Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 20 - Eyes of the City

Chapter 20: Eyes of the City

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Jiang He took a few steps forward.


The Moonlight Elf tugged Jiang He’s pants. It remembered his mother’s warning!

Jiang He should not act recklessly!

“Don’t worry! I know what I’m doing. Besides, I can’t even catch up.”

He said helplessly.

The Lightning Beast was too fast.

Jiang He took out his phone and called the police.

“I found traces of the poachers. A Lightning Beast just ran across Xinmin South Road. Follow it and you should be able to find them.”

“Understood! Thank you for your information.”

The police officer who answered quickly pulled up the surveillance camera that was related. It was true. A Lightning Beast flashed by. Behind it was numerous stray beasts.


He quickly reported the case and a group of officers were dispatched.

There was an old and dilapidated building in Jianggan District. Originally, it was a small rental house.

Several metal cages were piled up in the house. There was almost no free space. Furthermore, the air was filled with the stench of feces and urine.

The poachers looked at the Gem Cat that was trapped in a cage. Their eyes filled with greed and joy.

“Fatty, quickly contact boss Gou. Ask him if he’s willing to buy a Gem Cat for 100,000 dollars,” said the tall and thin man as he lit his cigarette.

“Big brother, I just contacted him. Boss Gou said he’ll only finalize the price after seeing the Gem Cat.”

“Alright! Then let’s not waste any time. We should set off immediately.”

The tall and thin man put out the cigarette in his hand. Then, he used his fingers to slightly push open the curtains.

What he saw gave him a fright.

Near the entrance, a Lightning Beast leading a group of stray beasts was charging at them at high speed!

“F*ck! Why is it here again?!”

The tall and thin man looked as if he had seen a ghost.

He really had no idea how the Lightning Beast would find them every time.

Moreover, the Withered Leaf Butterfly should have already eliminated their scents!

“Big… Big brother, is it that Lightning Beast?”

The short and fat man felt really uneasy.

Their “one last job” was not going to be simple.

“F*ck! Do you think I’m afraid of you?!”

The tall and thin man decided to go all out. It wanted to eradicate this pest.

“Withered Leaf Butterfly, prepare to use Wind Blades. We’ll attack the moment that Lightning Beast enters through the door.”

As long as they could kill this Lightning Beast, its underlings would definitely flee.


The large door was hit violently.

“It’s really fast!”

The tall and thin man frowned.


After another strong strike, the iron door fell to the ground loudly. It did not hold up because the door was already very old and was in a state of disrepair.

The Withered Leaf Butterfly was already ready to attack. It quickly flapped its wings and the wind energy was compressed into Wind Blades. They rapidly approached the Lightning Beast in an overwhelming manner.

The Lightning Beast did not dodge. A Mud Cat behind it used Mud Balls, sending some of the Wind Blades flying in different directions.


Before the remaining Wind Blades could hit the Lightning Beast, it let out an angry roar. Intersecting dark blue electric arcs shot out. At this moment, the dark blue lightning patterns on its body seemed to have a life of their own!

“Zii! Zii!”

The dark blue electric arcs were interwoven into a net, shattering the Withered Leaf Butterfly’s Wind Blades!

The Lightning Beast was currently a level-ten servant. As long as it condensed a soul crystal, it would be able to become a warlord-level beast!

Although the difference was only one level, its strength would grow exponentially!

The short and fat man’s Nightmare Demon began to cast Black Fog. It wanted to immobilize the Lightning Beast.

However, before Black Fog could get close to the Lightning Beast, it was dissipated by the dark blue electric arcs.

Lightning countered dark. Besides, the Lightning Beast was stronger than the Nightmare Demon.


The Lightning Beast still maintained its running posture. At the same time, its claws began to release a dazzling electric light.

Lightning Claw!

“Level 10!”

The poachers realized the Lightning Beast had become stronger than before. At this rate, they were going to suffer.


One of them hastily grabbed the unconscious Gem Cat and they were about to jump out of the window.

Before the Withered Leaf Butterfly could cast another round of Wind Blades, it was directly hit by Lightning Claw.

The powerful electric current caused it to pass out.

As for the Nightmare Demon, it was in an even worse position. Since it was not suitable for melee fights, it became petrified.

The Lightning Beast got close and sent it flying with a palm strike.

After losing their subdued beasts, the poachers’ combat strength was basically zero.

Before they could jump out of the window, they felt something strange coming from behind.

Lightning bolts were flying in their direction.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

This caused the poachers to twitch non-stop. Black smoke was rising from their bodies.


The Lightning Beast did not expect things to go so smoothly.

Previously, even with the help of other stray beasts, it had barely managed to tie with the Withered Leaf Butterfly and Nightmare Demon.

Now, it was able to beat them easily.

The Lightning Beast picked up the unconscious Gem Cat and was about to leave. Suddenly, sirens could be heard from outside.

“Whoever is in the house, listen up! You have been surrounded…”

The Lightning Beast sighed helplessly.

When the police entered the house, they only saw two charred bodies. The entire room was filled with the smell of roasted meat.

The Lightning Beast looked at them from atop a high iron cage.

Originally, it planned to jump out of the window to escape but changed its mind in the end.

‘I don’t think I should run anymore.’

“Uh, what’s going on?”

The policemen were dumbfounded. It seemed like they barely had to do anything.

Both suspects were already lying on the ground.

They were not dead, but they were severely injured.

In fact, they would probably have to spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair. The only way for them to be cured was by using a very high-level potion or getting treatment from overlord-level beasts.

However, it seemed very unlikely as they were going to prison.

Clearly, they were the perpetrators. This house was also filled with irrefutable evidence.

What happened next had very little to do with Jiang He.

After some time, he heard the Lightning Beast and its underlings were adopted by the authorities.

Not only did each of them receive their own ID cards, but they were also paid monthly.

Their job was to act as “hidden sentries” of the city. They had to report to the police whenever they discovered illegal acts.

The police were really glad to have extra help.

Some cases would be really difficult to solve without them.

The former stray beasts had become integral to society.

They may be small and inconspicuous, but one should never underestimate them.

At first, Jiang He thought they would be forcibly sent to the breeding center. This was definitely the better outcome.

After all, their lives had always been free and unrestrained.

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