He, can I give it a hug?”

“This little fellow is afraid of strangers. I’m sorry.”

Jiang He declined politely.

At most, the Moonlight Elf would only let others have a look.


During the journey, Jiang He hugged Ziyue with one hand and stroked it with the other.

The little fellow’s fur was warm and silky. It felt even more comfortable than top-grade silk.

Now, even the girls were envious.

“Jiang He is so stingy. He’s hoarding it to himself. How despicable!”

Amidst the resentment of the girls, the bus finally stopped in front of a unique-looking building.

It was shaped like a sailboat and had a sense of movement.

“Students, my name is Wang Ping. You can call me Uncle Wang or Director Wang. Today, I will be your tour guide.”

At the entrance of the museum, a guide wearing the same blue hat as them was waiting for their arrival.

“The Haidu Museum is divided into 4 exhibition areas and 82 exhibition halls. The features take up a lot of space. Everyone, be careful and don’t get lost. We’ll visit a few famous spots in the morning and at noon, all of you can move freely.”

Wang Ping continued, “The Haidu Museum is 102 years old. Most of the exhibits here come from the New World. To be precise, they are from the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea. This is the fossil hall. The fossils on display are ancient creatures that lived tens of thousands of years ago, maybe even earlier.”

The students of Class Three followed their tour guide closely into the first hall.

“Here, we have an Azure Conch fossil, an extraordinary water-type life form. It’s more than 18,000 years old. Unfortunately, this species is completely extinct.”

Wang Ping introduced a fossil that was located in the center of the hall.

Everyone surrounded it.

The fossil of the Azure Conch was about the size of a basketball. Its patterns appeared to be spiraling, making it look really mysterious and exquisite.

“Students, scan the QR code below. You’ll see a picture and model of the Azure Conch that biologists have restored.”

“Rustle. Rustle. Rustle.”

“Ding. Ding. Ding.”

Just as Jiang He approached the Azure Conch fossil, he heard a strange voice.

The voice was gentle and friendly, like the harmony of sea breeze and waves. A vague song could also be heard.

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